Sunday, November 7, 2010

9/10-11/2010: Camping with Busby's- Petaluma KOA

It was apparently a busy camp weekend and our Yosemite trip fell through so we booked a site at the Petaluma KOA. I obviously didn't know what I was getting myself into. You see, when I usually go camping- it's not on a 10x10 slab of concrete just feet away from other strangers, or just blocks away from a freeway. I should have done more research. I couldn't let myself camp that way!
So we upgraded to a small cabin that had a queen size bed mat and a bunk bed- not much else. It was actually a pretty awesome set up with the kids.
^His shirt says it all! The kids had a great time playing in the dirt. The cool thing was that after they got all dirty, we went to the community hot tub and they basically had a bath. Brilliant!
^Just before we put the kids down.
We slept on the queen and Busby's slept on the bunk beds. Sarah was on the floor in her camp bed and Kai was in the pack-n-play. We were crammed in our little cabin, but we were warm. Other than Kai waking and crying for an hour when the adults came to bed, we all slept great!
^Sarah will buddy up with anyone willing to play. She was Ryan's little buddy. She is so fond of males??
^Our family on the porch swing of our little cabin.
^Shannon and Ryan
^I learned that the KOA is a great option for families with young children. After breakfast we took Sarah to bounce on an inflatable tramp, then we all went to the pool (It was a super hot day) and then we went to the playground and petting zoo.
^ When I turned away one of these goats mistook Sarah's hair as straw and started chewing on it! Luckily I noticed quickly enough and gave Sarah more straw and told her to keep her distance.
Later when we got home, we put out a sprinkler toy and Sarah played in the fake rain with her umbrella.
Love this little boy!

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