Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some pics from the recent past.

Ed being funny on the temple grounds. What a hottie! :)

Sarah having her usual cute time

Spring cookies! Kristen, Maren & I get together once a month to make sugar cookies and decorate them. It's usually fun if the kids are good. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

How well do you know me?...TAG.

I was tagged to write 7 weird facts about myself by Jenn, but 50 facts by Heather so I'll just combine them. I feel kind of weird writing so much about myself. Seems kinda excessive but here goes...hope you get to know me better. Did you know...??

1. I can probably count the number of books I've read on 2 hands. I'm hoping to fix that this year and read A LOT more!! When I was young I read babysitters club, RL stein and the american girl books...
2. I have a hard time telling people I already have plans if they call to invite me somewhere b/c I know it takes a lot of guts to invite people and I don't want to hurt any feelings b/c I know how it feels to be turned down after making the effort.
3. I am very used to having a hairy kitchen. :) I clean up very well, but my kitchen & salon are right next to each other. Ed is a good sport. I'm used to stray hairs. :)
4. I eat dessert after almost every meal. It's usually a small portion.
5. I don't own a scale.
6. I don't weigh myself often, but at the moment I'm at my goal weight, which is probably the lowest I've been since high school. I think my pant size is the smallest it's been too. I contribute it to running mostly.
7. I would like to learn to yodel. I even have tapes that I used to listen to in the car and practice. :)
8. I haven't talked to my best friend from childhood for almost 4 years, not by my choice, and I miss her dearly.
9. I love it when I empty the last of something. It means I didn't waste. If that makes sense.
10. I enjoy organizing over and over again. I enjoy cleaning (from my mom). They give me a sense of accomplishment.
11. I am the Faith in God specialist for my ward. I'm not so nervous about the kids as I am about the adult teachers watching me in primary. :)
12. I have lived in 5 different apartments in the last 3 1/2 years, and lived in 5 different states.
13. I started to love running after moving the CA the first time and still enjoy running most with the girls who got me into it. Thanks gals! XOXO
14. I am the biggest baby when it comes to bugs. Hate them. Wont kill them. It's the worst being on a boat at dusk and not being able to get away from them.
15. I have had a Franklin Covey day planner since high school and still love it. It's like my brain.
16. I obsess about my teeth moving and being crooked b/c my retainer doesn't fit anymore after having braces for almost 3 years. I push on my teeth.
17. I wish so bad that I was in the habit of flossing. I truthfully only floss a couple times a month. I KNOW...horrible!!
18. I have Kashi with fruit for breakfast, yogurt with grapenuts for a snack, almonds, and a turkey sandwich for lunch most days.
19. I have always loved animals. I am very passionate about getting into a job with animal assisted therapy. I have 2 kitties Auzi & Nimbus.
20. I know I married the best man for me. I love him. I have no doubts. Every day I think about how lucky I am to have him...even if I complain sometimes.
21. I used to compare myself to all my high school friends and always felt like the bigger girl. Now I can say I am completely comfortable with the person I am even if I am bigger than someone. I love my body and it definitely helps that Ed makes me feel beautiful.
22. I hate strict diets, cleanses. I don't see the use in the short term restrictions. Just watch what you eat, how much of it, when you eat it, how frequently, etc.
23. Sugar is definitely my drug.
24. I love to see the patterns in the carpet after I vacuum.
25. I love spending time with my family.
26. I am somtimes too thrifty where it gets ridiculous. I hate wasting.
27. I was raised to recycle and I still do.
28. I have never had stitches, broken a bone or been admitted into a hospital...besides when I had Sarah. I feel very lucky for this.
29. I had a 3 hour labor, and my baby natural (not by choice), but feel kind of cool, strong b/c of it. :) Unfortunately the labor was so fast poor daddy couldn't make it there.
30. I am the youngest of four. I am the youngest sibling in Ed's family. He is the oldest in mine. :)
31. I used to play the piano somewhat well, but now I don't have a piano and have definitely lost most of my talent. It will take a lot to get it back. I am not a good sight reader and I always play too fast.
32. I always wanted to be able to dance and sing.
33. I feel so blessed to have been raised Mormon. I can think of so many blessings that have stemmed from my membership.
34. I am so blessed to be a mother. There is nothing more beautiful than my baby girl. There is no sweeter sound than Sarah's laugh. I love her and her cuddles.
35. I run about 4-5 miles with Kaylynn at 6:30am any morning Ed gets to go in a little later, and longer distances on Saturdays.
36. I sometimes randomly have dreams about my first boyfriend. Ed also does about his first girlfriend. Nothing romantic like, and only since we've been married. Weird.
37. I have some road rage, Ed does too and his includes a lot of honking and sometimes the stare down. :)
38. I hate to admit that I usually know nothing about what is going on in the world. :( I should really start watching the news or reading the paper.
39. I was in a pageant once. :)
40. I am naturally athletic. I have run 2 marathons, 1/2 marathon and done 2 sprint triathalons, among some 5k's, etc. More to come! :)
41. I have dishwasher placement down to a science. I can get so many dishes in. :) And they all come out clean.:)
42. I'm starting to go organic, but will never take it to the extreme.
43. I have had really bad eczema breakouts since I was little.
44. I have expanded my palate, thanks to the friends who have introduced us to the diverse food CA has to offer.
45. I had my mission papers pretty much in...and then I met Ed. He swept me off my feet and has treated me better than any.
46. I do not have a college degree yet, but am completely determined to get it. I'm a licensed cosmetologist for now. :)
47. I have the same routine for Sarah every day. We're working on getting out more, but she sleeps great as a result of staying home. We read books, go for a walk, watch baby einsteins, play in exersaucer, have floor time, bath time, 6 meals and bedtime. :)
48. I used to sleep with my makeup on every night, but since I have been married I always take it off.
49. I used to like water, but now my showers are warm and short, my hot tub time is limited and I don't like the salty ocean...all because of my skin.
50. I like to keep in contact with anyone I have ever met. I'm interested in their lives...your lives. :)

