Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eight + months!

I'm always so late on these. :)
Milestones for the month:
-Loves all baby foods and anything else we'll give her.
-Started eating puffs and cherrios
-Sleeps 7pm-6/7am- no more night wakings
-2 naps, usually 1-2 hours
-Uses sippy cup
-Knows how to scoot/army crawl-crawling soon to come
-Says, "num, num, num" and "ma, ma, ma" and screams
-Loves "bright baby" books
-Loves "baby einstein" dvds
-Loves songs with actions, mostly "popcorn popping"
-Shakes her head back & forth
-First time with a runny/stuffy nose (We think it's teething-still no teeth)
-Loves the swimming pool
-Love tub time with daddy

^Loves to peek her head to the side
^Loves to play and practice her new tricks for quite a while in her crib before and after naps.
Our little Glow worm! Pretty sure it's one of the most fun stages.


Julia Wade said...

those headbands look pretty familiar ... hmmmmmmmm. ;) she is gorgeous linds. so fun.

Heather said...

She is just a little beautimus!! I love how she screams, so funny. If I remember when she was Ky's age now she was waking in the night and he is now too!! BOOOOO. Hopefully it's just a phase and he'll stop like she did.

Andrea Harper said...

Please come to Utah right now so I can squish her cheeks and pinch her bum. And I can't promise anything, but I'll try not to steal her while you sleep.

Unknown said...

So So cute! I love that she is getting some hair too -- BLONDE!!!

Landon and Debbie said...

Oh our little Sarah, you got to stop it Linds... she is growing way to fast. She is so cute.

..::k.toms::.. said...

Look at that BLONDE hair!! Where did that come from?
She is darling Linds!