Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Park Day

^This is a random pic I threw in of Kai after church a week ago. So cute!
^For one of the park days our ward has we went to a pumpkin patch that is actually in a parking lot. If was fun for the kids. They had a little petting zoo. Sarah wasn't quite ready to hold the baby chicks.

^If you haven't heard, Sarah is having a rough time taking naps these days. If she falls asleep in the car, I pull in the garage, close the garage door, unbuckle her, open the car door and the door into my house and just wait to hear her wake up. It's the best we can do these days. :)

Pumpkin Festival 10/24/2009

After getting our family pictures taken we took some quick pics in transition and headed to the Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay. It's a family tradition.
^Precious Kai
Sarah on the deck playing in the leaves.

^At the Pumpkin Festival we usually get lunch and stop in a couple booths to look at photography and crafts.

At the pumpkin patch after the festival

Although it makes for a long day, it's fun to be able to get out as a family and enjoy some time together.

Sister & Brother pics

Sarah is great with Kai. She asks to hold him every now and then and loves to help put his bink back in and read him stories. There are a lot of the same picture, but I love their faces in all of them. ;) Cute candids.

^The moments that make it all worth it!

^Sarah helping me at Costco on a rainy day.
^Sunday afternoon cuties

Kai at 3 months!

^Kai at 3 months! Starting to fill out. :)
He likes to imitate vowel sounds, and is getting super smiley.
^Kai usually eats at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 6:30pm and 3am. Sleepin ' good too.
^He is such a good boy! He very rarely cries. He waits for me to come and get him in his crib when he wakes. I can't tell if he's easier or if we're just more relaxed. :)

Randoms 10/7

^ Sarah can open doors. After looking for her this is where I found her one day. Sun bathing on the deck with Auz.
^Kai guy
^Yes, he's a sturdy fellow. :)
^Out a night early to celebrate Maren's b-day.

Haircuts for the kids!

Sarah is always begging for haircuts since she sees me do them so often.
^Sarah's hair straightened. Isn't it so cute and long?!
^Cute from the front. A little mullet-like in the back. :) That's okay. It's getting long and thick!
^I did a little trimming before Kai's blessing, but this was his first official haircut. Before shot.
^Before from behind
^After. So handsome!
^ I did it with him in the bumbo. Look at the amount of hair! That's a lot for a 3 month old! I used clippers and everything. Kai was a good sport.

Conference BBQ

Ed and I usually host a BBQ on Conference weekend. I broke out the camera a little late, but it was nice to see friends between sessions on Sunday. :)

^Drummonds (kids not pictured)
^Note: The red punch stains skin. Thanks for modeling Leah.
^You set yourself up for this one Mare. :) (wouldn't flip)
^Ed & Ryan
Not pictured: Katz family, Drummond kids and me. :)

Daddy- daughter date 10/2

The only movie Sarah really likes right now is Toy Story. Since Toy Story 3 will be coming out soon, movie theaters had a 3-D double feature of Toy Story 1 and 2. Ed decided taking Sarah would be a perfect daddy-daughter date.

^Sarah absolutely loved it and surprisingly wore her glasses the whole time and lasted through 1 1/2 of the shows. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

September CATCH UP!

September started out with Sarah sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time. She did great the first night, stayed in bed, no crying, if only it lasted...
^ We wore some hard core rocker shirts to a rocker concert.
^The Laytons accompanied us. Also wearing some rocker apparel. (Maren created her own)
^The concert was awesome! I really loved it! Ed has always been a fan. I became a fan when I was little from my big brother Landon. :)
^ An attempt at getting the stage in the background.
^Precious sleepy shots. That's what babes do. :)

^Family photo
^Happy boy!
^Big sis
^So helpful to baby Kai.
^YAY! Grandpa & Grandma Harman came in town for the blessing.
^Crying= I'm done with picture time. :)

Kai's first blow out... all over daddy! :) Kai went from pooping every day to about every 3-4 days. So when he does he makes up for it.

^Kai only got 1 immunization out of the 6 recommended (we break them up) and still had a rough night! Happy to see him asleep comfortably.
Kai is generally eating every 3 hours during the day and every 5 at night. I wake to feed at 10pm, he wakes at 3am... he goes right back to sleep like a good boy. Starting at 2 months I stopped waking him to feed before I sleep and he started going over 5 hours between feeds. After a couple nights after shots- Kai moved to the crib in the nursery!
2 Month Stats:
Length: 1'10.25" (25%)
Weight: 12lb 6.4 oz (69%)
Head circ: 39.5cm (39%)

^Daddy helping Sarah fly her first kite!
^Sarah loves to give Ed or I a book to read in her bed while she reads one too.
^Cute random of Sarah
Kai boo boo starting to smile!

^Ed went to Tahoe to speak at a conference, so the kids and I came along, spent the night and then drove an hour to spend a night with Duke & Morghan who now live in Reno.

^Me, Whitney & Lindsay
For Whitney's 30th birthday we went to the city, did some shopping, got dinner and dessert and stayed in a hotel to shop some more in the morning. Ed had the kids at home. ;) We had a great time and bought matching bracelets for memories. :)

^The night after Whitney's bday Ed picked me up and we met the Cheney's at the Giants game.
^Ed & Duke
^Kai at his first Giants game
^ Somehow managed to get him to sleep at this extremely hot, noisy game. It didn't last long...
^The had we bought Sarah last year finally fits! Morghan got us the beads. :)
^Looks like such a tough girl!
^We always have a great time with the Cheneys! Glad they live closer!