Saturday, October 16, 2010

Utah Trip August 3-15

August is Family trip month for both sides of our family. We drove to Utah for some family fun! (LOTS of pics)
Typical car road trip pics...Kai boo and Sarah were pleasant for such a long drive.
We have outgrown our crossover. For more space we ended up buying a car carrier basket that goes on the hitch of our car. Unfortunately we learned on the drive that it sat too low and the exhaust burned holes in some of the things we had in back. Our already packed car, got more packed as we had to empty most of what was on the basket in the line of fire! With multiple stops for that, and then the 2 hour construction traffic we hit in Reno, by midnight we opted to get a hotel in Elko for a quick rest.

^Stopping in Elko at McD's playplace is always a must for the kids to get their wiggles out! We usually do this for dinner, but because we had a delay- we did it for breakfast!

We had one day in Salt Lake before we headed up to Bear Lake with the Harman family for a few days. We had a great time! It was Raspberry Days so we had famous raspberry shakes, we golfed, we played on the beach, we went boating, we played games, etc...
^Kai came alive on this trip! He became a champ on the stairs at the cabin, he learned to say "down" and "up" and he found this hole of his, you can see!
A good thing for the kids about living away from family is that they get to celebrate their birthdays multiple times!

^"How do the piggies eat?"...
^That's one big cakey smile!
^Bear Lake, Ut is beautiful! A view from the cabin.
^Kai LOVED the water! Because the lake is so calm and warm (compared to No. CA beaches) he loved sitting right in the water and putting his face in it. He also splashed and climbed in and out of a big sand hole we made. :)
Sarah and Kai were brave on the boat! Sarah even tried tubing with her daddy for the first time and loved it!
^Kai's first time on a boat. :) Looks much like Sarah's first time on a boat...
my little cuties!
^The big kids on the tube!
We left Bear Lake on Sunday the 8th. The kids and I went back to Salt Lake while Ed hiked the middle Teton with his brothers Stew and Randy and Jeff (Stew's FIL).
Since I'm the one that blogs, I picked my favorite pics. ;)
^Randy, Ed, Jeff, Stew
^Ed would do better at telling the story, but this is EARLY in the AM.

^They all made it to the top! VICTORY!
^Ed's 3rd Summit! What a hottie!
^Sweet picture and weather...but not for long!
^A celebratory and traditional Moutain Dew at the top!

P.S. While Ed climbed the Teton, I decided to go blonde. :) I've never done it and I keep telling my clients not to be afraid of change. Ed also requested I do it- so I did! It's definitely a process...
^Brown before
^Orange during/After 1 process, just before the 2nd process.
Pics of the result/blonde
(I like brown better, but definitely a nice change for a little while.)

This trip kept us busy! Ed got home Monday evening in time for us to leave to Midway, UT with the Johnson family for a couple days on Tuesday. In Midway we relaxed a lot! Played games, went to dinner, did a puzzle, etc....
^Grandma and Sarah
^Johnson fam
Yet another birthday celebration for the kids with this side of the family. :) We just feel bad that they don't get to have family around for it. They don't mind extra cupcakes.
^YARR I'm a pirate/aka "smile Sarah". :)
^The Johnson side (minus momma) :(

Kai started walking in Midway. About 10 steps. :) (We have video but it wouldn't attach.)
Sarah was %100 on the potty in Midway. My kids are growing up!!

Friday we had a day to run around everywhere! We made it to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple in the morning, Land and Deb's, Bertuzzi's (new house), Stew and Nicole's (new house) and back to Landon's! Welcome to our UT trips. :)

^This is what happens when you lay on the floor mom! :)

Melissa and Justin organized the Ride for Kids in Ut this year. It raises money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Mom watched the kids so Ed and I were lucky to volunteer for the day.
^Justin let Ed borrow his Harley. :) Now Ed wants one of course. It was a great ride with an inspiring program at the end.

^Grandpa and Grandma Harman

Well UT, great trip! See you soon! Love you all!


Molly said...

What a fun trip! I love the multiple birthday parties. That's totally how it should be. :)

Nicole said...

It was so nice to have you guys here! We don't get to see you often enough!!!