Friday, April 10, 2009

Time to compare

I think I forgot to do this last time.
^20+ weeks pregnant
^25+ weeks pregnant: yes it is getting bigger by the second!

Rancho San Antonio Park

Ed had a day off last week so we headed up to Rancho San Antonio Park for a little hike. 

^ You can see by the picture that it is beautiful!!
If Sarah's the sheep, I guess that makes me the pig. :(
^There's a petting zoo along the trail with cows, chickens, roosters, ducks, goats, sheep and pigs.  On tippy toes trying to see the goats.
^Sarah loved it!!

Why we love CA!

Two weeks ago we had our first pool party and BBQ of the year. I failed to get pics of everyone else, but got a cute one of Sarah. :) Mid 70's in March... not so bad!

Harley time

Ed's sister, Melissa and brother-in-law, Justin came to SF to ride the coast on their Harleys. Ed took a day and rode with them. Even though it was a little chilly they had a great time. I knew this trip would mean Ed would start buggin' me for a Harley. Someday! :)