Sunday, March 28, 2010


The first week of March Ed had a perfusion conference in Newport. He left Thursday morning and Kai and I flew down Saturday for a couple days. Sarah stayed back at home with multiple friends and loved it! Thanks for your help everyone! I'll need to get some pictures of her at all the places she stayed.
^Although it would have been nice to go sans kids, it was really fun to get some one on one time with Kai. I feel like we really got to get to know him better and he was very pleasant the whole trip. I'm sure he loved the undivided attention. I love it when people oogle over my babies. :)
^To give us some privacy we maneuvered the pack and play into the shower and put Kai down in the bathroom. :) He loved rolling around on the big bed with us when he'd wake up.
^ Our trip was full of a lot of relaxing. Saturday we went shopping, got dinner and rented a movie. Kai tried out the pool for his first time and loved it.
^Sunday we took Kai to the beach, ate a lot, and relaxed.

^First visit to the beach. Too bad it wasn't warm.
^Our steak dinner Sunday night was fabulous! Those are green beans- not boogers. :)
^Just the 3 of us. We missed you Sarah!
^For Kai's 8th month birthday we drove home. He was a good passenger.
Here's a couple of new things Kai is doing from the last month:
-sitting confidently
-starting to rock on knees
-after some teething...two bottom middle teeth are IN!
-now in size 3 diapers
-starts pieces of real foods
-mostly happy-go-lucky but willing to fuss more frequently

Kai's typical schedule: Up around 7:30am. Eat 9am. Sleep 10am. Eat/nurse 12:30pm. Sleep 1pm. Eat 4pm. Eat/nurse 6pm. Sleep 6:30pm. Nurse 5:30am.

Love you bud!


Nicole said...

Looks like fun! I can't believe how big Kai has gotten. We miss you guys!

The Wiser Side said...

He is looking like such a little man-so cute!

Anonymous said...

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