Saturday, February 9, 2013

January 2013

Jan 2-

^Our dear friends, the Wades visited UT and gave us one of their nights and we met up for dinner. Great friends and conversation. We hope they'll move here someday. ;)

Jan 4-

^Finally made it to Scheels for the ferris wheel. The kids enjoyed it.

^These cold temperatures have warranted a lot of warm bathes in this house. Love my tub.

^In the clean out of my dad's garage we inherited a food dehydrator. New favorite snack around here.

Jan 10-

^ My beautiful mom on her birthday.

Jan 12-
^My SIL's parent's have a cabin in Midway and they let the Johnson's use it for the weekend. The view is beautiful and the company is wonderful. Lots of chillin', some hot tubbin'...
^...some sleddin' 
^..some sickness (missed you Cami & Aaron), some out-to-dinner, 

^and some games and 0puzzlin'. ;)

Jan 13-
^Midway temps were chilly! The views driving home were beautiful!

Jan 17-
^Love girls nights. Thank you bunko friends.

Jan 19-
^Madison's room has been awaiting decor. I finally took a step and painted a tree on her wall. I love the way it turned out.
^Ed and I are trying to be more active. Together. Indoor rock climbing was fun, and hard! :)

Jan 22-
^Ed went backcountry skiing with his brother Stew. Love it when he gets out and gets to do active things.

Jan 23-
^ We don't get out much in the winter, but we made it to the Discovery museum a couple days this month.  Always a success. :)
Jan 24-
^Today marked one year since we've been in out house in Utah. We're still adjusting, but looking forward. Spending way too much time in front of the TV. 

Jan 26- My Birthday
^It was a nice morning. Work out, shower, brunch with my mom and sis and then a massage.
^It is crazy how many people in the last couple weeks have made reference to me looking like "The New Girl." I'm sure it's mostly my hair, but it's pretty comical. Maybe if my nose was a little smaller. With Sundance Film Festival and such, someone at brunch insisted I was Zooey. I'll take it.
^For dinner we went to 5 Alls. Always a great atmosphere. Treated to something a little different was fun for my birthday.

^Our friends, the Yeates's ended up joining us for the night. Thanks for great company!

Jan 28- A few videos of Madison. She's changing the most around here. Such a joy!

 Jan 29-