Sunday, June 20, 2010

LAHPR 10k- May 8th

^ My lovely running ladies
^The smiles before I'd run a ton of hills.
^My fans minus Ed (cameraman)
^Happy to be done! Hard race, but I come back every year.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May was good.

May started out with a well deserved girls weekend away with Kristen and Maren. :) We left the kids with their daddies and took off to LA for a couple nights. We left early Friday morning and had a nice drive to West Hollywood. When we arrived we got lunch and went straight to the pool for a couple hours. Bliss. Then we got ready and headed out.
^Pardon the large amount of photos. This girl (me) hasn't learned how to make a photo collage yet. :(
^These legs took us to Wood Ranch for dinner,
...then for shopping, ice cream and back to the hotel for some girl talk and bed.
^Saturday we treated ourselves with breakfast, shopping, the pool again for a couple hours and then mani/pedi's. Pampered.
^ Then we got ready and headed...
...out on the town...
for dinner
and dessert.
^Two big toes up!
^Most girls trips require some ugo pics... :)
...and some card playing, massaging and girl talk.

Sunday we went to breakfast, the pool and the Hollywood sign before we headed back to reality. (I don't have those pics yet) The trip definitely served it's purpose. It was relaxing and I got multiple texts from Ed telling me how grateful he is for what I do. That made me feel so important and appreciated. The kids kept him busy. :) Thanks ladies and THANK YOU hubbys for daddying up. The result: Happy wives and mommy's. These trips are required at least once a year. So until next year...

Something I'm proud of

I've been trying to give my kids variety when they eat so I decided to do this project.
^All of the food options she can eat for the week start out on one side of the fridge in a basket.
Then each day...
... she gets to pick one of the foods...
... for breakfast, lunch, ...
... and 2 snacks each day...

...and then they end up here on the other side of the fridge. It restarts each week so she gets more variety AND has a say in what she wants to eat. We're not perfect at doing it every week, but I like the idea, and it's one of the many projects I've started and actually finished. :)

Some of the many...

... pool pictures you will see for this year. They may be boring to you, but will be fun for me to remember. :)

^April 15th: Pool with friends

^April 17th: Kids try out their new life jackets.