Monday, May 26, 2008

Wonderful Weekend in Monterey

BMW GT Series Race at Laguna Seca
A fun weekend at the races.

The cars were so loud that we had to have ear-plugs for everyone.

This car was going about 150 mph.  (I love this camera!!)

My favorite Ferrari!!  Surprisingly, this car came in last place.

Hmmm...why did we lose this race???

This Porsche was SOOOO fast!!!

This Ford GT (550 hp) was sitting in the parking lot.

I grew some "special" facial hair for the weekend.  I just wanted to fit in.

Some cool flowers that were growing at our hotel.

Hey Hot Mama's!!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eight + months!

I'm always so late on these. :)
Milestones for the month:
-Loves all baby foods and anything else we'll give her.
-Started eating puffs and cherrios
-Sleeps 7pm-6/7am- no more night wakings
-2 naps, usually 1-2 hours
-Uses sippy cup
-Knows how to scoot/army crawl-crawling soon to come
-Says, "num, num, num" and "ma, ma, ma" and screams
-Loves "bright baby" books
-Loves "baby einstein" dvds
-Loves songs with actions, mostly "popcorn popping"
-Shakes her head back & forth
-First time with a runny/stuffy nose (We think it's teething-still no teeth)
-Loves the swimming pool
-Love tub time with daddy

^Loves to peek her head to the side
^Loves to play and practice her new tricks for quite a while in her crib before and after naps.
Our little Glow worm! Pretty sure it's one of the most fun stages.

Los Altos Hills 10k/5k (Trail-Running)

The Ladies. 
 The ones who drag their wonderful, supportive husbands 
to these things.  Don't they look excited?!?
The Men.
The dedicated and loving men who faithfully support the ladies.
The Babies.
The ones who were wondering what the heck they were doing in the 
cold and the sunshine so early in the morning.
The only actual 'running' picture.
Sarah (with her pretend Mommy) meeting a horse for the first time.
Our little family after the race.
Kaylynn and Brook
Paul and Rebecca
Ben and Whitney
Ryan, Maren and Leah
The whole running crew.  
(this is a few minutes before we drove to a restaurant 
and replaced all lost calories - and then some)
Maybe a little too early for some......
Congrats to Everyone for finishing! Especially Brook, Ryan & Ben who placed for their age groups and Lindsey & Whitney who finished in 59 minutes. Posted by Ed.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm having an issue with time these days. I feel so much pressure (caused by myself) to do so many things throughout the day. I feel so torn between reading, TV, emailing, blogging, cleaning, playing with Sarah, exercising, journaling, scrapbooking, socializing, organizing...etc. I'm sure you all struggle with balancing all of these things as well. I was thinking I would try my darnedest to break up my time into hours and make sure I split it all up by only allowing myself an hour of blogging a day, and hour of exercise, and so on, but I'm looking for any ideas for ways that you all balance out your time.

I was also thinking about the way time has changed things. It used to be that I got together with someone to communicate and visit. Visiting in person turned to a phone call now and then. A phone call turned into a personal letter or email/text to someone. And now even personal emailing is disappearing and now it's a blogging world where the mind set is, "I'm too busy to talk/type/write. If you want to see what is going on in my life come and look at my blog." It's convenient and saves time, but for what? More time to be lazy and watch TV or be introvert? Nothing will replace talking to someone face to face. I fear the world will slowly be socially impaired if we keep this up. I am a culprit for sure!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sarah Becomes a Model

Sarah recently had the opportunity to model for a photographer's marketing campaign.  She did a great job so we thought we would share our favorites.  Enjoy!!

Tsafrir (Mike) Melamed did an awesome job! This was his first time shooting a baby and he's very interested in shooting more babies. If you'd like to use his services or to see more of his photography/more of Sarah go to or I would highly recommend him to anyone! We've seen some of his wedding shots and family shots...phenomenal!