Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and behind due to the fact that I think I'm a little OCD when it comes to cleaning. It's starting to be a problem especially with a newborn. I almost can't function if everything isn't in it's place. Sure my house gets messy, but before I feel like I can move on to doing anything else-scrapbooking, blogging, reading, sometimes caring for my kids, etc- I have to have everything picked up or I get grumpy. Just ask Ed. He's baffled at what is upsetting me most times. Really? A clean house is that crucial to my happiness? TV, email and food are the only other things that stay at the top of the list. It was great when the season ended to all the spring tv shows. I was much more productive. Isn't that sad. My priorities... Anyone else this way?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

JUNE catch up

June was much busier than it needed to be. :) We moved from our apartment to renting a house (which we LOVE- pics to come as soon as we're completely settled). Note: Moving 8 months prego is not a good idea! :) Ed had a busy work month, I had a ton of hair appointments before I took some time off, Ed took a quick trip with one of his friend for a weekend, and here are some pics from other times in the month:
^ Sarah loves music! She sings almost any song she's heard me sing, she loves going to the music store with Ed (taking up guitar), and loves to play on piano's and drums. What kid doesn't like to make noise I guess? :)
Some pictures Ed took of Sarah that are adorable- while I got a weekend getaway with some girlfriends (see below) before baby boy arrived.

Slumber Party with Kristen and Maren in San Fran for the night!
^Plenty of shopping. Not much for me and my belly.
^Pretty sure I'd gained weight. :)
^ What great friends
^Had to take some silly shots in the hotel! ^Lindsey
We did an overnight camp trip.

^Laytons, Harmans, Drummonds and Shafers

Duke and Morghan moved to Reno (much closer than Denver) so they came down for a weekend to have lunch and hang out. Happy Bday Morghan!

^37 weeks prego picture. Not as cool posted months later. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The bad and the ugly

Much to catch up on as usual, but I thought I'd post about some bad and ugly stuff since it's usually about the good. :)
Life is crazy! Sarah is approaching her 2nd birthday and has decided to do it with a bang. I'd like to give her a break since we have had so much change in the last month, vacations, company, no routine per say, however, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go crazy if the whining and tantrums don't stop!! She has developed this high pitched scream and decided her means of communication will be whining and repeating herself 1 million times. Yes 1 million! No more listening... this girl has her own agenda. Is this normal? Is this a phase? How to stop the whining? Ideas please?! Im getting less and less patient. Who's in control here? Who is the parent and decides the rules? She thinks she should. Wish us luck on this new phase. We need it!! Big time!!