Sunday, July 14, 2013

June 2013

June ended soccer and finished out school for the kids. Then I headed to CA for a work trip.

June 6- 
I usually leave little holes for myself, but ended up filling them all with appointments, so the minute I got there I started work. Took more pics this time. I love catching up with clients/friends. Sweet Afton hosted me again.

^Mary first. Donated her hair to locks of love.
^Afton's daughter, Hazel. Fashionista.

^Afton's daughter, Felicity.
Thursday: 8 clients.

June 7-
Hair all day for me.

^Courtney, Debbie, Melanie, Betsy, Diane, Sarah, Connie, Rhett.
Friday: 9 clients

^After work Rebecca and I got dinner at yummy Dish Dash and caught up.:)

^After dinner I met some other friends for dessert. :) Kim, Michelle, Angie, Kaylynn and Jen.
^Back home, Ed and Stewart took the kids camping and Grandma Johnson watched Madison. Good daddies.

^ They got some pretty shots of the sunset. Farmington.

June 8-
Did hair again all day.
Saturday: 10 clients. 27 total for the trip including kids. Success!
^Thanks sweet Afton for letting me stay and use your bathroom to work in. Always a pleasure. What a great friend and family!
After I finished appointments, Morghan had headed up from Visalia. We got delicious pizza and Fraiche yogurt in Palo Alto and then stayed at her SIL's in Gilroy and played some games.

^Back home Ed and the kids went to Wheeler Farm to celebrate cousin Crew's bday.

June 9-
I went to church with Morghan the then we ate lunch and she took me to the airport. 
^On my flight back, my best friend's sister was my flight attendant so she put me in first class. :) Thanks Courtney! Salt Lake is beautiful.

June 10-
^Madison and I had our first run together. I was reminded why I run alone. :) She was fine, it's just much easier alone. I get such a kick out of her. Monkey see, monkey do. She was trying to play Kai's trumpet while I worked out. She also started to drink out of a straw. I forget to offer her things she can probably do. Anyway, I love watching her discover and try things. She is a doll!
^The Wades came into town. We love catch up dinners and trying to convince them to move to UT. :) Bombay House. Yummy!

June 11-
^Sun Bathers. Taking after mom. ;) I love summer pool days and fresh salads.

June 12-
^Dance rehersal. Sarah is looking and acting so much older now! I love her confidence and social nature. As long as she's having fun. :)

June 13-

^Part of our yard revamp included refinishing this bench. HUGE improvement. Nice work Ed.

^Jump and Bounce family night. Thanks friends!

June 14-
^Sarah before one of her end year recitals. Cutest! She loved getting to wear some make up.
^Supportive Kai at the dance recital.
^Happy little Mads.

^Beautiful sunsets- never look near as good through my camera lens while I drive.

June 15-
^Ed started up tennis again. He loves it! Got first place in his first tournament. Nice job dear!

June 16- Father's Day
^For Father's day the kids were thrilled to ride with dad on his motorcycle to church. Then Sarah and Daddy took a snooze. Naps for anyone besides Madison are so rare around here these days.

^You can tell by their smiles how much they love their dad. Thanks for being so helpful Ed. The kids and I love you. And Ed with his pops.
^We went to Cami's for Father's Day/Johnson Family dinner. Food and company were great! Love summer BBQ's and Family time. No pic with my papa :(, but I love him and I'm happy to have such a carefree goofball dad. :)

June 19-
^We've been so happy to have the Layton's stay with us for a few days over the last couple weeks. We always eat well with company. :) Love the past memories and abilities to make more. Good friends can be hard to find.
^Grandma and Grandpa came to Sarah's final dance recital. She did great and we love the support! Right after we boogied home and Aunt Cami took the kids and Ed and I headed to Ragnar in Logan with our team. :) TGFFamily.

June 20-

^We ran into Molly (from CA) the morning of Ragnar. What a fun place to run into people you know.
Let the fun begin! Ragnar Wasatch Back.  Team Ragonomics #2299. Van 1. 
Man, we are white and nerdy! Suspenders, taped glasses...
Runner 1- Andrew
Runner 2- Ed = 14mi
Runner 3- Lindsey =19.1mi
Runner 4- Amy
Runner 5- Spencer
Runner 6- Kira
^Run 1. Ed- 7.7 Miles. Lindsey- 6.7 Miles. Ed looks like a superhero. Yes the suspenders gave wedgies. ;) Look at the beautiful scenery!

