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JUNE 2014

June 4-
^When I found out it was National Running Day and Maren showed up on my doorstep, we had to go for a short run! Maren made the long drive from Iowa to make seeing her lovely face possible. SO grateful for that!

June 5-
^Maren and I got up early, dropped my kids off with my sweet SIL Debbie and then headed for St. George to meet Kristen. These girls trips are getting trickier to plan, but I'm so glad we made our Great Escape #6 happen this year. We met up for lunch and then went to our hotel and straight to the pool in the scorching hot sun. 3 things required on girls trips. Pool. Food. Shopping.

^We made ourselves presentable after the pool and went to dinner. Then we came back to the hotel and did manicures on each other and played cards.

June 6-
^The girls chillin' with Daddy at home.
^After hotel breakfast, we hit the pool for most of the morning. :)
^Then we went to a delicious crepe restaurant called "Breakfast at Tifiny's". Yes. those are all of our empty plates...
^Scary pics!
^Weird location. Great food. Amazing company.
After lunch we did some shopping at the outlets. Not too many options, but we found some things. 
^The kids back at Debbie's. 

^Then we went and got pedicures at Asia Nails. The funny thing about Asia Nails is that the people giving the pedicures were not from Asia as they generally are. They looked like standard high school students. Maren had a tall toehead boy doing hers. Ha! We should have left upon arrival after noticing the staff and the sign on the wall mentioning we may have an apprentice doing our nails. Never again! One of the worst most painful pedicures of my life. I did my best to enjoy it...oh wait..not I didn't. :) I complained to Kristen the whole time. Sorry!
^The temps in the car were high! 115!!? Oh well. We got (painfully) pampered. 
^After pedicures we went for dinner...
^...and dessert. Kristen tried to match my scary eating pics. :)
^At least we have something to show for our shopping trip. The trunk may not be as full as other times, but maybe it's good we were limited. ;)
^After dessert we went to the temple grounds and took a few pics. Girls trips are also about a lot of pics. Obviously. :) Call us vain. Then we went back and played cards again. 

 June 7-
After breakfast, we laid at the pool again for a while and then packed up and went to lunch and then Swig on our way out of town. The "one" scoop of ice cream is gigantic!! Definitely got our sugar fix, and some last pics...
^Not sure why it's so fun to make ugly faces, but it is...
^Pretty typical of girls trips.
^Seems like time hasn't passed when we get together. Our lives have changed drastically, but out friendships have remained the same. Love the comfort level with these girls and the efforts made to connect. Love you ladies!
^We got our token car pic. Thanks Ed for lending it, and being Daddy with the kids for the weekend. Our not-on-purpose, but adorable ombre bags. And one last shot off the 3 musketeers (feet). :)
We dropped Kristen off at her shuttle to LV airport and drove back to SLC. Music blaring and voices singing at top levels. Great memories made.
^I dropped Maren off and headed back to meet Ed and the kids for our neighborhood party. Madison was hysterical! She loved dancing to the music of the band one of our friends is in. Then she pulled the wagon all the way back home. Fun evening with neighbors.

June 11-
^Pillow bed on the floor of our bedroom. :)

June 13-
^Sarah has been begging to go to Aunt Jaimy's to ride the horses.
^Jaimy was so sweet to share her world and teach Sarah to ride. She LOVED it!
^Cousin Reese is also seasoned in horse riding and helped Madison join in. 
^Kai gets the next turn. Uncle Chris took him for a ride on a tractor instead this time. Pretty cool!

We spent most of the day in West Bountiful. Later in the evening we took the kids and Reese and Devon with us to a Bountiful Car Show event and watched our friend Jason's band again. The event was great and geared towards kids, but poor Kai was suffering from a ear ache so we couldn't stay too long.

June 14-
^Poor Kai had been waking multiple times for the last few nights in pain from his ear. He climbed in bed with me in the morning and zonked out.
^Scenic runs with views too hard not to take pictures of...
^Ed and I worked in the yard all day! Ed and Mike chopped down our dead maple tree. :( And I tore out a bunch of weed mat and planted plants.
^At the end of the day, I looked like a kid with a messy face. Whoops! :) Not food. That's dirt. Dirt everywhere!
^Ed and I went with some neighborhood friends for dinner and then I headed to a wedding reception with Steph.

June 15- Father's Day!
^Breakfast burritos for Daddy.
^Love you Ed! He got money towards a drum set.
^Doesn't he look thrilled to be a daddy? ;) He is. Just hates pics for some reason...I take a lot of them. I love memories...
^Manicotti request for dinn.
^Tie cookies (thx mare) and rootbeer floats for dessert with my pa.
^Thanks for everything Dad! Love ya!

June 18-
^Madison got a trim! Trying to grow, but shaping it looks so much better! Cutie.

June 20-
^Hip! Hip! The Laytons spent a couple days with us. They came in the evening for peach cobbler and games. Stayed up too late as always!

