Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sarah's 3rd Birthday! 8/24/09

Sarah decided to have a princess party this year. Guests were instructed to dress like a princess- boys could wear another dress up. :) Sarah was Cinderella. (Figured we get one more wear out of her Halloween costume) The weather ended up being in the mid 90's so some kids opted for cooler clothes. :) We fed the kids pizza for dinner and had some fun activities inspired by some of the Disney princesses.
I wish I'd had time to take better pictures of each set up beforehand, but alas as usual I ran out of time. :) Upon arrival the kids walked in on a red carpet to a table where they could put on a little lip gloss, eye shadow, blush and stick-on jewel earrings.
Princess SNOW WHITE activity: during dinner they had bites of apples with their dinner.
Princess (Ariel) LITTLE MERMAID activity: They fished in the ocean for prizes
Most prizes were a different princess themed toy.
For a craft, they decorated crowns to wear with jewels and stickers.
Princess CINDERELLA activity: They went on a hunt to find little glass slippers full of candy.
Princess JASMINE activity: Ed and David so graciously gave them rides on a magic carpet. ;)
Princess SLEEPING BEAUTY activity: They all had to fall fast asleep until they got a (hershey) kiss on their lips. :)

An ARIEL cake requested by Sarah
Sarah sat on a special throne while she opened her gifts.
She had such a great time! Thanks to all her little friends that came!
This little one pretty much crawled around and entertained himself. :)


Unknown said...

too much fun!! happy birthday!

Brian and Kristy said...

I can't believe Sarah is already 3. It looks like it ended up being a fun party for the princess!

Eve said...

Lindsey, i need to take party planning notes from you. Your party was off the hook! Dixie will be lucky to get a square cake, nevermind an ariel princess masterpiece! Great job!