Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PROM 2010- Valentines

Ed and I decided to spice up Valentines Day by throwing a prom with some friends. The dress was formal, we met at our place and took pictures and then headed to dinner at Flemmings Steak House. Mmm Mmm Good!

^What a lovely group!
^For Dessert we made some V-day decorated cupcakes and had strawberry-pineapple punch during the dance.
^Our shnazzy Prom group. Our prom theme or song was, "On A Night Like This."- Dave Barnes
^Make it ugly!
^Give some LOVE!
^Smokin' hot!
^So Handsome!
^Josh & Afton Parker
^Angie & Forrest Henderson- winners of best dressed couple. He's wearing a kilt tux!
^Maren & Ryan Layton- "When You Kiss Me"- Shania Twain
Lindsay & Patrick Young- "Forever Young"-Alphaville
^Kim & Rich Bond- "I Want You to Want Me"-Cheap Trick
^Jared & Tierney Kirk- "The Day Before You"- Rascal Flatts
^Kristen & David Katz- "At Last"- Etta James
^Whitney & Ben Shafer- "They Can't Take That Away From Me"- Frank Sinatra

^And US!- "The Luckiest"- Ben Folds

Dinner took quite a while, but after we got back we had our dance. We slow danced to each couples "song" and in between danced to some fast song favorites. :) Lots of fun! Thanks for coming everyone!

Video to come soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


You can always plan on cuteness with pics of the kids. To all those who don't get to be around my kids regularly....this is what you're missing. :) :(
At the park

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photo Shoots!

My wonderful friend Meghan MacAskill asked Sarah and I to model for these photos to catch the beautiful scenery at this location. We'll do it any time! She did awesome! We had a lot of fun! Thanks Meghan!
Too many favorites...

My sweet Sarah Grace at almost 2 1/2!

Then because the location was so awesome, I had Ed come back with me a couple days later to get some pictures of Kai for some 7 month old shots! He also got some great shots! Here's some unedited favorites...

So happy to know so many talented people. :) There's some more cute ones of Kai in my last post.

What this little Kai is up to...

Kai is definitely turning into a big boy!
^ This is his 6 month check up and this is what's new!
Length: 2'3" (70%)
Weight: 16lb 4 oz (30%)
Head: 42.5 cm (20%)
Kai got his DTap shot at this visit. Luckily no reactions.
Sarah's stats at this time-6 1/2 months: 16pds (40%), 26inches (50%), 70% for head circumference
Kai just hit his 7 month mark and these are the updates.

Moving: He is mostly a tummy man. He rolls both ways, he is sitting confidently, bears his weight when standing and likes to jump. He is starting to scoot and can get around to anything he wants. He has pretty good hand control and can find his binki and put it in his mouth (great for sleeping). He babbles a little and smiles at everyone. He is super chill most all of the time. Loves baths and splashing! Size 3 diapers and 9month old clothing- long body.

Eating: He is SO interested in food, started solids and likes everything we've given him so far. His favorites include avacado with some banana, and applesauce. He's also had, green beans, carrots, squash (least favorite), sweet potatoe, bananas, pears and prunes. Over the last couple days he has had some puffs and bread. He's started to drink water from a bottle. Teething for sure. Bottom teeth just under the surface but no cutting yet. Chews on everything.

Sleeping:Favorite sleeping toy is his monkey blanket.
His schedule to date:
6:30a- nurse and back to sleep
8- wake up, play and watch baby einstein
9-10: short nap
11:wake, eat 2 cubes food, play
1:nurse and sleep long nap
3-3:30 wake, eat 2 cubes food and play
4:30-5- attempted nap or quiet time
6- eat 4 cubes+
6:15- bath
READY for bed at 6:30- bedtime. No night wakings! If so, he'll fall back asleep. :)

I'm really happy that blogging has helped me record and journal. It has been really helpful to go back and see what Sarah was doing and assured and reminded me what's coming up.
^Isn't he handsome? Our blondie Kai. Daddy took some 7 month shots at this great field my friend Meghan showed me.
^Ed got some great shots that show Kai's little personality. Happy as can be! The nicknames we mostly call him are: Kai boo, boo boo and buddy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Ms. Sarah has been up to...

2's are quite the challenge! While most of the things mentioned here are the rotten things 2's bring, there are many sweet things about 2's as well. I need to be better about writing things down that Sarah says. She's mostly a sweetheart. ;)
^dressing up...
^clogging drains with princess panties...took the plumber 2 tries

^smearing pooy diapers in her room, ripping tabs out of books, breaking crayons (all in one day)...
^More poo on toys and coloring books... thrown away of course
^and pre-preschool class.

We've decided to wait on the potty training thing. She's just about ready. She'll go #1 in the potty and has done #2 one time. Now we're just looking for consistency. To prevent poo smearage we have to put Sarah in onesie jammies and safety pin the zipper at the top during quiet time and bedtime. The things we do as parents...

Here's some of her cuteness :)

Bday Night Away

Since Kai was a little young for us to leave for Ed's bday weekend (nov 15th), we decided to plan a one night getaway for both of our birthdays (jan 26th). Kristen made it possible and was so sweet and accommodating to sleep at our house with our kids for the night.

We went to a place in Calistoga, CA (near Napa) called Indian Springs for the night. Thanks for the referral Rebecca.
^Ed showing us into our cottage
^ It was pouring rain all weekend, but it made it romantic. Ed was a little bummed he couldn't drive his car super fast through the windy roads of Napa.
^ The pool house that has an olympic size hot tub pool heated by the hot springs.
^At the pool house
^What would Napa be without some wine. Our version was non-alcoholic wine aka grape juice. :) It was good.

^ We ended our trip with some complimentary mud baths and some massages at the spa. The mud bath experience is another story... :) but all in all it was a nice rejuvenating night away. Thanks babe! Happy Birthday to us!

^And the only other "my bday" pic I have. It was a great day though. :) It was celebrated multiple times. This night was with my girlfriends, the other night was a jewelry/bday party I threw and took no pictures. I got lots of jewelry for my birthday. On the actual day I slept in until Ed surprised me with waffles in bed. Then he got me flowers and we went to dinner and the spa. The next day he sent me away shopping with friend to purchase my own gifts. Perfect. 28 will be a good year.