Monday, May 25, 2009

Five Year Anniversary- May 21, 2009

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary trip in Hawaii earlier this year.

^On our actual anniversary day we went to the Oakland temple to do sealings, took a nap and later went to Flemmings Steakhouse (excellent) and then to the movie Angels and Demons.  I'm so happy I met Ed! These past 5 years have been great! I'm sure the years to follow will be the same. ;) Love you babe!

^Sarah modeling with the pretty flowers from Ed.

Cutest Client

Sarah watches me do hair a lot and has lately taken a liking to wearing the cape and letting me do her hair. 

Johnson Family Trip 2009- Santa Cruz, CA: 5/13-17

The whole Johnson family flew or drove to California for our first family trip in 5 years!!
^We are so happy they made the trip! We spent A LOT of time at the beach!
^The cousins loved to play with each other.
^We did a lot of relaxing, eating, games and rock band in the beach house. :)
^Prego me and Sarah
^Aaron and Cami
^Daddy and Sarah
^Aaron and Ed tried skimboarding

^Sarah loved the shades and all the sand/water play.
^Neil, Jodi and Avery
^Landon, Debbie and Elle
^Grandma time!
^Grandpa time!

We'll definitely carry on this tradition! We loved spending time as a family!

Mother's Day- 5/10 /09

Mother's Day was great! Ed made me breakfast, church was good, I got a nap, and Ed barbecued my favorite -steak for dinner. He is the BEST at the grill!
^Also I'm the lucky mommy of this cute little bug. She's so easy to love. I love being a mom!
^She's learning how to sniff things.
^A 30 week picture of baby boy and newest addition to mother.
^Whoever said husbands shouldn't get their wives a new vacuum for Mother's Day is crazy!! I REALLY wanted a vacuum! For Mother's Day and Father's Day Ed and I get each other gifts specific to our role in the family. We get each other gifts that are wants/needs and practical. 

Los Altos Hills 5k- 5/9/09

This race kicked my butt last year when I did the 10k. Seriously one of the hardest races I've run. I think it's because I pushed myself really hard... and I ran with Whitney the machine.
This year was difficult too. Pregnancy played a role in that. :) I ran with Kristen for her first race ever. She did awesome!
^Ed insisted on doing the 5k with Sarah on his back in the backpack. I thought he was crazy, but he did it- elevation and all (check out the map below)! Sarah did okay most of the time, but opted for Ed's shoulders by the end. Well done daddy! You outdid yourself!

^A glimpse of the beautiful hills we ran on.
^Most of the gals that ran.
^Group shot-minus a few. The majority did the 10k. Ryan, Kristen, Ed and I did the 5k.

Until next year...

Parks -5/7/09

CA has parks everywhere since most people don't have yards. ;) Sarah LOVES parks more and more the older she gets. 
^Lots of parks have little water parks to run through as well. Sarah is still trying to figure out if she likes it. I think she's okay as long as Ed or I are next to her. 
^I love to see daddy with his little girl.
^Also loves to swing. 
^These pics are adorable of Sarah and Ed. She loves that he is so willing to play with her. Plus Mommy doesn't have quite as much energy or mobility these days. :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The month of April

Since I can't seem to update daily or weekly, maybe I'll shoot for monthly? :)

At the beginning of the month I hosted a mother's group where we did an easter egg hunt around the complex.
^Sarah had many egg hunts. She was a pro by the end.

^Our monthly cookie making day! Always fun!
^Nimbus sporting Sarah's new easter sunglasses. :)
^Sarah at one of the many house hunts we went on. What a trooper!
Melissa, Briana & Forrest came for Easter weekend so we went to the city!
^We rode the cable cars for the first time.
Ed also took the kids to Santa Cruz to surf, ride the boardwalk, and we went to dinner.
^After the day in the city. Melissa & the kids did Alcatraz, we went to Union Square & Ghirardelli Square.
^Family Easter pics

^Our little bunny
^She loved opening the eggs, but wasn't too fond of easter candy? Good for us and her I suppose. :)
^Since I most likely won't be traveling the rest of the summer due to our new arrival in July and I hadn't seen family since Christmas, mid-April I decided to take Sarah with me to UT to visit family/friends. Ed was nice and stayed home and worked.
^As usual I got to see a lot of girlfriends. I forgot to take pics of every outing, but it's always nice to see friends.
^Dad ran the Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon in about 55 min. Good job Dad!!  I ran the 5k. With prego running I had no specific time goal, but finished around 40 min after losing my cell phone in the first 5 min and trying to run back and find it. Someone turned it in at the end. Thank goodness!
After the race Grandma, Debbie, Elle and Sarah & I went to Wheeler Farm to see the animals.
^We had a good time, but lost energy quickly. Sarah threw her first big tantrum on the way home. :( Yikes!
^I got together with the Birch Creek crew for lunch. Kathy, Kristy and Kira! All girls I met in CA that now live in UT. Maybe I'll join you someday?
^Tanji came up, we got yogurt and took the kids to the park. Sarah likes to kiss and hold hands. We'll have to keep an eye on her when she gets older. :)
^Tanji, Jay, Sarah and I.
^Another day we met up with Nicole at the park to play with Sarah's cousins Felicity & Josh. 
^Steph came for a visit. Always feels like nothing's changed when I see this girl.
^Debbie and Elle had some sleepovers at Grandma's with us- so the girls had a bath buddy.
^Grandma was a great host! Thanks mom!

The end of the trip I had planned to go to Vegas with some girlfriends and leave Sarah home, but because of driving conflicts didn't end up going. 3 days longer than I would have stayed in UT, but at least I got to see more family. Vegas isn't my favorite anyway. 

^Sarah acted up and showed more attitude and sass in UT than I've ever seen. I thought we were entering terrible 2's early, but I'm pretty sure she was sick. She threw up in her crib (notice in her hair) a day after we got back and since then has been much more manageable. Note: Throw up is much grosser than poo. Luckily Ed was home that morning and helped clean it up. 
^Jennie came to visit SF for work so we went to a Giants game with her work buddies.