Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sarah's months 16-current

Yes I have been a horrible blogger. :) I hope to be posting more frequently and currently. Here is catch up on Sarah's 16th month-now. She is 19 months! A lot has changed of course. 

1. Her stats:
-Her head is in the 80th percentile. Lots of brains in there, but it makes it hard to fit shirts over her heed! ;)
-She is 34 inches (95%). Where this comes from??
-Her weight is 25lbs 12oz (70%). She is well fed which we're happy about. This girl can eat! And luckily she's not too picky about what she eats so it's usually pretty healthy stuff. Almost no juice and hardly any snacks or sweets.

2. Development: If you're interested-Pardon the long list, it's been a while!
Sarah has the sweetest disposition. We can't take credit, but we feel like we lucked out. Yes, she has her tantrums and fussiness, but overall Sarah is happy and a clam! She is walking/running but still tumbles quite a bit. She is learning to step up and down stairs. She's learning to throw and kick balls. She loves her shape toys. Loves to be read to and has started reading her own books. She'll fill in words for us. She's eating all by herself now. Loves coloring with crayons. Repeats most words we say. Probably has a vocabulary of 100+ words. Knows all her shapes and learning colors. Has started singing songs (parts of songs) on her own like- Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Old MacDonald, and ABC's. Can point to a lot of body parts including her heart and boobies (which Ed regretfully taught her) ;). She sleep from 7pm- 7:30am. Naps once a day at most for 1.5 hours. Not long enough!:) Around 18 months she pooped a little on her new little potty, but since then has not been interested. No rush. I think she's getting her last teeth? For a complete total of 16 until she gets her 2 year molars? As you can see from pics, her hair is curly and getting quite long. I also noticed the decrease in pictures we've taken. The ones I have show her in jammies with scraggly hair. :) Gotta get on that! Times goes to quick! 

^Like most at her age, Sarah LOVES to wear our shoes. She does pretty good in my heels.
^These require some help to get into, but daddy's shoes are just as fun!
These pictures are of Sarah's first day in nursery. She LOVES it! During sacrament meeting she asks for nursery and after church repeats, "ball", "bubbles" and "snacks". She had no problem switching over. Learning to share, but does pretty well.

Sarah is such a joy in our lives! She'll be excited to have a little brother playmate since she can't seem to get enough attention. She loves company and is such a ham. She'll stare at people at the store until they look at her. 
It's hard to imagine that we'll be able to look at another child with as much admiration and love, but I've been told our love will multiply. 

Sarah Grace:
What makes me Happy: Books, Kitties, Swings, Walks, Food
What makes me Grumpy: Naps, Toy Snatchers, No attention
My favorite Activity: Reading/ Being read books
Favorite Food/or Snacks: Yogurt, Fruit (Blueberries), Crackers, Juice
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite movie/or book: Baby Einsteins/ Goodnight Moon
Favorite toys to play with: Stacking cups, Shapes, Vacuum
Other fun things about me: Loves to repeat words, copy cat, starting to sing songs
Things I know and can do: No limits here. Exploring everything!
Things I need help with: Expressing needs, sharing and napping :)

**Videos below show her personality a little better :)** At Sarah's age I don't think we can get enough video. The talking is just so cute!

Kitties and counting video!

Sarah LOVES the cats! She follows them around and covers them with blankets, lays down with them on the floor, gives them kisses, etc. They take her affections very well. She's usually very soft and gentle. We love hearing her say their names "Auzi" and "Nimbus". She also started counting a little bit. If we help her she will count to ten and fill in the numbers we don't say. Such a smarty! So much talking and personality!! SO MUCH FUN!!

Bad word video

Applesauce has a new name in our house. :) She's so cute!

Dance Video

Sarah asks to dance on the counter. It's very cute!! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sarah's New Job

Sarah has decided that she's sick of Ed working round the clock - so she has officially taken control of his pager. She wears it all over the house.  What a Punkin!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The month of February (catch up)

February was pretty chill. Updates to come on Sarah's 15-18th month (a lot has changed), but here's a cute pic of her. I was trying to get her to squint. That was one of her new things in February.

^Every month I get together with Bunko gals. February we call it Hunko and get some Valentines/romantic type gifts. And wear red of course.
^Our Kathy (purple) moved back to UT, so we gave her a farewell run. :) We look hot! And we miss you Kathy!

For Valentines Day we went to Acme Chophouse for dinner (Near Giants ballfield- delicious) and then to Wicked. It was lovely!
^My Valentine
^So fun to get dressed up and go into the city!
^Sarah has gotten more cuddly as she gotten older. We are loving it!

Morghan visits from Denver:
^Little Mrs. Morghan visited us from Denver. We always have a great time catching up, doing hair, shopping, playing games, etc. 
^ You would think that since I'm a hairdresser Sarah's hair would be all elaborate. We've been waiting for her hair to grow in. I think it's getting to the point where I can do more than just put a bow in it. A first attempt at something different. Trying to figure out more fun styles and whether or not to cut it or grow it. Hate to disappoint!

And as pictured below in February we found out we're expecting a baby boy: due July 16th! We are thrilled!

Monday, March 2, 2009


There are many other posts that need to be caught up on, but our family has some news that can't wait any longer.

Which one of us is 20 weeks prego and carrying a baby boy?