Friday, December 14, 2007

Are you sure you want in??

It's about time I post something new!! It's been on my mind. Why am I blogging so early? I'm past the point of no in sleep. I've been tossing and turning since 4am-ish. Blah! Wretched skin!! Then I fed Sarah and now, since I still can't sleep, you get to hear about what I think about in the wee hours of the morning. That is, if you so choose...which I'm assuming you do. Why else would you be on my blog? Maybe just in hopes that I'll post another adorable picture of our baby Sarah? Not today, but there'll be plenty of that to come. These thoughts will definitely be random. My mornings are filled with so many thoughts!! Hmmmm Where do I begin? So I'm always worried that when I write that my thoughts wont come across the way I'm really thinking them. I have no pride about the way I write. Have they invented a machine that can type up your thoughts as you think them yet?? I sure wish they did. It always sounds much better in my head. I am what I am, so pardon the sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. I'm also always worried about offending people by the way I talk/write. But why? Is anyone else worried about offending me by the way they talk/write or live their lives?? Understand that is not my intent. I am also naive in ways but sometimes prefer it that way so read on if you like. I like to think of blogging as a way to journal. You get to hear my thoughts and feelings no matter how politically correct they are. I'm sure I'll come off as being self righteous. Judge me if you like. Here are my most recent thoughts. Some I may not elaborate on as much as I'd like so you'll just have to talk to me if you'd like a better explanation or a conversation about these things. And as always your comments are always welcome. I love to read your opinions and ideas, if you agree or disagree, etc. Here we go.

- Are you (me included) here on business or pleasure? Hotels ask this all the time. I'm thinking of life this way. Are we here for our salvation and what comes after this life on earth -or- to enjoy the world, vanity, and pleasure ourselves no matter what the consequence? I'm trying to get through this part so I can enjoy the next part, which I believe will be so glorious and wonderful!!

-Boobs were created to sustain life. They were not created for entertainment, sex, just to look at, etc. Sure we can enjoy them in other aspects but their main purpose is to sustain life. They were created for our babies not all the other things they are used for. Our bodies/functions are truly amazing! God is so great!

- The world is clearly black and white even though we ALL want grey.

- I despise people living double lives. This fits well with my last comment. Pick a side or at least don't lie to everyone. But I also understand that we all have weaknesses and/or need experience to learn.

- Calorie counters and people obsessed with scales are annoying and truly have a disorder.

-I'm over name brands and keeping up with the Jones'. I like good quality and nice things, but people that constantly talk about Gucci this, Prada that, etc. and define their lives by what they own drive me nuts!!

-I'm bugged that the world is taking Christ out of most everything, but throwing garbage (sex, language, violence, drugs, money,etc) into everything else. Mostly TV and movies of which I love and watch a lot of. It's getting hard though. I need a little more Christlike influence in my life. Those other things are ripping families apart. The worldly things are perceived to be SO great! I disagree. I don't feel like I'm missing out.

Take it or leave it. I know I'm a culprite for some/all of the things in a way. That doesn't change the fact that they all make me frustrated! These thoughts are not pointed at anyone directly, but obviously living life gives me my opinions, views, standards...everything I am. I have a lot to learn. Most all of my opinions are based on the way I was brought up but I will not discount that I am now an adult with clear views and a firm knowledge and I don't believe the way I do just because I was raised to or told to. I've done some work, experienced good/bad and I go by how I feel. I'll be working the rest of my life to fight off the evil influences that bring me down and make me feel defeated. Does anyone else ever feel insecure or inadequate? Anyway, thanks for listening! More positive things next post... I promise!!


the watkins said...

I loved reading your thoughts! Its so honest and truthful... isn't it great getting "older" and realizing what is really important.. and yet I still feel I have so much more learning to do. It is exciting and scary. Thanks for sharing.

Ellie said...'re awesome. I totally agree. Thanks for being honest.

Jokilyn said...

Wow! That was deep! And you shouldn't worry about how you "phrase" things - I found everything to be perfectly worded!! I loved every second of this read! In fact - I'll probably go back and read it a few times to reflect more on it's message. You're awesome Linds!! Can't wait to see you! :) Love ya!!

Jennifer Phillips said...

I agree with everything you said all though after having a kid even though my boobs where made to sustain life I have to look at them everyday, so call me superficial but I am definately getting a boob job and maybe a little lipo on the side haha I know I know I am super vain but at least I am not pretending to be otherwise, right?? I think you are a great writer too, you are very good at expressing your thoughts on paper

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

Amen Linds! Totally agree about the double life living. It can be very disappointing! I love the time I get to spend with you. I had a blast yesterday! Thanks for making me a better person.

Jenna{Mommy in Manhattan} said...

Oh BTW how did you get Sara to smile so perfectly in your family pics? They are so perfect!

Julia Wade said...

who took those pics?

mj said...

a good read...thanks!

Lish or Coors said...

I think we all struggle in every aspect mentioned. It is hard to just focus on the important things when the other things are being thrown at you from every direction. It's so frustrating! Anyhoo, I thought it was a great post.