Thursday, April 10, 2008

7 months

Sarah is in her 7th month and this is what's new...

-likes all baby foods...even peas.
-has tried muffin, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, fries, cherry, strawberry and jello.
-learning how to drink water out of a sippy cup.
-sitting very confidently
-loves the bath and reaching for the drain.
-rolling both ways, mostly to the right and back
-has decided naps are secondary to playing :)
-knows how to shake shake her head back and forth
-laughs all the time!!
-loves the swimming pool
-thinks screaming is something to do when she's happy too.
-sleeps from 7pm to around 6am.
-has started riding along with mama in the running stroller.
-we're lucky if we get one good nap in.


Julia Wade said...

YAY sarah!! will you show off all of your new tricks in utah when we visit?! :)

Ellie said...

You seriously have the prettiest baby in the world. She's darling!

The Goffs said...

LINDSEY!! I FOUND YOU! K, so I think about you all the time and ever since I made my blog I've been wondering if you have one and I've been looking for you... YAY! It's me, Jenn Gray! Email me... I have so much to say but don't want to take up your whole comment board. Your baby Sarah is a doll! When did you have her? I had Gracee on Sept. 2. They are so close in age! I also went natural (by choice). EMAIL ME... & go to my blog

Jennifer Phillips said...

Lady so can babies have straberries....... I heard that they are not suppost to have them untill they are two yrs old, but I don't know you know how you can get overloaded with lots of nonsense info and I guess if she did fine with it then it probably doesn't matter right?

Heather said...

She is gettin' so big!! What a babe. So funny all the things they do :) Hey I also heard about the berry thing, what's up with that? All this stuff, so confusing!! Anyway I'm excited to see ya in a few days!!!

The Goffs said...

I heard they can have strawberries after they turn 1 but it's just an allergy thing. And that you really can give berries whenever but watch for a reaction. Looks like cute little Sarah was just fine :) I think I may have waited too long w/ Scotty cuz he doesn't like them much.

Kari said...

She's so cute! Love the updates on her progress. And I smiled at the nap comment - I can totally relate! A good nap for Londyn is 45 minutes. But she is sleeping through the night(7 or 8pm to 5 or 6 am) if I feed her once around 11pm. It's worth it though. Every time she smiles when I go in to her crib, it makes me melt. :)

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute. Looks like you got yourself a winner.

Valerie said...

hey it was so fun to see you at the race on sat! your little girl is so dang cute!