Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kai BOO at 5 months!

Kai Edward
We love this boy!! His smile makes me smile! He is so happy-go-lucky! Such a chill boy. Great for a second child. :)
PLAY: Kai is rolling over and liking tummy time more and more. He has gained some control over his hands so he is playing more with toys and his binky.
TALK: Just vowel sound babbles, but OH so cute! And cutest giggle ever!
SLEEP: Kai is sleeping usually from 7p-6a+. His naps vary, but usually last around 2 hours. At 9a & 1p. One for 30 min- hour at 4:30p. No complaints! His routine to sleep is very precise. He is swaddled, binky in, and then he has a monkey blanket he likes by/over his face. People look at me weird when I cover his face up, but he prefers it. Works like a charm!! Seriously welcomes it. Usually comfy and dozing within minutes.
EAT: Varies, but usually eats at 6a+, 10a, 1p, 4p and 7p.
DIAPERS: Messy about every 4 days or so. :)
BATH: Kai's newest thing is kicking his legs like crazy while he's in the tub. It's so cute!!

Sarah just over 2

Sarah Grace
This little princess is such a joy! ...mostly. ;) She has her share of tantrums, but is usually sweet. She's just gaining her independence. Sarah is a smarty.
TALKING: She surprises us by all the funny things she says. She is no longer just repeating things we say, but coming up with her own stuff. She loves to sing. She knows SO many church nursery songs and most all of the nursery rhymes word for word.
TOYS: Sarah's favorite toys right now are Leo/rocket from Little Einsteins. She loves her dolls and her stuffed animal bunnies. She's starting to like princesses.
TV/MOVIES: Sarah's favorite TV shows are Little Einsteins and Dora. She previously liked Blues Clues and Sesame Street. Her favorite movies are Toy Story and Annie.
EATING: Sarah is usually a great eater. She'll eat any meats, fish, most veggies, curry, you name it! Starting to love candy and chocolate milk. Breakfast: Loves raisin bran, oatmeal with peaches, eggs/toast. Lunch: Loves PB&J, lunch meat and Mac n Cheese. Dinner: Whatever we eat. Snacks: Cheese, yogurt or nuts.
SLEEPING: Is still an issue. :) Sarah has been in a big girl bed since October. We had a scare a while back when Sarah stopped napping and waking up during the night 3+ times! That was horrendous! She's now sleeping all night again. 7p-7a. Napping is more work these days. I have resorted to laying down with her for about 10 minutes to make sure she goes to sleep and doesn't play during her nap. She'll usually sleep 1 1/2- 2 hours. She has her favorite blanky and a sippy cup she likes to sleep with.
POTTY: What potty? She's NOT interested yet. :( Hopefully soon! :)

STATS at 2years:
Head: 49 cm (85%)
Length: 3'0.5" (97%)
Weight: 29lb (76%)

Vasona Lake Park Christmas Lights and Train 12/5

Well first of all Kai is now doing a little of this...
and this...
getting so big!

Saturday Night we met up with the Katz for some pizza and then met some ward friends at the Vasona Lake Park to take a choo choo and view the lights in the park. Afterwards we had hot chocolate, cookies and rode the merry-go-round.

^Sarah and one of her best friends, Sydney. :)
^Waiting in line for the train.
^Yes Kai was there too, bundled in his carseat.
^Harmans on the train. It was chilly!!
^Katz on the train!
^Sarah LOVED this!
^Daddy actually rode a horse with her.
^Kristen is one of my greatest friends!
^This little guy is most always a happy camper. Love that smile!

Tree is up

By the first weekend of December we finished our decorating by putting ornaments on the tree.
^ Auz and Nimbus

Cutting down our tree

We started out December by going to the Santa Cruz Mountains to cut down a tree for Christmas. It was our first experience cutting down our own tree, and a good one.

^ We found a good one!

I think this will be a yearly tradition!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Utah trip for Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving this year we went to Utah. I flew with Kai to UT since I had a flight credit that was going to expire and Ed drove with Sarah.
^ Ed said Sarah was a champ the whole time. They talked, she watched some movies, slept some, met Morghan and Duke in Reno for a break, stopped at McD's playplace in Elko, and did great!

