Sunday, April 18, 2010

9 months!

Kai is 9 months! He has hit the time period where he has been out of me longer than he was in me! :) It's crazy how fast it goes. He's definitely going from baby to toddler.

I'll start with his measurements.
Head: 44.5cm (25%)
Length: 2' 4" (45%)
Weight: 19 lbs (25%)
^This reminds me of a face Talitha would try and pull. :)
^Sarah- the first time she had stood up in her crib. She looks terrified!
^Finding Kai for his first time standing in his crib. Such a happy camper. Kai stood up the day after his 9th month. Sarah was 3 days after she turned 9 months. I like the difference in the look on their faces.
At the doctor we got a couple shots. Kai is such a social baby. He loves exploring new people's faces. Both of my babies have always loved any attention they can get.
What's new?:
-Sitting completely steady, going from sitting to crawl stance, rocking on hands and knees, some crawling, mostly army crawling, standing for 10 minutes at a time while holding onto things, pulling himself up (thus the crib has been lowered and bumpers are off)
-Picking up objects, feeding himself small pieces of food.
-Using consonant sounds, ba-ba and da-da, understands his name and "no". ;)
-Eating everything we eat except milk, berries, peanut butter and honey. I haven't found a food he won't eat yet. And he eats A LOT! Nursing 3 times a day. 6:30am, 1pm and 6:30pm. Drinks water from a bottle- learning to hold himself and use sippy cup.
-For sleep- swaddled (he'll immediately break loose and get comfy), binki, and monkey softy blanket. Naps around 9:30am for an hour, 1pm for about 2 hours and in bed by 6:30pm until 6:30am.
-Kai has 3 teeth. Bottom, middle two and one top tooth next to front teeth. :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


My mom loves doing puzzles. I like to do them too. I thought it would be a good idea to do something while listening to conference. So this is what I did:
It's the only puzzle I have. It's a 500 piece of SF. I was addicted and had to finish!
Our Easter bunnies! Thanks Gma's and Gpa's for the packages. :)


...or the week before... since it was conference. I'll have to get some better pictures of our Easter best.
^Note: Kai does not sleep in our arms as well anymore. Precious. I love it.

Kristen and I made Easter cookies! Missed ya Mare.

Pool time starts....

MARCH 27th this year! Glorious California!

And some of the beautiful flowers in our yard. :) Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the house and yard posted soon. A little tour for those of you who have not been here. We love our house.

Kai's a scootin'

The latest favorite of Kai. He can get anywhere! Great and not so great. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saint Patty's festivites

We tried to be festive on St Patty's. I admire mom's that go all out for holidays. My friend Morghan is great at this! I can't say I went all out, but I did something. :) I hid chocolate coins around the house (from a leprechaun of course), dressed the kids and I in green and made a green tinted breakfast for dinner with shamrock pancakes. :) Sorry for no pics of daddy. He was at work. :(

^If you didn't notice Kai's splotchiness in the last picture, that's why I was taking the picture. I gave him about 1/2 of a strawberry earlier in the day that he had an allergic reaction to. I know berries aren't supposed to be until age 1, but Sarah did fine. This one will have to wait a little longer to enjoy berry goodness.

Cami visits!

The second weekend in March my sis Cami came to visit. We had a great time visiting, talking about our childhood, shopping and taking care of the kids when Ed wasn't ;). If we lived closer I KNOW we would see a lot of each other! Love you Cam! Thanks for coming just for us.
The weekend could have quite possibly been birth control for Cami, but she was a good sport with the kids.
^Love our Aunt Cam!
^After our mani/pedi's we met Ed and the kids at the park for lunch before Cami left.

^The kitties especially liked Cami- and her bed. :) She let them sleep with her. We do not. :)