Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August 2014

August 4-
 ^Sarah missed her first week of 2nd grade since we went to Lake Powell.  Her first day was August 4th instead of July 28th. Her cute friend Lizzy gave her a warm welcome. Sarah loves school. Especially the social aspect of it. :)

Aug 6-
^Sarah lost her first front tooth IN Lake Powell on July 28th. By the time we got home it took a couple days to write a note. Then, the tooth fairy couldn't find the tooth for 2 days...:). Looks like a fish from the lake produced the tooth and Sarah finally collected $. :)

Aug 7-
^ Check him out! All he needed was the trainers off. First try! He's a natural. Way to go Kai!

Aug 8-
 ^The Spens invited us to an Ok Go concert.
 ^We had heard a few songs of theirs, but gained more of a liking seeing them live. They were great! We had an awesome time! Thanks Spens'. 

Aug 9-
 ^Cold Storage made it's first debut! It was an all day affair. Practice in the afternoon and then a drive to Bountiful for a quick dinner at In & Out and then to Cherry Hill for set up and show. Hey Ed! Nice sleeves! ;)
 ^Melissa was our sole supporter for the night besides the other band player's families and a bunch of strangers. So good to see a familiar face! Hoping to gain more fans... :)
^The show went well! They said we played for around 300 people. Weather was perfect and feedback was good. We all had a great time. Couldn't ask for more. 
 ^Steve, Mike, Me, Ed, Jason= Cold Storage ;)

Aug 10-
 ^ Neil invited us over for dessert. Madison and Tanner were being cute.

Aug 11-
^ Steve had a client luncheon our band was able to play for. Always fun! We like to dress up. :) Lunch afterwards. Good day!
^ I've been seeing lots of clients/friends from CA. Glad doing hair keeps me in contact. Great to see you Kim!! XO

Aug 13-
^Dinner group meal to go. Summer Salad! Still loving this!

Aug 14-
^Bunko night. I talked enough trash that these 2 bullies decided to pic me up and throw me in the pool at the clubhouse. Good prank. I think I handled it pretty well. :) Cold walk home...

Aug 20-
 ^Ed and Jason. Playing tennis for sectional prep in the rain. Hard core.
Aug 21-
^I love finding her notes everywhere...
 ^Dinner delivery from a friend in dinner group. Love not having to think about dinner multiple nights.
 ^Cool rainbow Ed caught after work. Then he came home and pulled out Sarah's other front tooth for her. :) We call her "toothless".

Aug 22-
^Even though Sarah has a summer birthday, and since we start school so early, she gets to celebrate her birthday at school. Well, sort of. Since her birthday was on a Sunday this year I went and had lunch with her, Friday, and stayed and watched her play for a minute. More toothless smiles. 
 ^GNO! Always love em'! Dinner and a movie.
Me, Lisa, Alisa and Cindy.

Aug 23-
^Band Practice. Jason made up these cool guitar picks too. It's just all around fun with these guys. :)
^Madison loves to dance during practices. If we finish a song, she comes up and asks for "one more time".  It's adorable. Easily our best fan! ;)

*Then we prepped for Sarah's "What Frozen Things Do In Summer" 7th Birthday Party!

^The Cake. I just did the top.
 ^More of the spread.
 ^The whole spread.
 ^Prep for this party wasn't too bad. I tried to be a little more simplistic-darn Pinterest! :) The girls started by cutting out snowflakes and making Olaf take-home bags.
^All the girls!
^"Do you want to build a snowman?"  They got little snowman favor bags to take.
^ They had a snowball fight with "melted snow" balloons.
^They built snowmen out of each other with toilet paper, paper buttons, noses and hats and a scarf. Both teams did well.
 ^They got some goodies from the piñata.
^Sang to the birthday girl.
 ^ And then swam at the pool. Cute girls! Thanks to everyone that made it! Sarah loves the gifts and the memory of a fun party.
^Me and the birthday girl after the party.

I went home and did a couple hair clients and then Ed and I got dinner and ate while watching Jason's other band. :)
^They invited me to sing a song with them, which was nice. It was a chilly night, but the kids had fun and I'm sure daddy didn't mind the cuddles under a warm blanket. As you can see, Madison is always front and center dancing.
^Madison and her friend Keaton dancing it up.

Aug 24- Sarah's 7th Birthday!
^Sarah wanted to wear the new Chinese dress from Grandma to church. We sang Happy Birthday, blew out candles (with the help of siblings) and made wishes. :)

Sarah at 7:

Height: 49.5 inches (76%)
Weight: 50 lbs 4 oz. (50%)

Sarah is pretty much an angel child. She is very helpful. Compliant. Sweet. Talkative. Smart. Affectionate. Social. She's just a sweetheart. She gives us some sass once in a while, but I'm glad she has confidence, asks questions and loves spending time with us. We love you Miss Sarah Bear!

Aug 25-
 ^Madison is a daddy's girl all of the sudden. Funny when she yells things from her room...
 ^Decided we'd do FHE at Seven Peaks one last time for the year. We used our passes maybe 3 times? :) The kids loved it!

Aug 27-
 ^BBQ Chicken salad to go? Dinner group meal again. I don't know why I think it's so cool... :)

Aug 29-
^Thanks for remembering her Rebecca! Birthday week. Excellent.
 ^Hip Hip for Swiss Days! Mom ended up coming and so did Land and Deb. Scones go along with Swiss Days, just like live yodeling from Kerry. :)
 ^Proud to be Swiss! Yodel-eh-hee-hoo!
 ^Date night with neighborhood friends. We love our neighbors! We went to The Giver and then for ice cream afterwards. :) Fun bunch!

Aug 30-
 ^Ed planned a date to see Keith Urban. We've seen him once before.
^He puts on a great show, he rocks at the guitar and he's easy on the eyes. ;) Loving live music!
He came out closer to us on a stage in the grass area. Fun to be up close.

Aug 31-
^Dessert and croquet with friends anyone? I've already said it. Cool neighbors! Love getting invited out.

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mj said...

I'm so happy you are enjoying your neighborhood. I know it was a rough move and first and it makes me so happy to see you so happy. Also, tell Sarah that her playground has been updated BIG TIME. That is NOT the same rusty playground I played on when I went to Monte Vista 20 years ago.