Friday, December 21, 2007

New found glory!

Being a mommy is getting easier & easier. Sarah sleeps like a charm at night. She usually goes down around 6pm and wakes around 6:30-7am. 12 hours!! Not bad right? Nap times have been a little bit harder. Going down for naps has been more of a struggle.
I haven't been feeling like Sarah is getting adequate sleep during the days. Her naps were usually around 20,30, 45 minutes, sometimes 3 hours...very sporadic. I kept wondering if she was well rested enough from the nights, wondered if the quality of my milk wasn't good or sufficient....I'm ALWAYS second guessing myself! So I started going through all my books again and reading about napping...all of those same books that made me anxious. :) Ed thought I was crazy and read me my previous post about these baby books. Anyway they gave me some new ideas of things I had forgotten about. Knowledge is power and like magic, I put Sarah down a little earlier than usual. The result? NO crying, NO struggle, and a 2+ hour nap taken and a happy, well rested baby!! What was the new found glory? Not waiting until Sarah started to fuss, but putting her down to nap about an hour after her last wake time. This has made a world of difference. Nothing feels better than trying something new, succeeding and having a beautiful happy baby!! I feel like a good mother and I know I'll always be searching and problem solving in an effort to give Sarah the best quality of life! She is truly the best baby a mother could ask for. I LOVE YOU good little napper!!


The Bonham Family said...

Lindz- Isi'nt it crazy all of the many things that can drive us batty until we fix, no one ever said that motherhood was a piece,but I think you are a great mommy! My theory was always take one day at a time, Caden changed his nap and bedtime schudle on me all the time! Makes ya crazy!!!! Sound like all is well. Jen

Heather said...

You are a pro Linz! I constantly feel inadequate though I am trying so hard to be a great Mom. Want to come to my house and help Kyler go down? He goes to bed for the night at about 11:00 and gets up at around 7:30 but 12 hours would be amazing!! You are awesome.

Shandi Brown said...

Hey Linds,
I just noticed we all spelled your name different:) Thanks for the comment, the blogging thing is actually fun. I have to say the same as Jen, once you figure something out and have things under control, they will change something else. It never ends. But thats motherhood right? I am glad things are working out with her naps. I did the same thing for Hudson (put him down after about an hour of awake time) and it worked for a long time!
About the pics, both Jax and I take them and we just don't post the crapy ones:) But I have gotten some tips, and would love to learn more. Maybe some day I will take a class or something.