First runs went well. Good time of day and good paces. Ed 8:40mm. Linds 8:38mm. After we got delicious wood-fired pizza. We ran into Stewart (Ed's brother) who was running on an ultra team. Cool! Then we rested on the grass while waiting for Van 2 to finish. Most everyone was feeling crummy by now.
^Our first meeting with Van 2. Never let someone else put your suspenders on your backside! ;) You may not notice where they're hooked. Oh Steph...!
Runner 7- Alecia
Runner 8- Stephanie
Runner 9- Kevin
Runner 10-Mark
Runner 11- Nick
Runner 12- Tom
^Run 2. Ed- 3mi. (8:44mm) Lindsey- 4.9 mi. (8:49mm) Running at dusk. Great runs!

^After her first run, Kira was feeling super sick. Lucky for us she had a neighbor, 16yr old McKay that was able to fill in and run her 8.2 miles uphill in the dark! Otherwise we would have had to run it. Thanks for rescuing us McKay. She rocked it!! We got back to Spencer and Kira's at 1am and snoozed until about 5am. I think we all slept well.:)

June 21-
^We were all feeling sluggish before our 3rd runs, but all seemed to pull through. Many thanks to the Honey Buckets! ;) It was a cold start that morning, but by the time Ed and I ran it was great! 
Ed- 3.3 miles. Lindsey-7.5 miles (up Jordanelle).
^Thanks Thunells for driving! The 'burb decor. Dino always helped us find the car and was a good dance mate for Kira. :)
^Conquered run 3.  What hills? Best feeling run for us both. Ed 8:23mm. Lindsey 8:56mm. Amy ran with wounded feet. Kira pushed through the nausea and finished her last run. Nice job Van 1!!
^Then we met up with Van 2 for the second exchange. Nerds. :) So glad to be done! Go Van 2!!
^John and Aubrey Doyle were supposed to run on our team until John broke some Steph and Alecia filled in. :)Since they couldn't run they volunteered for us and so did both of Ed's parents. Thanks volunteers!
^Ed previously would never claim himself as a runner, but I think he liked it enough that he would do it again. For not being a "runner", he did awesome! He liked the team aspect of it and the good energy that comes along with running.

^Done and done!

^Way to go Ragonomics!  I loved our look!
Time: 31:44:29   Overall Mixed rank: 285/1087, 26%   Coed Open division rank: 239/965, 24%
^Gals and Guys
^Thunells, Van 2 and Spence in some tighties.
^Ragnar is definitely about the experience and it's always a good one.

Thanks for the family and friends who took our kids and allowed us this time away together to do something active and fun. It's always a headeache coordinating it all, so thanks for pulling through for us. We really appreciate it!

June 22-
^We went on a date with some neighborhood friends to a Matt Townsend/Peter Breinholt concert. Indian food for dinner, ice cream and then a pleasant, beautiful evening outside listening to good tips and music.
^Me, and a bunch of teenagers ;) got up on stage to help with a "cups" rhythm for a song Peter sang. Ha!
^ The fun bunch!

June 25-
^Daddy and babe.
^We finally finished removing all the bark and putting down mulch in the front yard. It looks much better! Grow plants, grow!

 June 26-
^I haven't seen Amanda for 10 years! I'm so glad she got us all together to reunite.

June 27-

^Yes, we still have cats. :) They aren't pictured much, but they are still part of the family. Auz is always finding the sunny spots on the carpet to lay on.

June 28-
^With the heat wave and warm temps, mom invited us up to a splash pad in Sandy for the day. After, we got ice cream at Macey's (grandma's thing with the kids). Madison's first ice cream cone. Thanks Grandma! Then I went home and we took the kids out later for dinner and watched movie. Family nights aren't always on Monday. So hard to cook in the summer!

 June 29-
^For Mother's Day we got Marianne orchestra tickets in Deer Valley for 1812 Overture. 
Beautiful evening with fam.

 June 30-
^You can always count on patriotic wear from us one Sunday close to the 4th of July. Love festivities and matchy clothes. Thanks for cooperating family!

Now for a busy July...


Rach said...

WOW. You guys really were busy in June! I am SOOO bummed I missed your visit out to cali for haircuts. I desperately need one! :( Your kids are just darling and I can't believe how big Madison is getting!!

mj said...

I love it when we make it into your monthly posts because it means we SAW you. Yay! Now you come visit us. :)