I know this will be a super long post, but I have to write some things down about Ed since I know he won't accept my tag. :) Too much about me. This is OUR blog. :) Correct me if I'm wrong dear. I'll just write what comes to my mind. The big things in your life. Some things you may not have known about Ed...

1. Ed used to be a roady for the Rolling Stones.
2. Ed used to go climbing all the time with his brothers and misses it.
3. Ed used to work in a cow heart lab. That's how he got started in the medical field.
4. Ed used to be the president of Encore, the singing/dancing group at the U of U.
5. Ed served a mission in South Africa, held a lion cub, caught a pig, helped penguines and was kind of like a gyno on his mission. Long story.
6. Ed used to be the director of a non-profit organization called IFCA. A foundation for children with aids. Kind of how I got to know who he was.
7. Ed was a manager at the Lion House and personally served the prophet Gordon B. Hinckley and his wife.
8. Ed used to do wedding videos.
9. Ed is the gospel doctrine teacher and 2nd counselor in the Sunday School presidency.
10. Ed was the president of institute? right babe?
11. Ed taught himself how to play the piano and then wrote music and recorded it.
12. Ed was part of an a'capella group called D8's.
13. The most hours Ed has worked in one week is 99 hours.
14. Ed is the 4th of 5 kids.
15. Ed doesn't like butter, cream cheese, cheese, or sour cream.
16. When Ed was little he was playing underdog with a family swing (the ones where you sit across from each other) and totally scalped himself. He was a cone shaped scar on his head.
17. Ed's favorite sports to play are tennis & volleyball. In highschool he was on the swim team.
18. Ed loves cars!He had a bullet bike. We just sold his Honda Rebel Motorcycle last summer. I really miss it. I'm sure he does too.
19. Ed loves his job and is great at it.
20. Ed is a great husband and dad.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bag Tag

I got tagged by Heather. I was impressed that I actually carry this much stuff around with me. :) I hate being unprepared. This is what was in my diaper bag/purse and I didn't take anything out. I clean it weekly.

