Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Christmas Holidays

Our month of December...
^Decorating our tree to welcome the Christmas season. :)
^Although the Santa costume (at our ward Christmas party) is somewhat creepy, Sarah looks pretty cute. 
^ Right before our trip to Utah Ed took me on a surprise date to dinner and Phantom of the Opera at The Orpheum Theater in San Fran. It was amazing! One of the reasons I fell in love with Ed is because we went on cool dates to artsy stuff. :) Just keepin' the romance alive! Love you babe!

To start the trip we got all of our shopping done! Throughout the trip I met up with some friends. Some I haven't seen for quite some time! Lauren, Angie, Tara and Wades! Ed did some snowboarding a couple times, I did some hair, and there was lots of snow! We loved it!

Before Christmas my family got together for a family tradition of going to the Scrooge play! It was as good as ever!


^Mostly Christmas Eve with the Harmans! We had dinner, Rice Almond (sp?), and gift exchange.

^Christmas Eve pics
^Christmas morning
^Sarah got some books, puzzles, clothes and toys.
Ed and I got each other shoes...and a cruise in a week :)

^Christmas night was spent with the Johnson family.  We had dinner, gift exchange and played Christmas Bells (so far the video wont load- sorry).

After Christmas Ed and I went with his parents and niece to the Octapella concert. They sounded great! After we met up for dessert with Stew and Nicole!

Sunday before we left we were able to go to Avery's baby blessing!

^This was Sarah's means of transportation at the airport. Worked like a charm!
Going to UT for Christmas was SO great! Baby Einsteins was great for Sarah on the plane ride home. :)

Sarah's 15th month

Who's daddy loves taking pictures of her?

She's talking up a storm! Down to one nap! Eating mostly anything! Has 10 teeth! Cute as ever! We love you baby girl!

Cal Marathon 12/7/08

It's been a goal of mine to run a marathon in between each child in order to stay in tip-top shape. :) Hence the reason why I signed up for the Cal Marathon in Sacramento, California this December. Runners include: Kathy(full), Molly(1/2), Rebecca(relay leg).
^The night before, Rebecca, Molly and I headed up to Sacramento for the expo...some shopping (matching shoes)
...and some dinner. :)
^Kathy and I met up in the morning right before the race began, or right after I should say. :) After a quick picture we started with the pace group between 4:15 and 4:30. 4:30 was our flexible goal. :)
^The first 8 miles seemed to fly by! We were feeling good and keeping close to the 4:15.
^ We took LOTS of much needed stretching breaks and aid station breaks! No fuel belt felt awesome, and the oranges, bananas, food, jolly ranchers, roadside cheerers, friends and family were life savers!

^Rebecca and Molly were such great supporters and always the breath of fresh air we needed to keep us moving! They met us at mile 8 with drinks, gu's and power bars. Then at 14  miles where Molly joined us for the remainder of the race.
^After seeing Rebecca at 18 miles and then Kathy's family at mile 20 where Kathy's mother-in-law joined us, I think we both lost a little fire. This is where the 4:30 pace group passed us. We caught it and lost it for a few miles. I had some calf cramping and we were pooped!! 

^Then I saw my Ed and Sarah at mile 22!! I definitely needed that boost! It was so helpful to see family/friends so frequently for the last 6 miles of the race. It took me 4 miles to catch the 4:30 pace sign, but I was determined!! I caught it at mile 26 with .2 miles to go! After seeing Ed right after mile 26 I sprinted to the end and finished at 4 hours 29 minutes and 25 seconds. My fastest marathon! Yay for my new PR! I was #207 for my division and 3820 overall.
^ Pleasure to run with you Kathy! I loved training and running with you! Such a great memory! Kathy did awesome and it was her first marathon.
^Couldn't have done it without you ladies! (and all others who joined for training runs)
^Couldn't have done it without my hottie Ed and cutie pie Sarah! Love you!! 

Next marathon post baby #2- St. George 2010! You in? 

