Thursday, February 11, 2010

What this little Kai is up to...

Kai is definitely turning into a big boy!
^ This is his 6 month check up and this is what's new!
Length: 2'3" (70%)
Weight: 16lb 4 oz (30%)
Head: 42.5 cm (20%)
Kai got his DTap shot at this visit. Luckily no reactions.
Sarah's stats at this time-6 1/2 months: 16pds (40%), 26inches (50%), 70% for head circumference
Kai just hit his 7 month mark and these are the updates.

Moving: He is mostly a tummy man. He rolls both ways, he is sitting confidently, bears his weight when standing and likes to jump. He is starting to scoot and can get around to anything he wants. He has pretty good hand control and can find his binki and put it in his mouth (great for sleeping). He babbles a little and smiles at everyone. He is super chill most all of the time. Loves baths and splashing! Size 3 diapers and 9month old clothing- long body.

Eating: He is SO interested in food, started solids and likes everything we've given him so far. His favorites include avacado with some banana, and applesauce. He's also had, green beans, carrots, squash (least favorite), sweet potatoe, bananas, pears and prunes. Over the last couple days he has had some puffs and bread. He's started to drink water from a bottle. Teething for sure. Bottom teeth just under the surface but no cutting yet. Chews on everything.

Sleeping:Favorite sleeping toy is his monkey blanket.
His schedule to date:
6:30a- nurse and back to sleep
8- wake up, play and watch baby einstein
9-10: short nap
11:wake, eat 2 cubes food, play
1:nurse and sleep long nap
3-3:30 wake, eat 2 cubes food and play
4:30-5- attempted nap or quiet time
6- eat 4 cubes+
6:15- bath
READY for bed at 6:30- bedtime. No night wakings! If so, he'll fall back asleep. :)

I'm really happy that blogging has helped me record and journal. It has been really helpful to go back and see what Sarah was doing and assured and reminded me what's coming up.
^Isn't he handsome? Our blondie Kai. Daddy took some 7 month shots at this great field my friend Meghan showed me.
^Ed got some great shots that show Kai's little personality. Happy as can be! The nicknames we mostly call him are: Kai boo, boo boo and buddy.


Nicole said...

He is so cute!

AMIT said...

Yeah as time passes he is gonna be a big boy.

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