Main compartment with some compartments: changing pad, diapers, wipes, bag for dirty diapers, duck dispenser with plastic bags, baby toy, small baby blanket, burp cloth, extra onesie, bib, 2 adorable beenies from Aunt Melissa, my wallet, dayplanner, small makeup bag with lip glosses and other necessities, rattle booties and hooter hider for public nursing.

Outside side pocket: diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, baby lotion, multipurpose cloth, 2 binkis (only for teething- she hasn't ever sucked on them), food net thingy to put fruit in for Sarah if we're out.

Other outside side pocket: tampons, gum, lifesavers, cough drop, keychain with club member cards, 3 watches that need new batteries, chapstick and small camera.

Back pocket: mint, cell phone and keys.

This was kinda fun. Sorry if this bored you. Yes it all fits! Thanks Cami for the most adorable diaper bag. I love love love it!!

I tag Debbie, Jodi, Tiffany, Patty and Morghan!
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Friday, March 21, 2008


We usually post our best, but things aren't always happy cheery. I hate to be a downer, but I'm really homesick this week, and from the last couple weeks. I just don't feel like I have a lot friendships here where efforts are reciprocated. Nobody has done anything wrong. We're all just in different places, everyone has their own stuff going on, thier own schedules, their own company in town...I want a best friend that can just do nothing with me. I have had them in the past. Somehow I feel so lonely. I KNOW at least my family would like to spend time with me. Sorry to whine. No pity please, I'm just expressing. I know we are the only ones that can truly make ourselves happy, but it sure is nice to have family and friends around to help you get there. I want to be with family. Ed is at the top of the list! He's been such a hard worker the past few weeks. While Sarah and I appreciate the time we're able to spend at home, we just hope hubby and daddy know that we love him and miss him dearly when he's gone.:)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Keith & Carrie concert...

WOW is the best word to describe it! We loved it! Both Carrie & Keith were such great performers and both nice to look at. :) It's so nice to see that they both have money because they are truly musically talented. Not like some artists who buy their way into music. (Britney, Paris, etc.). It's refreshing to go to a concert where the artists can perform live and sound exactly like their CD's. No alterations necessary. I had no idea Keith was that amazing at the guitar. He was really personable with the crowd, even went into the audience and signed and gave away his guitar!! Anyway, it was very impressive. Great show!! Great B-day present Ed! Thanks Kaylynn for babysitting for so long and making it possible for us to go!

Side note: Sarah is doing awesome today!! No crying for naps today. First nap was 2+ hours. We'll see how this next one goes. ;)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Our little Model

We had Sarah at our pool this weekend and a we met a professional photographer that lives in our complex. He asked if he could take some pictures of Sarah because she's so cute. Of course we said yes. They turned out great!!

Ed and I took these pics on the swings at the park. LOVE the new camera!!

What a week!

The past week was a little crazy. More eventful than most for sure! The week started with Mom and Cami leaving Monday.

Tuesday started out with a hair appointment for me, Ed worked, and then we went to the Cirque du Soliel show which was SO NEAT!! However, for the first and last time...I hope...we paid a babysitter $9-10 an hour to come sit on our couch and watch TV. I know some of you have already done this and are used to the idea...maybe, but we are not. I'm still in shock! Ridiculous! I understand if there was actually some child interaction, but my baby was already in bed! Not to denote the babysitter, and I am very grateful she was able to come, but that is way too hard to choke down when I made maybe $2 an hour and CA minimum wage isn't even $10. We'll just have to stick to trades.

Wednesday & Thursday I did more hair, Ed worked, and I got a calling in the ward as Faith in God Specialist in Primary. I'm super excited!!

