Monday, May 5, 2014

April 2014

April 1-
^The reason why I make my kids try things over and over again even if they say they don't like something. I made brussel sprouts and to my surprise, Kai asked for more!! Proud Mommy moment!

April 3-
^Kai started karate lessons. I was amazed how attentive he was the first time we went. His teacher is awesome! Hopefully this will help me with behavior and his disciplining. :) He has to earn a uniform. Fingers crossed!

 April 4-
^Sarah had grandparents day at school. They had a program where they sand songs and recited poems. Afterwards we met in their class for a little snack. 

 April 5-
^Conference weekend. Usually consists of a run before Conference and then doing a puzzle while I listen. :)

April 8-
^My girls. Sarah wakes super early, so sometimes she goes in to play with Madison until the agreed upon time to come in my room. :)
^One of Madison's first jumps of the year. In spring when I'm craving warmth and sun, sometimes we go out to the trampoline and lay in the sun. 

April 9-
^My fridge the day I cook for dinner group. :)

April 10-
^More karate, and silly Kai hiking up his pants during class. :) Cracks me up.

 April 11-
^All of my kids have enjoyed singing. Thank goodness. The cuteness of it is so fulfilling.:)

April 12-
^Some neighborhood friends had us over for a fondue night and games. Yummy food and great company! The only thing I missed was a picture of the friends. :(

 April 14-
^The moon the night of the eclipse. It was giant. 
And I love tubs and have always wanted a tub that i could lay in and turn water on and off with my feet. :) I love my house!

April 15-
^Marianne invited us girls to a relief society activity with The Food Nanny. New recipes and a fun girls night. :)

 April 18-
^Spring break for the kids. We took them to Rio 2 in the day and in the evening we got shakes and watched a movie.

April 19-
^Our HOA does an Easter egg hunt every year. This year, the Easter Bunny came! Everyone eats breakfast together, and I painted faces.

^We celebrated our cousin Zoey's bday in the afternoon. Madison if fond of babies. Cute little Noah!

April 20- EASTER
 ^Easter bunny came. :)
^Small hunt for eggs in the front yard.
 ^Easter Sunday best! Love my kids.
^Happy Easter!
 Easter activities. Coloring eggs, painting, dinner with family and holding chicks.
^Love our little bunnies!

April 21-
^Felt like a mandatory month to make cookies. Cami came and helped me and we decorated spring cookies. Always more fun with company. Thanks Cam!

April 22-
^I work out in our neighborhood at the church gym 3 times a week.  I love the teacher. My kids come with me and run around while we work out. Sometimes they play with the equipment. Madison might have a future as a trapeze. ;)
^We went back and forth about putting in a salon room in the house. We finally pulled the trigger. Ed did a great job finishing it. He painted it, ripped the carpet out and put in laminant flooring. I got a hair chair and I'm ready to go! I didn't put in a sink, since I'm planning to go back into a salon when all the kids are in school, but this feels a little more official. ;) Thanks Ed!

April 24-
^I volunteer in Sarah's class every once in a while if Ed is home. This day I went in to read a story and do an activity. I brought my old mother goose to tell the story. The kids listened so quietly! I'll do this every time! We read The Ugly Duckling, and they made little swan's out of paper plates after. :)
 ^Meanwhile, Ed moved our garage door openers and electrical switches in the garage to accommodate another project. :) I'm happy he's a DIY-er. We are lucky his dad is around to help too if things don't go quite as planned. ;) At least he tries. It ended in success. Good job babe!
^Neighborhood book club night. Love chatting with these ladies. I didn't finish this book all the way, but I'm still trying to push through and read book a month. Thanks for the motivation ladies!

 April 25-
^2 year old tantrums and time outs. Strong will in this one! :)

 ^I was so thrilled when Kristen said she was coming for a quick visit. I grabbed her from the airport, we got lunch and did her hair quick before she visited her sisters and mom. I'll take and time I can get with this girl. Made my day!
^The kids had their cousins Felicity and Josh sleep over. Fridays we're usually around so they are the perfect nights to have families over or cousin sleepovers. The kids were great! They stayed up later than we liked and woke earlier than expected, but I'm glad they are creating fun memories just like we did. 

April 26-
^This was a much needed project for our garage! Ed put in a shoe cabinet. It turned out looking so much better! I love the transformation! Now Ed finally has a place for all of his shoes. :) I swear he has more than I do! Looks great Ed! Thanks!

April 27-
 ^Sunday morning Sarah climbed in bed with me and fell right back asleep. She's usually up and ready to go, so I snapped a picture of our sleepy girl. :) 
At church in sharing time she got to dress as a modern woman. 
Auzi snuggled Ed on the couch which used to be so common, but has turned into something rare.

April 30-
^I do lots of hair trades with people. This is Linda. She comes for a haircut and then helps me do all my mending and sewing projects for a couple hours! I love the help!
^Project #3 of the month! :) Ed is remodeling our half bath. Pain in the butt to remove the old mirror! Before after pic later.
^My cute friend Eve took me to zumba at her gym. Love her, love zumba and I love gym dates! Bimbos!;)

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Always love the little sneak peaks. Your hair in that Easter picture is gorgeous! I love it.