Monday, July 13, 2009

Kai Edward Harman

We are so happy to introduce our baby boy Kai Edward Harman! 
He arrived July 8, 2009 (07/08/09) at 7:51 a.m.  (due date July 19th)
7 pounds 1 ounce & 19 inches long
^Our most recent family picture. :)
^Sarah's first time meeting and holding her brother Kai. She's adjusting well to him, but it will be a process for all of us in dividing our time. ;)
^Proud Daddy showing off some resemblance. :)
^Proud Mommy with her little guy! I feel so heavily rewarded! 
Read on if you'd like to know the somewhat graphic birthing details. :)

My Story of Kai's arrival!!

On Wednesday morning (July 8th) my first contraction started at 4:45 a.m. Not knowing if it was just cramps or whatnot I tried to fall back asleep, but kept note of the time. I would wake every 10- 20 minutes and feel similar pains, but held off, still not knowing if this was really it! By 5:30 I woke Ed (who had worked 'til 1:30 a.m. the night before) to let him know today would most likely be the day. After some good signs of being in labor (similar signs with Sarah) at about 6 a.m. we called the doctor. She gave us the go ahead to head to the hospital. By now my contractions were anywhere from 3-8 minutes apart. My friend Kristen came over by 6:30 a.m. to watch Sarah while Ed and I headed to the hospital. We arrived at the hospital at 6:45 and they got me all set up. 
Because Sarah's birth went so quickly I had her naturally with no epidural. (Her labor was under 4 hours start to finish- there was no epidural option by the time I got to the hospital). Knowing my labors go quick, and after doing more research about my options, I put together a birthing plan and I decided that this time I wanted to 'go natural' again. Ed was a great coach and helped me breath through my contractions that were beginning to pick up.  
The first time they checked me I was dilated to a 7. Things progressed well although painful, but definitely bearable. I kept asking what would happen next. What needed to happen before the babe was born? Breaking water was the next sign that would tell me we were moving along. When I felt the need to push, I did and sure enough my water broke. :) Shortly after my water broke and some very intense contractions my doctor came in to assist me in my first push. It was a small push, but when I looked in the mirror I could see the babies hair and I knew his birth was close. This gave me much determination to end the pain and get him outta there!! As soon as the doctor could get her gloves on and with my next push (which Ed says is really my first "real" push) the babies head was born. With the next his shoulders and the rest of him was born. I tore a little less than last time- which was to a 2 I think. 
I was admitted to the hospital at 6:45 a.m. and Kai was born at 7:51 a.m. I feel very blessed to have such good pregnancies and quick labors. Although I was only in the hospital just over an hour before he was born- it was a rough hour!! I have much admiration to those able to have natural childbirth's with long labors. Not sure I could do that. An hour felt like forever! :) It is a mind over body thing though. 
Recovery has gone well. Kai had a check up today and he's gaining weight and looking good everywhere else. Physically I feel almost better -other than it feels like I'm making milk for 3 babies. :) Emotionally we're doing some adjusting as a family, but we'll get it down. :)
I really can't imagine life without Kai. With each new addition to our family, life truly feels a little more complete. Makes me wonder how many more babies will come before we've decided family life is complete. :) Not that I'm already thinking of more- one at a time. I feel like my ability to feel love is stronger than I have ever felt and I love it and welcome it. Welcome baby Kai! We love you and we're excited to be your parents and big sis!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Crying and such

Last night I went to the movie "My Sister's Keeper". It was really good and I cried. Although it's a sad-ish movie, the crying that went on was more of a 'feeling of abundance of love' cry than a sad cry. Hope that makes sense.  I was feeling so much love for Ed, Sarah and our (soon to be born) boy.  Anyway, it felt really good to cry. Even on the drive home I cried. I wanted to and welcomed it just because it felt so good! Is that weird? :) It's not that I don't have struggles in my life or that my life is perfect, but I really don't ever cry anymore. If I do it's usually sparked by someone else crying. I really feel like I'm happy about life. There's not much to cry about. (I hate to say that for fear that something will happen now to warrant crying.) I really think Ed, Sarah, family and friends must do a great job of helping me be happy.  That, or maybe I just hold back when I feel like crying other times? Either way I'd like to cry more. It's such a great feeling to me. It gives me such a great release. Maybe it's just 'happy' crying I'm talking about too? I don't think it's a hormonal pregnancy thing either. Do you like to cry too? 

Another tidbit- It's weird that I'm starting take the perspective of the older character in shows as opposed to younger. In this case the mother. It's neat to be experiencing that side of it. My ability to love has definitely expanded since being a mom. Not just for Sarah either. Seeing Ed as a dad makes my love for him stronger. Even on rough mothering days, I am really grateful to be experiencing motherhood. Try it out if you're already not! :) And to those trying... best of luck!

On another subject- 
I was really sad on Sunday after getting home from church when I realized that (even though I'm pregnant) I didn't fast. Fasting can still have meaning even if you have to eat. I didn't have a prayer in my heart. I knew it was fast Sunday and didn't do a thing about it. I felt so selfish and ashamed that I didn't think of anything to fast for. I have plenty of things I could have fasted for.  Where has my desire gone? I feel a little spiritually depressed. Definitely not something I'm proud to say, but it's true. I wish being good, kind and thoughtful came more natural.

Updates from June to come... Sarah is a chatterbox!!