Sunday: We had dinner with the Harman Family. We HAD to get some pictures of the cute kids. :)
^ Our happy boy!
^Sister and brother
All dressed up!
Monday Kai got some quality time with his closest cousin Zoey.
Tuesday I met up with my girlfriends. Always fun to see them. Jenn & Heather had just left. :(

^ Although Kai is usually happy- long vacations and messed up schedules gave us a little bit of this.

Thursday/Turkey Day: Ed played with my brother's in their annual Turkey Bowl. He had a great time!

Aaron, Ed, Landon, Dave, Neil, Dustin & Tony
?, Kyle, Ty, Josh, ?, ?
I'm really sad to say these are the only pics I got of Thanksgiving!! No pictures of Kai for his first Thanksgiving. I feel so guilty! Thanksgiving we spent with my dad and his brothers. A bachelor Thanksgiving feast! :) I didn't take many pictures on this trip. :(

These last pics were taken on our way back to CA
^ Kai had a massive blow out, hence his nakedness. Luckily we had another outfit. He was great!
^Sarah had some outbursts, but overall it was a painless successful, pretty quick trip! Thanks for driving Ed!

Just like her dad

Sarah snoring on our way back home to CA. :) Ut wore her out!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ed's Birthday

For Ed's birthday we went to a yummy steakhouse.
Then the next day we went car racing with the Nixons.

^We totally brought it!

^Ed was the fastest racer this time, but Paul gave him a run for his money! I started out good, but after I T-boned Rebecca (on accident) I couldn't quite catch up and took last place. :)
This racing is now a yearly tradition.

For Ed's actual birthday I made him his favorite. Well, he cooked the filets. We eat a lot of meat...

Only 34! :) Hope it's a good one! Love you babe!

^ His birthday gift. He loves it!! He picked it! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kai at 4 months!

Kai is jumping the charts. Yes, he is a substantial, sturdy boy! :) He's not even eating bacon. Just milk. :)

The numbers-
Height: 2'1" (around 50%)
Head circ: 40.5cm (around 10%)
Weight: 15.6 pds(around 65%)
Developmentally Kai is turning his head all directions, lifting his head okay with tummy time. Starting to stand and sit more sturdily, grasping things for short times, playing with hands, hands in mouth a lot, starting oo's and aww's, starting to laugh, super social and smiles a lot when we talk to him, really only cries if really hungry or tired.
Sleep wise Kai is doing great! He does a 9-10 hour stretch at night, but it starts at 6:30pm. we may try and change that soon. :)
A typical day by time for eating/sleeping:

7am- Sarah wakes, eats and watches a show
7:30- Kai wakes stays quiet and just waits for me to come get him, Kai eats
8:30-10:30- Kai naps then eats
11- We do something active- walk, park day, errands
12-2 Kai naps then eats
12:30- Sarah eats lunch then goes down for a nap (if we're lucky) ranging from 1-2 hours
3- We go out again sometimes
6- eat dinner
6:30- Kai eats and goes down for bed, Sarah bath
7- Sarah in bed
7:30- After clean up- FREEDOM for Ed and I to do whatever. :)

Kai is such an easy baby!! We think it's a combo of being 2nd time parents, a boy, and hopefully we're doing something right! :) Kai is truly a joy! Sarah does great with him. We're loving his emerging personality. WE LOVE YOU KAI!

Some nicknames we call him: Boo boo, Poo poo, Kai Boo, Buddy and Mister.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween weekend

Sarah standing at our door getting ready to trick-or-treat!
Last year we didn't get one trick-or-treater. This year...our neighborhood is awesome!! We ran out of candy about 30 minutes before kids were finishing. I was happy/sad to have all the candy gone. :)
^Kai didn't quite make it to trick or treating. So he and I went to a couple houses and then stayed home to pass out candy while Ed took Sarah around the neighborhood.
^She got the concept pretty well. :)

^Sydney and Austin joined us for the trick-or-treating.
^Kai as little Toto from the Wizard of Oz.
^Cutest little pup

^Ed and I started a tradition for our family to make homemade chili every Halloween.
^ And homemade doughnuts for dessert.

^Trial number one turned out pretty good, but we'll make some changes next year.
^This is how Sarah stayed occupied while we made doughnuts. :)

Until next year...