Sunday, November 16, 2014

October 2014

October 3-
^We went and had lunch with daddy at work before we went to the zoo. Fun to see him during the day!

^Kids love carousels!
^We met up with Debbie and Jodi for a day at the zoo.
^Train ride!
^Kai with his map on the ship, Sarah showing sass and the cute boys holding hands.
^So fun to go on outings with the Johnson cousins!

October 5-
^In between conference sessions we drove up to Silver Lake.
^The weather was beautiful!
^Beautiful scenery! Great pic Ed!
^We hiked Twin Lakes off of Silver Lake and ate lunch on the rocks at the dam.
We're on top of the world!

October 6-
^Happy helper, Ed, helped me with my dinner group. Good man! :)

October 7-
Fall season T-ball for Kai.

October 8-
^I got up with Sarah in the early AM to see the blood red moon. Then later morning I went to my first bikram yoga class with my friend Lisa. 104 degrees of hot and sweaty like you wouldn't believe! Fun to switch it up and try new exercises.

October 9-
^Kai loves karate! I think he is great at it. Perfect sport for him.

^Harvesting food from your own yard just feels good! Such a rewarding feeling.

October 11-
^Ed and I were Burt and Mary Poppins for a neighborhood party. DIY costumes turned out great!

October 12-
^Johnson Family Photos
^All the kids, and their kids. :)
^Happy to call them mine!

October 13-
^Madison will at least sit on the potty happily. Good start. :)

October 14-
^Ending out the season. Not his most engaging sport, but I think with time and practice he might like it more. 
^Way to go Kai!
^Grandma and Grandpa Harman came to support Kai at his last game.
^Themed night at Bunko.

October 16-
^Sarah and her snuggly kitty, Auz.

October 17-
^Daddy/son night. Burgers and mini golf. That's what guys do.

October 18-
^Getting in one last hike to Ensign Peak. Lunch at the top.

^An app for a fun neighborhood night with dinner and a movie. :)

^While we went out with neighbors, the kids went to Landon and Debbie's for a late night.
^They even got to dress up and do some fun activities. Thanks you guys!

October 19-
^Something dropped from high in the fridge. ALL OVER! :(

 ^We were with the Johnson's again, so we decided for a take 2 of family pics.
^Camera timed on a tripod did okay. ;) 

October 20-
^Me and my sis thought about selling cookies...for a day. :)

October 21-
^ Activity Days, Witches Tea Party with Moms! We did a combined activity with the girls and mom's. 
^Everyone brought a themed treat to share.
^Fun with friends
^Activity Days Leaders.
^Fun craft
^Our 4 groups. 8, 9, 10 and 11 yr. olds.
^The girls
^All the witches

October 22-
^Another Nimbus kill. :( Gross! Last harvest from my garden. Colorful dinner. And a run with Andrea.

October 23-
^Finished out my 21 day trial of bikram with my long time CA friend, Eve. :)

October 24-
^Virtual 5k run for Miss Leah Layton of Iowa. Rett Syndrome awareness and fundraiser. Her parents are some of our bests! Then I scootered with Sarah to school one last time until the temps get frigid.
^Pumpkin Patch picking. If there are tractors, we will sit on them.
^And trucks.
^And tractor tires. Great photo ops.
^And corn mazes to run through.
^And of course pumpkin picks.
^ In the evening we went to a pumpkin carving party.
^The kid's pumpkins. Kai won scariest, and Sarah, best kids carving. :) Awesome!

October 25-
^ Ed had to work for the Primary Childrens Hospital, Open to the Public Day. So we went. :) The kids got to try out all sorts of things.
^And more importantly got to see daddy and see what he does every day. Cardiac Perfusion and his bypass pump full of punch, not blood. :)
^They got to use all sorts of surgery tools.
^Fun family activity. Ed has always looked good in his hospital get up. He also worked here when I met him.
^After Stake Conference, we went with friends to Leatherby's Creamery. We have been getting "Doug's Banana Split" for years! So when DOUG was our server, I snatched a picture with the namesake. Ha!

October 28-
^Before and after pictures of our house with new, dark accent colors. Ed changed the tan accents to dark brown and we love it! The front window didn't have shutters, so Ed built some! He's handy like that! :) Then he painted the doors brown. We love the new look!
^Shandra had a baby boy we needed to meet, so we brought her dinner and visited for hours. Long overdue! Fun girls!

October 30-

^Kai's school party. Cute painted pumpkins.

October 31- Halloween

^Sarah's school Halloween parade and class party.

^The cute little witches and spiderman!
^Ready to trick-or-treat!
^Randy and Charles came too!

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