Sunday, November 7, 2010


^My boys!-9/12-10
^Sarah's 3 year check up! I haven't been as good about my updates about my kids on my blog, but I do have a calendar with the new things they are doing. :) I don't know where I put all of her measurements (%s) and everything from her appointment!?? She was 33 pounds and 3 ft 2 inches. A lot has happened in the 3's. They can be challenging at times, but overall Sarah is such a sweet girl. I like that she has a strong personality. She is so smart. Just before her birthday she conquered potty training! Finally! I probably tried to force it too soon. What else? Sarah speaks very clearly, can be timid in large groups, loves to sing princess songs, etc., Eats most anything, goes to bed around 7:30pm, wakes around 6:30am but doesn't come to us until 7am if we're lucky, has an hour of quiet time every day, will sometimes fall asleep in quiet time-2/7 days, tests her boundaries every day, loves Kai but also torments him, loves princesses, puzzles (40 piece) and coloring, prolongs bedtime, loves Little Einsteins, changes her clothes multiple times a day, loves dress-ups, tantrums decreasing, loves to be chased, loves riding her bike, the park and going on walks. I love watching her learn. She is still our punkin and snuggle bug.
We love you Sarah!- 9/14-10
^ A picture taken NOT after our 20 mile training run would probably be better looking :), but this is how we usually see each other. This is Kaylynn. Tribute to one of my best friends and we have spent so much time running to together this year. Everyone else has kind of dropped out of the running world due to pregnancy or other things. ;) I LOVE this girl! Talking with her is so therapeutic. I seriously feel like she is more like a sister than a friend. She is so open and real and honest with me. I am so comfortable around her. She has a way. When we run together, we share, and sharing makes us so close. I'm so happy and lucky to have such wonderful women to surround myself with that enrich my life in so many ways! I value great friends. Although there are not many pictures of us together, I see her more than a lot of my other friends. We trained together for a marathon and it was so wonderful to have such great support! Here's to many more years and memories! Thanks Kaylynn! OXOX-9/18/10
^Snuggle bugs and blankies- 9/22/10

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Kaylynn said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!!! What a nice surprise to see this post! You are so sweet. I wholeheartedly agree. I LOVE sharing with you and I hugely value our time together. In all reality, it's half the reason I run! So, you have helped keep me in the game :) Thank you thank you!