June 21-
^It was so fun to see the kids play. Kate and Madison have grown a lot! We had to get a pic of their matching outfits, that were hand me downs from their older sisters (pictured below). ;)
^We went to the pool all day, got unhealthy burgers, fries, and shakes for lunch...and then later got a sitter and went out for Indian food and mini golf. Super fun! Ed won.
^Ryan's famous strawberry shortcake for dessert. Cards. Quality time. Killing zombies. Picking Cherries. Comfort levels in large proportion. You could say we are "too" comfortable around each other. You have no idea...;)

 June 22-
^I tried to talk Maren in to staying longer, but I lost the battle. Maren helped Sarah on the piano a little and then the Laytons packed up and shipped out for a long drive back to Iowa. Always great to see them. Never long enough. Move back to UT Laytons!
^Meet Cold Storage. :) Band Picture. Ha! Remember our neighborhood band? We still play and we have a name now. Fun hobby and a few mini gigs this year. ;) Movin' up...
Bio:      Cold Storage is an American cover band from South Jordan, Utah that consists of Linzer (Lindsey Harman – vocals), Mike-O (Mike Spens – guitar, vocals), Tortoise Fingers (Jason Price – Guitar), Bro Low (Steve Shepherd – Bass Guitar), and Eddie The Great (Ed Harman – Drums).
Since its formation back in 2013, the lineup of Cold Storage has remained unchanged.  The band received its name from its exclusive practice space in a basement storage area in South Jordan, Utah.
The band states their genre as Rapadelic, Hairy, Grunge-Pop. Their sound is a cross between Weezer, The Sugarhill Gang, Taylor Swift and Guns N’ Roses.
Although the band has never recorded an album, sold a record or written a song, they are confident they are meant for bigger things and will be discovered soon.
^Beautiful sunsets! Summer walks I love!! We hosted Ed's fam for dinner. New phone rule where everyone has to surrender their phone for the night. :)

June 23-
^Ed and my brother Landon went to the Kiss/Def Leppard concert and rocked out!!! :) Landon introduced me to Def Leppard as a kid, and Ed has kept me on the hook. 

June 24-
^Karate has been the best sport for Kai so far. He pays attention well and loves his hanshi.
^Dad and Mad...

June 27- Ragnar Wasatch Back

We put together a neighborhood team for Ragnar a few months back. Because we live in Ivory Crossing, the name Crossing Guards was born. Although we had a lot of turnover for various reasons and only half the team ended up being from our neighborhood, we stuck with the name, and still had a great time. We worked out all the conflicts and found team member replacements.
^One conflict was Ed having to work on Friday. So he and I followed the team up to Logan and Ed started the team off as the runner #1 for his first leg. Ragnar for Ed this year was his first and last 3 runs of the year. ;) He still did great on his 6.5 miles to start. Go Ed!! It sprinkled rain for a good part of the morning, but the weather felt great!

^Sent Ed off. Happy to start!
Van 1= Nate & Lindsey Hawes, Ed & Lindsey Harman, Tom Hanks, and Kira Thunell.
^After Ed's first run. He gave me a quick hug and then drove back to Primary Children's for work.

^My first run went well. I saw my CA friend, Molly again this year. :) The scenery is always so beautiful I have to snap some pics. 6.7 miles.
^By the time I'd finished my first run, Ed was at work and changed from his running hat to scrubs and  OR apparel.:)
^Our team ran well. And danced well on the side of the road. :) More scenery shots and party pics outside the burb. Tough chicks. 

^We ran into some teammates from our Vegas Ragnar at our first team exchange. :)
^Ed made it back from work in time to start our second run. Snow Basin we ate dinner and met up at our second team exchange. We were lucky that our niece, Bri was volunteering at this exchange and was able to drive Ed's car back home after her shift. :)
^Hello Van 2! Hanging out while waiting to pass the slap bracelet.
^Ed geared up for run #2. 3.2 miles.
^My run #2.  4.9 miles.
^ Car sleeping after a long day! Headed back to Kira's to sleep for a few hours. :)

June 28-
^We slept from about 130am-5:30. We were lucky that Kira offered us her house to sleep at. Rejuvenating. Then we drove straight to the exchange and dropped off our runner. We ran into Ed's sister Melissa too. Fun!
^Ed doing his last run. 3.6 miles. Way to go Ed! Silly boys. Nice pose. ;)
Run #3 for me. We couldn't have asked for better weather throughout. I ran this same leg last year and it always makes me nervous, but it went better than expected. I ran 7.7 miles up Jordanelle. Such a relief when I finished!
^Our last team exchange before the end. Right across the street from Kira's house. :) Van 1 finished!!!
^After our van finished we went at got lunch, showered and took naps. Best rest ever!
Crossing Guards finish!!! 9am start. 8pm finish. A few hours over our projected finish, but we had a great time! Thanks team!!
Van 1! Ed ran 13.3 miles. Lindsey ran 19.3 miles
Van 2! Brad and Cindi Hansen, Yosha Bell, Andrea Landham and Mike and Michelle Spens.
^Hooray girls!!
^Well done men!

Ragnar Video to come...

Thanks to everyone who helped make this race possible! Volunteers, money donators, babysitters, etc!

June 30-
^Never too late for an old dog to learn new tricks right? ;) Ed got me voice lessons for Mother's Day. Went for my first one. I think it went well. Learned about vocal chords, have some new warm up's to work on. It's a start. Singing will be a fun hobby. No pressure. ;)
^Last week of school fun! Sarah sang in the talent show. We are glad she is confident and brave.
^Full tree of cherries....we shared...:)

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