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August 2013

I'm bitter. I had this post finished, my computer glitched and I had to redo everything!!! Hours of work!

August 2-
^Madison got to ride to the pool on daddy's bike. :)

^Sarah got to have a sleepover with her cousin Elle. We started the night Seven Peaks. The girls were cute and wrapped their heads in towels on our way out.

August 3-
^Kai was bored since Sarah has all day school. He got creative. Buzz buddies.

^One of our neighborhood friends is in a band, One Punch Opie. They play at Daybreak concert series and such. They let me sing a song with their band one night and it was a lot of fun. A newly discovered like.

August 6-
^Sarah's math homework. I can't believe she will be able to understand these Chinese characters at some point. Chinese Immersion. Cool.

August 7-
^Some girls in our neighborhood come and kidnap Madison sometimes. This time Kai got to go along and play with the older boys and loved it!

August 9-
^Ed and Stewart decided to climb the middle Teton on a whim. They left Friday afternoon for Idaho. They started their climb at 10pm and hiked through the night. Hardcore!

August 10-
^They got to summit about an hour before sunrise. The fastest they've ever climbed it. I'm sure the sunrise is amazing from the top.
^Studly guys atop the mountain top.
^Views from on high

^#5 for Ed and #10 for Stew. After sunrise they hiked back down the mountain and ran the last 5 miles down. Nice work babe!
^One of the reasons morning runs are doable. Views. Daybreak Lake.
^ The kids were playing "boys".  I love it when they use their imaginations and play well together. Got daddy's shoes and all. 

Even though Ed hiked through the night and then drove home, we had purchased Real tickets with the Hardy's from the kid's soccer team.
^Cotton Candy first for Madison.
^Game time snacks are the best!
^Sports are much more fun at the venue.
Hardy and Harman- Go Real!!

August 13-
^We get veggies on our porch all summer from neighbors. Fun to trade produce. Glad we can contribute.

August 15-
^The kitties are still around even if they're not mentioned much. Snugglers.
^Jenn and Meg mentioned interest in cookie decorating so I invited them along. I'm always pleased with the results. Love me some cookies!

August 17- Hobble Creek Half Marathon
^Things get crazy at 3:30am! On the bus! Race Day!
^Ed's first half! So happy he decided to do it. Fun to do activities together with family!
^Not bad!
^At the finish
Stew finished at 1:27? (Elite 100 Men). I finished at 1:42 (Elite 100 women, but 5 seconds slower than last year. :)). Ed finished at 1:46 (Great pace! Esp for a first race). Dad finished at 1:57 (3rd place for his division). Yay!
I love having people to run with! We missed Ed's sis Melissa and his dad who were also going to run before injuries. :(
^Right after the race we raced home and headed to Jordanelle. Even though it was a eventful morning we couldn't pass up a chance to go boating. The Spens' were so nice to invite us! We had a great time. The water was pretty choppy, but we both got one run wake boarding. Not my strong spot. I face planted and ended up with a mild concussion. Whoops! Things were a little cloudy and I had a hard time remembering some things until evening. :) 
^When we got home we showered up and went out for post-race massages and dinner and then called it at 9pm. :) Ouchy feet!

August 20-
^Ed did a late night surgery on my phone. Success! So much better! :)
Note to self: Don't drop your phone on the tile. And get a new case that will actually protect it if you do!

August 23-
^Since Sarah started school early on B track she gets to celebrate her birthday at school. I didn't know about the store bought snack rule so I made some cake cookies for her birthday school treat. The kids loved their homemade goodness. :)
^Even after spending weeks of prep for her party there is so many things that need to be done the night before. Thanks to Pinterest for making it hard to narrow down ideas! I got to bed at 3am and got up for a run at 6:30am. Tiring day!

August 24- Sarah's 6th Birthday

Sarah is such a sweetheart! She is so social, kind, artsy, creative and affectionate. She loved art, loves to be active, ride bikes, scooter and Rollerblade, loves to sing, etc. She is helpful and tries to do what's right. We love her spunk and we're so happy to have her in our family.

^Perfect invites for an art party!

^Party favors that also included artist aprons and pinata loot and cereal necklaces.
Activities included: Writing on tables and art aprons, decorating pizza slice with desired toppings, molding creations with play dough, painting nails and faces, painting a canvas page, making cereal necklaces and drawing with sidewalk chalk.
^Food Included: Rainbow theme. Pizza toppings of the rainbow, Paint chips, and Rainbow colored fruit skewers.
^They tasted candy of the rainbow, rainbow cupcakes and creative juices.
^She had a pallet cake with rainbow cupcake paint. Perfect cake for an artist.
^Party pics!
^Happy 6th Sarah Bear!
^Food time!
^Painting Canvas! They made such beautiful paintings!
^Pinata thrashing
^Presents! Thanks to all of her friends! She got art stuff, makeup, jewelry kits, etc. Ed and I gave her rollerblades.
Her cute little friends! She plays with all 17 of the girls that came. Whew!
^Thanks to Grandma's, Cami and Meg for helping at the party!
^Later in the day I got a much deserved massage to wind down the day and then Ed and I went out with some friends for the evening. Sarah loves babysitters so it was perfect.

August 25-
Johnson family dinner pics. Lexi and Madison are so fond of each other. Cuties!

August 26-
^One day's harvest. We'll be sharing.

August 28-
^Jenn and I drove all the way to Seven Peaks one morning only to find they moved to afternoons only. Annoying. At least the babes got a little nap before we took them to our community pool.
^Our peaches came later this year and were smaller than last years. Late bloomers, but just as delicious!

August 29-
^Ed took a pretty sky pic. Love Utah summer skies.

August 30-
^Madison has been making the cheesy wide mouth, scrunchy nose grin. It's hilarious! 8 top/bottom teeth and 4 molars. 
The Swiss Tacos and scones at Swiss days are reason enough to make the drive to Midway. Add in some yodeling and family, love this tradition!

^Mom came up with me and we met up with Land, Neil and cousin Mind. :)
^Breathtaking views always!

^I've been training for the St. George Marathon but have been having ankle issues, possibly tendonitis. Much less fun training with injury! Late night prep for a early morning distance run. Hot and cold is not comfortable!

August 31-
^Lucky to have Kaylynn in town from CA to accompany me on our 16 mile run. She is training for mileage too. Distance made easier. :)
^We picked all the peaches off our tree for canning prep. Mom came and taught me so we can eat this deliciousness year round. 
Jammin' softly. Cute bodies. :)

August Projects:
^Grandpa came out and helped fix some walls, and add a door to cold storage. Then Ed painted and they built some shelves.
^Love organization! And shelving!

They also turned under the stairs into a little house for the kids. It's not totally finished, but they still love it. Good daddy.

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