Monday, August 25, 2008

Haircuts & homemade stuff!

Over the past couple of months I've been doing haircuts and coloring like crazy!! I've also been exploring being more domestic. :) These ladies may have more current or better before/after pictures, but this is what I have. Just thought it would be fun to share some of my work. (Many more people not pictured)
^Black Cherry- Emily
^curly Kim
^Maren (and Leah)
^more Julia
^curly Molly

^Maren before donation
^Maren after donation
^More sugar cookies
^Yummy wheat bread with freshly ground wheat.
^My bread making mentor Melanie. She's the greatest! Thanks Mel!!

I also just made Sweetish pancakes that my grandma used to make. They were so good! It was nice to revisit my childhood and think about the late sweet Grandma Elin.

Photoshoot with Julia 8/16

When Julia came to visit on her way back from China we were lucky to have her and Jona stay with us for the night. She captured some precious pictures of Sarah in the bath and early morning the next day before their flight. She does an AWESOME job and she's just getting started! To see more of her photography visit Julia's blog. We love you Wades! Good to see you!

SLC: 8/4-8/9

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Island Park, ID- Harman Family Trip 2008: 7/30-8/3

We celebrated Sarah's 1st birthday early here with the Harman family.

Camping attemp #1: 7-25

We attempted a camping trip with the Laytons and Katz in Walnut Creek, CA. Unfortunately we left a little later than planned and arrived  at 8pm. It turns out that contrary to what online indicated about fires being okay, that fires were indeed not allowed AND the gates for the campsite were to close at 8:20pm with no in/out privileges (lame). Since we only brought foil dinners, this would mean either starve or camp. We chose food, turned around, had In n Out for dinn, and drove the 1 1/2 hrs. back home, went to Katz and played games instead. Although it was still fun. We were super bummed that camping didn't work out. 

We thought we'd take a second try and go to Santa Cruz beach the next day to build a bonfire and eat our foil dinners. No go. All the fire spots were taken and we had Little Caesars for dinn. Once again bummed. 
^ Sarah modeling our dinner. 

^ Katz. Somehow no pics of the Laytons. (send me one Mare?)

^ The ice cream on the way back home made it a little better. MMMMM!! :) We BBQed our foil dinners on Sunday. They were still yummy 2 days later. :)

Beach House with Sunnyvale Ward friends 7-19

Kat & Guy Schauerhamer were gracious enough to invite us up to a beach house in Santa Cruz. We playing on the beach, in the water, played ultimate frisbee, had dutch oven, yummy food and sundaes, played some games and visited with everyone. We had a great time!! Thanks Kat & Guy!! The beach makes you want to come visit, huh?

v The only 2 babies Noah and Sarah did awesome!

This was Sarah's first time being let loose on the sand. It was EVERYWHERE, but I've decided we need to relax a little bit and let her get dirty sometimes! She loved it!! She just kept crawling and crawling and crawling and crawling!!

In order by top pic: Reed's,Schauerhamer's, Busby's, Erickson's, Sharp's, US and David Katz (Kristen was out of town).

Garage Sale 7-12

This is all such old info, but better late than never! I never knew having a garage sale with friends could be so much fun! It's funny how good it feels to get $1 for a shirt you were just going to get rid of anyway. :)