Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August 2014

August 4-
 ^Sarah missed her first week of 2nd grade since we went to Lake Powell.  Her first day was August 4th instead of July 28th. Her cute friend Lizzy gave her a warm welcome. Sarah loves school. Especially the social aspect of it. :)

Aug 6-
^Sarah lost her first front tooth IN Lake Powell on July 28th. By the time we got home it took a couple days to write a note. Then, the tooth fairy couldn't find the tooth for 2 days...:). Looks like a fish from the lake produced the tooth and Sarah finally collected $. :)

Aug 7-
^ Check him out! All he needed was the trainers off. First try! He's a natural. Way to go Kai!

Aug 8-
 ^The Spens invited us to an Ok Go concert.
 ^We had heard a few songs of theirs, but gained more of a liking seeing them live. They were great! We had an awesome time! Thanks Spens'. 

Aug 9-
 ^Cold Storage made it's first debut! It was an all day affair. Practice in the afternoon and then a drive to Bountiful for a quick dinner at In & Out and then to Cherry Hill for set up and show. Hey Ed! Nice sleeves! ;)
 ^Melissa was our sole supporter for the night besides the other band player's families and a bunch of strangers. So good to see a familiar face! Hoping to gain more fans... :)
^The show went well! They said we played for around 300 people. Weather was perfect and feedback was good. We all had a great time. Couldn't ask for more. 
 ^Steve, Mike, Me, Ed, Jason= Cold Storage ;)

Aug 10-
 ^ Neil invited us over for dessert. Madison and Tanner were being cute.

Aug 11-
^ Steve had a client luncheon our band was able to play for. Always fun! We like to dress up. :) Lunch afterwards. Good day!
^ I've been seeing lots of clients/friends from CA. Glad doing hair keeps me in contact. Great to see you Kim!! XO

Aug 13-
^Dinner group meal to go. Summer Salad! Still loving this!

Aug 14-
^Bunko night. I talked enough trash that these 2 bullies decided to pic me up and throw me in the pool at the clubhouse. Good prank. I think I handled it pretty well. :) Cold walk home...

Aug 20-
 ^Ed and Jason. Playing tennis for sectional prep in the rain. Hard core.
Aug 21-
^I love finding her notes everywhere...
 ^Dinner delivery from a friend in dinner group. Love not having to think about dinner multiple nights.
 ^Cool rainbow Ed caught after work. Then he came home and pulled out Sarah's other front tooth for her. :) We call her "toothless".

Aug 22-
^Even though Sarah has a summer birthday, and since we start school so early, she gets to celebrate her birthday at school. Well, sort of. Since her birthday was on a Sunday this year I went and had lunch with her, Friday, and stayed and watched her play for a minute. More toothless smiles. 
 ^GNO! Always love em'! Dinner and a movie.
Me, Lisa, Alisa and Cindy.

Aug 23-
^Band Practice. Jason made up these cool guitar picks too. It's just all around fun with these guys. :)
^Madison loves to dance during practices. If we finish a song, she comes up and asks for "one more time".  It's adorable. Easily our best fan! ;)

*Then we prepped for Sarah's "What Frozen Things Do In Summer" 7th Birthday Party!

^The Cake. I just did the top.
 ^More of the spread.
 ^The whole spread.
 ^Prep for this party wasn't too bad. I tried to be a little more simplistic-darn Pinterest! :) The girls started by cutting out snowflakes and making Olaf take-home bags.
^All the girls!
^"Do you want to build a snowman?"  They got little snowman favor bags to take.
^ They had a snowball fight with "melted snow" balloons.
^They built snowmen out of each other with toilet paper, paper buttons, noses and hats and a scarf. Both teams did well.
 ^They got some goodies from the piƱata.
^Sang to the birthday girl.
 ^ And then swam at the pool. Cute girls! Thanks to everyone that made it! Sarah loves the gifts and the memory of a fun party.
^Me and the birthday girl after the party.

I went home and did a couple hair clients and then Ed and I got dinner and ate while watching Jason's other band. :)
^They invited me to sing a song with them, which was nice. It was a chilly night, but the kids had fun and I'm sure daddy didn't mind the cuddles under a warm blanket. As you can see, Madison is always front and center dancing.
^Madison and her friend Keaton dancing it up.

Aug 24- Sarah's 7th Birthday!
^Sarah wanted to wear the new Chinese dress from Grandma to church. We sang Happy Birthday, blew out candles (with the help of siblings) and made wishes. :)

Sarah at 7:

Height: 49.5 inches (76%)
Weight: 50 lbs 4 oz. (50%)

Sarah is pretty much an angel child. She is very helpful. Compliant. Sweet. Talkative. Smart. Affectionate. Social. She's just a sweetheart. She gives us some sass once in a while, but I'm glad she has confidence, asks questions and loves spending time with us. We love you Miss Sarah Bear!

Aug 25-
 ^Madison is a daddy's girl all of the sudden. Funny when she yells things from her room...
 ^Decided we'd do FHE at Seven Peaks one last time for the year. We used our passes maybe 3 times? :) The kids loved it!

Aug 27-
 ^BBQ Chicken salad to go? Dinner group meal again. I don't know why I think it's so cool... :)

Aug 29-
^Thanks for remembering her Rebecca! Birthday week. Excellent.
 ^Hip Hip for Swiss Days! Mom ended up coming and so did Land and Deb. Scones go along with Swiss Days, just like live yodeling from Kerry. :)
 ^Proud to be Swiss! Yodel-eh-hee-hoo!
 ^Date night with neighborhood friends. We love our neighbors! We went to The Giver and then for ice cream afterwards. :) Fun bunch!

Aug 30-
 ^Ed planned a date to see Keith Urban. We've seen him once before.
^He puts on a great show, he rocks at the guitar and he's easy on the eyes. ;) Loving live music!
He came out closer to us on a stage in the grass area. Fun to be up close.

Aug 31-
^Dessert and croquet with friends anyone? I've already said it. Cool neighbors! Love getting invited out.