Ed's b-day activities

I never posted about Ed's 3 birthday activities on 3 days for his 33rd bday.
-Activity 1- buy something in 3 stores of his choice
-Activity 2- race car driving
-Activity 3- Dinner and movie with me! :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving with Friendsx2

Maybe it's just me, but I love lots of pics! We started off Thanksgiving with the kid crowd.  The food was wonderful of course and so was the company. (Not pictured McPhies and Atherleys).

After celebrating with one party we headed over to Kaylynn's for an adult setting. It was a great set up! The food was delicious and Rebecca brought some yummy apple grape cider! Try's good.

After we filled ourselves (for the second time) we tryed to entertain Sarah and played Catch Phrase.
vSarah has lots of baby mamas/daddy's^
Thanks for hosting McPhies and Burllisters. :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Attitude Adjustment

Do you ever look at blogs sometimes and think that everyones' life is better than yours? :) After looking at blogs and such tonight I've been wanting things. That's right, THINGS! I'm seeing people's houses, new clothes, cute pics....a bunch of STUFF! I looked around my house, in my closet, at myself and am feeling a little -blah.  It's not that I'm unhappy, but I could sure use an attitude adjustment and some working on. Then the thought rang out true to me that stuff and things are not what will make me happy. (perfect timing for Christmas) I ALONE need to make myself happy. After watching a fireside tonight that Gordon B. Hinckley gave, he mentioned that if we are unhappy, we need to stop thinking about ourselves and think about other people. That hit home. I definitely need to stop thinking about myself. I think I'll try these 2 new ideas/reminders and hope for the best. :) Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

14 months of Sarah

A typical day for 14 month old Sarah.

7-7:30am: wake
8: eat breakfast
8:30: watch Baby Einsteins
9: play
10: nap
11:30: wake from nap, lunch
12-2:30: play
2:30-4: bottle and attempted nap- usually never taken
4-6: play
6:30: bath by daddy
7: bottle and bedtime usually with mommy

What's new? Sarah weighs around 24 pounds. Not sure how tall she is. Her vocabulary is growing. She repeats most anything we say. Some new added words are, "diaper, shoes, boots, baby, ite for light, towel, Leah, etc. She's starting to fold her arms when we pray, she signs "all done" and "drink" by raising her hand in the air. I love how babies personalize their signing. ;) Sarah loves to sit on ledges, and has 8 teeth (middle top/bottom four). Sarah usually eats what we give her, sometimes the airplane is required. She is becoming a champ at walking. Sarah is also getting better at throwing tantrums and fake crying. She head butts Ed and I all the time!! Yowza!! She's still pretty easy going and mostly happy though. We love you bug!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Ed turns double 3!! 11/15/08

Happy Birthday Ed/Daddy!! For Ed's birthday we celebrated with his parents. Good ol' German Chocolate Cake and the rest of our celebrating together will be done on 3 different nights with 3 different activities during the course of the next week. I'll let you know what the fun plans are after they happen! Love you babe!
^So far Ed got a couple pairs of shoes and a bunch of cards and moulah from family. :)

^Sarah loves to sit on any ledge now. She's also very fond of Ed's birthday balloon.

Ma & Pa Harman visit SF

Grandma and Grandpa Harman took the long drive from SLC to CA to come visit us for the weekend. We're so grateful! We had a great time. :)
 Thursday we headed to Alcatraz
^ I don't think she really licked the bar. ;)
^Our jail bird
^Alcatraz has some cool scenery
^Thursday night we headed to the Golden Gate for some pics and the whole SF experience.
^Friday Ed and Steve golfed Spanish Bay, and later us gals met up for lunch and 17-mile drive!
Saturday for Ed's birthday we got lunch and went up to Stanford campus to walk around. That night we ate at one of our favorite restaurants Dish Dash.

^Camera man is always behind the camera dangit!
Sunday just before sunset we headed to Half Moon Bay to watch the sunset.
Always a good time to take pics! The sunsets are amazing!

^ Thanks for visiting Grandma and Grandpa! We (especially Sarah) loved your company!