Monday, January 11, 2010

A first for Sarah

Sarah took a tumble into the side of the tub. The reason we tell her NOT to ever stand up in the tub. She cried for about 5 minutes and then just thought it was kind of cool when we told her we needed to go to the doctor. We weren't sure if she bit through her lip or not. This accident landed her at her first trip to urgent care. It looked worse after she first fell, but they only ended up putting a little glue on the outside cut. She didn't cry once. Brave girl.


No the cookie tradition has not died. ;)
January cookie day. Although CA doesn't have snowflakes or much need for mittens, we all came from places that did.
^New running shoes for the gals- late Christmas.

New Years 2010

New Years Eve we got a babysitter and partied at the Laytons. We ate, played games and celebrated at the New Year!!

^It was also an ugly sweater party- that I happened to win! :)

I think 2010 is going to be a good year. :)

Tubby Time

I feel like we had lots of tubby pics of Sarah. Here's a couple of Kai. He loves the tub!

^Starting to discover his feet
^Sar Bear is usually okay with Kai tubbing with her
^We all spent a good portion of the holidays in our jammies.

Christmas Day

After Ed worked all night from 12am-8am he came home to open presents with the kids. He made it! Our tree died about a week before Christmas. :) Whoops! Maybe we'll hold out on buying one until a little later next year. We forgot to take a picture before we took the presents away.

^After we finished opening
^Kai's first Christmas!
^Sarah with her gifts. She loves everything!

Ed slept the afternoon while I put toys together and cleaned up. Then later, after the kids went down we cuddled in bed and watched a movie before Ed went back into work.

Christmas Eve

Since we didn't go to UT for Christmas this year, we celebrated with friends.
^We had ham, potatoes, homemade rolls, veggies, cider, pie and chessecake. yum!
^The Laytons
^and The Shafers joined
^Toasting to the holiday

Kai trying applesauce for the first time. He loved it!
^Kai helping daddy play playstation.
^Kai's new Christmas jammies.
^Sarah's new jammies and ornament.

Although we missed spending the holiday with family, we were grateful to have friends to spend it with. After dinner we sang Christmas carols and played a game.


What the kids are up to...
^Sarah did this puzzle all by herself. Pretty impressive I think.
^Kai's rolling all over!

Christmas goodies

^Caramel Popcorn as neighbor gifts.
^Gingerbread Houses for our first year

^The finished product. Well done Ed. Sarah did the gingerbread man.
^Much needed GNO.

Another Haircut 12/12

I can't even count how many times we've cut Sarah's hair, but her top layers are finally growing out and getting thicker.
^Cute little bob. (and the face Sarah makes when told to smile)
^Before we cut about 2 inches off the bottom to get rid of the mullet. :)
^The finished product after flat ironing.