Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daddy Day!!

Ed's first official daddy day!! Sarah loves her daddy so much! ^Ed got me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Mother's Day so I got him the side kick he's been asking for. An ice cream maker! He made delicious strawberry ice cream.

He also got some daddy daughter books to read to Sarah and a photo album of all the pictures of he and Sarah since she was born.
We also hope our daddy's know we love them!! ;)

I finished an anniversary post (below).

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's your flavor?

Are you ever driving and almost home and then a song comes on the radio that you really like? Enough that you stay in the car parked after you get home to finish the song? It happens to me sometimes, usually with songs that are older that I haven't heard for a while. Today after running this happened to me. The song? "You are not alone" by Michael Jackson. That's right. :) I remembered how much I really like Michael Jackson and I think he's a really talented singer. Who else gets away with the hiccup type sound throughout their songs? You know what I'm talking about. Simon Cowell would rip that a part on American Idol if someone tried that today. :) I'd be interested to hear what songs you've done this for. If you remember.
P.S. This picture is when he looked good.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Plain and simple- Lindsey+home+bored= wanting to eat constantly. If there's no sweets...I get creative. :)Yikes!! Oh and Sarah is stubborn when it comes to naps. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Anniversary #4...Part II..Tahoe

Ed took me up to South Lake Tahoe for a night and we left Sarah all night with a babysitter for the first time. It was a very relaxed weekend. We got lunch, hung out at the pool, took a nap, had dinner and rode the gondola. The weather was perfect!
^As you can see the hotel room could have fit a family. Next time we'll bring friends. :)

^We took the gondola up Heavenly mountain where there was a beautiful view and some trails for hikes. It was beautiful scenery, but a little hazy from a forrest fire.
Sporting the gift shop items.

^ We stayed at the Marriot Residence Inn based at the bottom of the mountain. It was nice not having to drive anywhere.
On our way back we stopped in to see the Sacramento temple. 
Very Pretty
^My Hunk
Sarah loved our friend Beejay! She slept better for her than she does for me! Thanks Beejay!!

Cookie Monsters!!

Aren't they cute!! Kristen, Maren & I get together almost every month and make seasonal sugar cookies and then decorate them.

^This isn't how we usually look on days we make cookies, but it's a cute picture. ;)

^The babes usually do pretty good. If we get lucky they all nap at the same time while we decorate cookies. Sometimes we have lunch and go to the pool too. Who said stay-at-home mom's don't have any fun?

Am I the only one?

So Ed and I feel like we are asking for babysitters ALL the time! One of the NON-perks of living away from family! Why don't any of you ask us to babysit? Do you all already have family or babysitters readily available to you? Are we the only ones that need a little break out of the house? Is it that we aren't flexible enough with Sarah's schedule? There are just some places that are not kid friendly. (Especially in CA. i.e. restaurants, etc.) Tell me, friends near and far, tell me you leave your babes too.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A visit from Morghan!

Meet Morghan (if you haven't already)! She is one of my greatest friends from when Ed and I lived in Denver. A couple weekends ago she flew to CA to come spend the weekend with us.

We had a great time! I did her hair, she did mine (first time). :) We sat at the pool, went to dinner, went to Half Moon Bay, went to Gilroy, went shopping, went to lunch/yogurt, and played Canasta and Nerts (favorite past time).
And Sarah just loved her! Morghan brought Sarah the cutest toy and also supplied her with a large portion of her wardrobe (before she was born). :)

Thanks Morghan for a great time!! Hopefully we'll see you next time Duke! Love you guys!

Monday, June 2, 2008

What a weekend! What a man!!

This deserves some publicity!! I will start by saying I have the most kind and thoughtful husband, and the greatest friends ever! Ed definitely knows the concept of "Happy wife= Happy life!!" Last weekend (I started this post a while ago) was definitely one of surprise. It will take forever to describe how it all played out, so I'll do my best to condense. :) I could have done a slide show, but bigger pictures are fun!

Weeks ago Rebecca sent me and Kaylynn an email asking if we could join her for a gathering that was very important to her on May 31st. I was originally going to run a race that day, but didn't... so this is what happened. I racked my brain trying to figure out what it could be that Rebecca wanted me to be there for? I was thinking...pregnant? visitors? Leading up to our outing she mentioned that we would be gone from 9am-12pm that day. It turned out to be very different. :)

At 9am on Saturday the 31st, Rebecca and Kaylynn showed up to pick me up and sat me down at the table. They had to tell me something! I was so nervous! What could it be? Then they told me I had 5 minutes to pack an overnight bag and that they were kidnapping me for the night!! I'm not sure that I've ever been surprised like that. So spur of the moment. Ed wasn't surprised at all since he obviously knew he'd be taking care of Sarah for the night. :)

So that was that, I quickly packed and we left...driving North...but I still had no idea what was ahead. When we parked Kaylynn and Rebecca revealed the next surprise. They proceeded to tell me that this whole trip was planned by Ed and gave me the card he wrote to explain.

The excitement and anticipation was so overwhelming my eyes teared up a little as I read the card Ed wrote. It basically said that Mothers don't get enough time away and that this little trip was well deserved by me. He told me to relax, have fun, not to worry, and that he and Sarah would get some great daddy daughter time. Not only this but there was a big wad of cash that fell out of the card and along with this the note explained that I was to spend ALL of the money shopping with the girls! If you know me I'm pretty thrifty. I don't buy large amounts of clothes EVER! This was a big deal!! That Ed of mine is so sneaky and sweet. He always plans the greatest surprises! So I took a deep breath and off we went to shop!

It didn't take long for me to get over the shock and start enjoying myself. It was great!! Rebecca  and Kaylynn have great fashion sense so they were great shopping partners. I tried on SO MANY clothes and for once didn't look at every price tag before I tried it on. It was an elimination process. :)

Shopping was a great success, and Kaylynn and Rebecca got a lot of things too. Lunch was at Norstrom cafe, yummy... More shopping, some shoes I purchased that were meant for me named, Lindsay (close enough), dinner at an awesome steak house, and delicious ice cream!

The night didn't end there. We stayed at the Westin in San Fran and yes we jumped on the bed in our jammies. :)The breakfast the next morning was scrumptious!

Thank you Ed for the weekend away! You're the best! Thank you ladies for executing the plan well!  I'll never forget it!! LOVE YOU!!

What did Ed and Sarah do? Daddy took her to the toy store to drive some mini cars and let her try french fries and hamburger for the first time. Classic! She loved it!!

Memorial Day!..quite late

I hope these memories always stay fresh in my mind! There's nothing better than spending time with my family! We headed up Woodside area and went for a short hike. It was kind of chilly, but SO fun to be in nature as a family.

Ward Luau

Our ward has a big Hawaiian Luau every year. It was quite the show. Here are a few pics. I'm a little late. It was a while ago. :)


MAY 21:

Ed and I have spent 4 great years together. We celebrated by going to the Melting Pot for dinner. Ed has also planned a weekend getaway next weekend. Ed is always full of surprises. I'll post Part II when we get back next week. :) 
As a part of celebrating our anniversary Ed and I go to the temple each year (a new one if possible) and do sealings. We also watch our wedding video. 2 things that are great reminders. Love you babe!!