Friday I did hair, Ed worked, and we had arranged a trade with another couple for babysitting. I was supposed to babysit at 7pm and Ed suspected his case would finish and he would be home between 7-8. So Kristen our neighbor was going to (monitor) watch Sarah until Ed got back. Unfortunately Ed's case went a lot longer than he thought it would and would not get him home until 10:30ish!! YIKES!! What a nightmare! So while I was babysitting, my baby was home, but being (monitor) watched!! Sounds a little irresponsible of me. I felt so bad, but there was only one thing to the people I was babysitting for and tell them I had to go home (8pm). :( Bummer for us all. I felt so trapped. Through it all I didn't end up getting home until 9:45pm!! I felt horrible that Kristen (who has a new 3 week old baby) had to care for my child because I couldn't. She was very nice about it, but it was definitely one of my bad mother moments!! I learned my lesson that we can't actually babysit unless Ed is already home. :)

Then later Friday night Ed filled up the tires in our baby running stroller so I could go for a run the next day. While we were brushing our teeth we heard a loud noise downstairs. We ran downstairs to find that one of the tires on the stroller blew. As Ed was trying to release the air from the other tires another one blew!! It was so loud it sounded like a gunshot. We were sure the neighbors would come check it out, Whoops!! Sorry for the loud noise ...and crap, we have to buy 2 new tires!!

Saturday I did hair, Ed had a work meeting and later the couple we traded with (from Friday) came over to babysit Sarah while we went to dinner. It was very nice. Then Ed got a second calling. Not only is he a gospel doctrine teacher, he is now second counselor in the Sunday School presidency! Busy man of mine.

Now with daylight savings Sarah will go down 1 hour later at 7pm, which is what we wanted. Now it will happen on it's own. Her clock still thinks it's 6!! Score!

Eventful, busy, good week!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

We love visitors! Especially the family kind!

I was highly anticipating this last weekend when Grandma Grace and Aunt Cami came into town. We had a great time just being together, getting some good and bad food, seeing a nice movie, going into the city, going to half moon bay, making cookies, enjoying the 70 degree weather, taking walks, shopping and playing rock band. Sarah adores her grandma and auntie. It was so nice to have 2 extra pairs of hands! Sarah really enjoyed the change and constant attention. We miss you already!!

Grandma loves holding me
What a cute daddy!
Totally Rockers!!

* I wanted to share a quick story about our lunch experience in SF. We originally went to a place called Joe's Cable Car. Cami had seen it on Food Network and thought we could try it out. We looked it up, went there, and the food looked good even though it was expensive burgers. We were going to order when we noticed at the bottom of the menu that each customer had to spend a minimum of $15. HAD TO?!! What happened to the customer being in control? So I can't just have a burger? I have to order fries and a shake too or just give you extra money if I don't want to eat more than just a burger? No wonder why america is overweight. We were so bugged we left on the principle that our agency had been taken away. Obviously this restaurant cared more about money than serving good food and giving good service. I suspect it's because of the advertising on Food Network that the owner decided to raise prices and force a customer minimum fee. Ridiculous!

Six months Sarah

Lots of pics'! I just can't get enough! Plus we bought a nice Canon XTI camera, hence the awesome pics'. It's so much fun to take pictures with a nice camera. Instant delight!

Sarah turned six months a couple weeks ago. I'm a little behind, but here's her latest:
-sitting up pretty confidently, but still a little wobbley
-babbling, imitating and screechy/screaming a lot, laughing more
-SO interested in eating food
-Started solids and loves far
-Sleeping nights from 6pmish-5am, feeds and back down 'til 7amish
-Usually naps short/long around 9am and 1pm, sometimes a short 3rd nap
-Growing hair
-Still loves baths
-Loves peek-a-boo
-6 1/2 months: 16pds (40%), 26inches (50%), 70% for head circumference