Monday, May 25, 2009

Los Altos Hills 5k- 5/9/09

This race kicked my butt last year when I did the 10k. Seriously one of the hardest races I've run. I think it's because I pushed myself really hard... and I ran with Whitney the machine.
This year was difficult too. Pregnancy played a role in that. :) I ran with Kristen for her first race ever. She did awesome!
^Ed insisted on doing the 5k with Sarah on his back in the backpack. I thought he was crazy, but he did it- elevation and all (check out the map below)! Sarah did okay most of the time, but opted for Ed's shoulders by the end. Well done daddy! You outdid yourself!

^A glimpse of the beautiful hills we ran on.
^Most of the gals that ran.
^Group shot-minus a few. The majority did the 10k. Ryan, Kristen, Ed and I did the 5k.

Until next year...


Kari said...

Three words: Are You Insane?! I cannot believe you did that pregnant. You sure look cute, though!

Molly said...

You did awesome! It was so fun seeing all you ladies there!

Julia Wade said...

I miss that run a lot. You all ROCKED IT! :)

Jennifer Phillips said...

I can't believe you are still running. I wish so bad that my knees wern't screwed so that I could aspire to do what you do. You look like you've gained maybe 10lbs. You look so cute I can't believe that you are just about due. Seth and I are taking a little family trip this weekend to San Diego. I would say that you should come down and hang out but I realize that would be like an 8hr drive for you. I am so sorry that Vegas didn't work out. Your little family is so cute! I miss you!

Duke~N~Morghan said...

Yikes! You are the machine this year for running that prego! You are my hero! I can't even do those not being prego! lol