Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rephotographed. 7/22

The day started out with Kristen, Maren and I making some summer cookies. :) Always a treat! No pun intended.
That evening we went with Meghan for an equipment check/photo shoot where we got to dress up in wedding like attire. Amidst the practice she got some great shots for us. To see more of her lovely photos go here.
^Ed was a good sport!

^ Fun shoot babe!
^I'm smiling because the night before the shoot I couldn't get my dress to zip! Somehow it magically fit in the morning. Snug, but I'll take it 2 babies later. :)

^Isn't this a cool shot! Look at that moon!

Thank you Meghan! Glad we could help each other out. Always a pleasure!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Golfing- 7/17

It may not be as fun reading posts that are months behind, but these are such fun memories I can't skip! Ed and I went golfing with the Nixons at Deep Cliff golf course and it was so much fun!
^Harmans VS
We decided to play couples against each other. Best Ball. Loser buys winner lunch! Game on!

The swings:

^Harman's ended up barely winning! Close game! We hope to play much more.
^A picture too cute to skip.
^Here's to many more golf outings! Thanks for lunch Paul and Rebecca! :)

Berry Picking #3 - 7/15

I seriously had a hard time turning down the fun of berry picking and delicious lunch afterwards! :) Thanks, Lindsay D. for sharing this with us!

Berry Picking #2- 7/12

Sarah wakes up with these beautiful curls! Hope she keeps them!
We went to the same place in Watsonville we did last time to pick more berries. Boysenberries and strawberries this time.
^Maren & Leah
^April, Caleb and Joshua
^Mary and Livia
^Sarah and I
^Jaime & Waverly (and Emerson)
^Kristen, Sydney and Austin
^The delicious lunch I speak of. Well worth it and so refreshing after picking berries!

Friday, August 27, 2010

What Mrs. Wade is capable of...

... capturing sweet moments and expressions of our sweet little Kai with such great expertise. I'm sure you enjoy her work as much as we do. See more here.

^His famous monkey and blanket. :)

^Love those long lashes.

So happy to have these professional pictures of Kai to enjoy! Thank you sweet, talented Julia!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My baby is ONE!

Kai turned one on Thursday the 8th of July! Since we planned his party for Saturday I opted for a pan-CAKE the day of his birthday. :)

^Kai has changed a lot since his 9 month update!
His stats at 12 months are:
HC- 12.5 cm (25th%)
Height- 31 in (85th%)
Weight- 22 pds (40th %)
He got his 4th HIB shot and his 3rd prevnar shot.

From 9-12 months he started (April)standing well, making bbbb noise w/ his finger at his lips, stopped his afternoon feed, (May)got his right top front tooth, started to wave, started to crawl, (June)started to show some temper, started walking while holding onto a stroller, uses sippy cup, forward facing in carseat, got a short haircut, started to say "uh-oh", and repeating many other words we say (eat, ouch, dad, mama, ball, etc), dropped his night feed, started with a sippy cup(July)had his first sucker, got his bottom right tooth next to the middle teeth, stopped nursing, started drinking whole milk bottles morning and night, sleeping 6:30pm-7am or later, got his bottom left tooth next to the middle teeth, no more morning bottle, had his first cold(eyes).

Kai eats everything we do. The only thing he hasn't liked much is tuna fish. He takes 2 naps. One around 10am for an hour or more, and one in the afternoon around 1:30 from 1.5-2.5 hours.

Now for the party:

^ I picked the theme for Kai's party by something of his that he likes or something we call him.
^The theme was inspired by this monkey blanket that he has snuggled since he was a newborn. A monkey theme was fitting as well because of how energetic Kai is! This boy is crawling and climbing everywhere. I have noticed that boys are much more active in our case. Our little monkey! :)
^Progression of the cake...

^Love you buddy!

^Opening his gifts
The loot from us and friends! Obviously Kai doesn't have many friends yet, so thanks to all our friends that came to celebrate Kai with us!
^The loot from family. :)

We love you Kai guy! You are such a good natured happy boy! We look forward to this next year!