Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The month of February (catch up)

February was pretty chill. Updates to come on Sarah's 15-18th month (a lot has changed), but here's a cute pic of her. I was trying to get her to squint. That was one of her new things in February.

^Every month I get together with Bunko gals. February we call it Hunko and get some Valentines/romantic type gifts. And wear red of course.
^Our Kathy (purple) moved back to UT, so we gave her a farewell run. :) We look hot! And we miss you Kathy!

For Valentines Day we went to Acme Chophouse for dinner (Near Giants ballfield- delicious) and then to Wicked. It was lovely!
^My Valentine
^So fun to get dressed up and go into the city!
^Sarah has gotten more cuddly as she gotten older. We are loving it!

Morghan visits from Denver:
^Little Mrs. Morghan visited us from Denver. We always have a great time catching up, doing hair, shopping, playing games, etc. 
^ You would think that since I'm a hairdresser Sarah's hair would be all elaborate. We've been waiting for her hair to grow in. I think it's getting to the point where I can do more than just put a bow in it. A first attempt at something different. Trying to figure out more fun styles and whether or not to cut it or grow it. Hate to disappoint!

And as pictured below in February we found out we're expecting a baby boy: due July 16th! We are thrilled!


mj said...

Love the pigtails.

Hate the running picture (of me - how high are my pants...and my jacket!?).

Need the wicked picture.

Andrea Harper said...

Oh my gosh she is adorable!! LOVE the piggies and her cute little outfits.

P.S. I only WISH you lived in Utah and could get me motivated to run! I was doing so well for a while, so now I have to start back at square one :( Bummer.

Molly said...

Ha! I love the pigtails. So cute. You guys sure had a busy busy February. Great update!

Jennifer Phillips said...

I love when you update your blog....I feel like life is just going by so quick and I miss you. Sarah's little pigtails are so darn cute. That's one of my favorite things about little girls. their cute pigtails. I hope that things work out and you will be able to come to Vegas with us. It would be so much fun!

Nicole said...

Love the pigtails!!