Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Party Day! 3 to be exact. :)

PARTY 1: The morning started off with a party at Kristen's with our Mother's group.
^Kristen always puts a lot of thought into her parties. Presentation of homemade chili, treats and caramel apples was great! The kids looked so cute!
Sarah was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Kai (waiting on a picture) was Toto.
PARTY 2: Sunnyvale Ward Party
^We went with a family theme and did our best with homemade costumes.
Me: Glinda the good witch- of course I didn't pick the ugly witch. :)
Ed: Tin Man
Sarah: Dorothy
Kai: Toto
^Our ward had a lot of fun games for the kids, doughnuts and trunk-or-treating. :)

PARTY 3: Harman's Haunted Halloween House!! (Costume Party)(I give credit to the Nash's for all of the game ideas! Thanks guys!!)

The party was pretty quick and low key. The costume part makes for such a fun party!! 4 of the girls at this party were pregnant!! :) Almost half! Way to go ladies (and gentlemen)! We'll start with costumes...
Eve & Sean: Prego cheerleader and Captain of the football team. :)
Liz & Brad: Jon & Kate+8- had to post all their pics ;)
Liz was picked best costume for the gals
^6 kids, 8 kids...we got the idea. ;)
^Jared & Tierney: Clark Kent (Superman) and Witch
^Maren & Ryan: Amelia Airheart & ?? Ryan was some biblical something?? :)
^Ben & Whitney: Pimp & Mistress- Ben won best costume for guys.
Connor & Mikila- Baker and Bun in the oven :)
Travis & Kate: Office fans...Jim Halpert & Pam Beesley Halpert with baby :)
^Brian & Lindsay: Cowboy and Pea with a pod. :)
Ed & I: Tinman and Glinda
After costume judging and mingling we played some games in 3 teams. Our first game was for each team to make the best mummy out of toilet paper.
^Team 2 won. Maren made a great mummy.
^Team 3 in 2nd. Well done Connor.
^Team 1 in 3rd. Well done Tierney.
SECOND game was a relay. First person ran down the street and back and then chugged a soda. (No pics yet) Second person had to eat 5 saltines and then blow a bubble with bubble gum.
^Liz. Yummy crackers! Team 2 won again!
^Eve. Team 1 in 3rd.
^Lindsey.Team 3 in 2nd.
^Sorry ladies! These pictures were too funny not to post. :)
^ It was hard to blow a bubble with a dry mouth!
Third part of the relay (not pictured yet) was third person having to run down the street and back with an egg on a spoon. Child games...SO FUN as adults! :)
THIRD GAME was for each team to find 5 gummyworms with teeth only in a pan of spaghetti.
^Ben representing team 1- 1st place.
^Ryan representing team 2- 2nd place.
^Brian representing team 3- 3rd place.

Last game was some Halloween trivia. These were the final numbers:
Team 1: Shafers, Kirk's & Harrison's- 3rd
Team 2: Laytons, Werner's & Baker's -1st
Team 3: Duke's, Drummond's & Harman's- 2nd

We had a lot of fun! Everyone brought a treat, Ed made some witches brew (Homemade rootbeer with dry ice), after games we watched a scary movie and called it a night. Thanks everyone for coming! We loved having you over!


Eve said...

THanks for the awesome party lindsey! We had a great time. I even got that delicious sugar cookie recipe from your friend lindsey D- im super excited to try it out!

Valerie said...

Linds your parties looked so so fun! I loved your costume, so jealous because ever since I saw WICKED a few weeks ago, I wanted to to the Wizard of Oz theme...I wanted to be Elfaba, the green witch, however Brand wouldn't be a flying monkey, fiiiine then! But I love your costumes and your game ideas, so much fun!

thebakerbook said...

We had so much Lindsey! Thanks for hosting such a fun night!

Kari said...

SO AWESOME! I loved looking at all the pics. Glad you enjoyed the games, too. Isn't it so fun to be a kid again?! Your costumes were fantastic.

My favorite pic of the night was the one where you were eating the saltine. I'm still laughing!