Sunday, December 12, 2010

Harman Halloween

We partied a lot and got to put our costumes to good use and dress up a lot!

10/29/10- It started with Sarah's preschool parade and potluck.

^Her teachers and class

10/30/10- Then on Friday, Maren threw a Halloween get together for the kids.

^the large crowd
^We matched the Smith's kids.

Then we move onto the evening. We had our ward trunk or treat. I'm just noticing all the pictures that we forgot to take. Oh well! You spend so much time planning these kinds of things, I guess pictures unfortunately sometimes get forgotten. :) Such good intentions. Ed decorated the the yard really nice for Halloween. At the ward party (no pictures) Ed's costume was that he wore a ball and chain on his ankle that had the name "Lindsey" on it. It probably would have been more appropriate if it said "work" though. :)

After the ward party, we had our own adult costume party for the second year in a row. I used a lot of ideas from my friend Kari Nash. She throws some great Halloween parties! Ed and I have been party throwers our whole lives. My party planning began in 9th grade I believe?

The party started with some good food...
^I made this yummy 7-layer dip that Morghan told me about.
^Tierney made these cute mini cupcakes.
^Amy made witch fingers
^Mikila made this yummy treat

^Morghan made these creative treats
^Kim made this gooey eyeball rice krispie cake- best creepy food winner. 5$ giftcard

And then the games began...

We split into 3 teams with 5 couples on each.

Vampires- Aufdermauer, Layton, Thomander, Parker and Katz
Witches- Cheney, Kirk, Sharp, Young, and Maginot
Werewolves- Simmons, Harman, Bankhead, Duke and Bond

There were so many pictures and video taken that I only put one picture for each game.

Game 1: Doughnut on a string
Each team picked a person to see who could eat a doughnut the fastest.
^Duke vs. Christian vs. Ed
^Christian won.

Game 2: Pass the pumpkin.
To keep everyone comfortable- this was a ladies only game. Girls had to pass a pumpkin with their necks. No hands.
Game 3: Spider Web (no pic)
Each team stood in a circle and grabbed random hands. The first team to unwind themselves won.
Game 4: Bat, Cat & Witches Hat (similar to rock/paper/scissors).
Just the boys played this one.
^Ed showing his cat

Game 5: Ice Fishing
A person from each team had to dig 5 marbles out of ice cold water with their toes.
^Pat, Jennie and Jaimi

Game 6: RELAYS-1 Evil Twin Relay
Couples had to link arms back to back and run to the end of the driveway and back.
Relay-2: Suck it up
One person from each team had to successfully suck an eraser up with a straw and without dropping it, run it to the end of the driveway and drop it in a bowl
Relay-3: Mysterious Balloon
Each person ran the the end of the driveway where they popped a balloon and did the action written inside. (each person got to make something up and blow up a balloon.)

Relay-4: Fill the cup (no picture)
One person from each team had to transfer water from a spoon to a cup at the end of the driveway until they filled the cup to the line drawn on it.

Relay-5: Monkey Race
Each person from each team had to run to the end of the driveway and back while holding their ankles. (Or their knees since 6 girls were prego :) )
Relay-6: Broom Twirl
Each person had to run to the end of the driveway and put their forehead on the top of a broom and spin 5 times, drop the stick and jump over it.
Relay-7: Balloon Head
Each couple had to run to the end of the driveway and back holding a balloon between their heads with their heads.

Game 7: Kiss of Death (only video)
A person from each team (Lindsay Y., Paul, and Ryan) had to dig their face in a pan of applesauce to find 5 hershey kisses. No hands. ;)

The Vampires won! Each couple received a large box of candy.
The Witches took 2nd place and each received a regular sized candy.
The Werewolves came in 3rd place. No prize. :(

We also had a costume contest and voting:

^Parkers as retired golfers
^Katzs as a punk rock couple
^Bonds as Ketchup and Mustard
^Bankheads as Dwight and Angela
^Kirks as snowboarders
^Youngs as Giants baseball players
^Dukes as toothbrush and toothepaste- most original costume winner
^Simmons as farmers minus their chick
^Cheneys as Marge and Homer Simpson- Funniest costume winner
^Sharps as Evil Knievel and fan
^Thomanders as Ken and Barbie- Best Costume Winner! 10$ gift card.
^Laytons as Clark Kent and Lois Lane
^Aufdermauers as bee and mauled zoo keeper- scariest costume winner

^Harmans as Sandy and Danny from Grease- sexiest costume winner
^Maginots as Cinderella after the ball and upper-level bureaucrat

^Spooky party favors I made. :)

10/31/10- Halloween

We live in such a fun neighborhood for trick or treaters. In years past when we lived in apartments we didn't really get any kids, but now that we're living in a neighborhood we have run out of candy each year. (No picture of our carved pumpkin either)
^Cinderella Sarah and Monkey Kai before a little trick or treating
^Sarah gets Halloween now! With the multiple parties she has PLENTY of candy...still. Mom and Dad help eat it of course.
As a Halloween tradition now we make homemade chili and cornbread (and we're also supposed to do doughnuts). Kaylynn and Brook joined us this year for dinner and helped with the kids. SO fun to have them along.
^Brook was a very good helper.
^Later that Katzs joined us again for a quick run down the street and back. Fun to spend the holiday with some friends.


Chelle said...

WOW!! That looks like quite the party you had there! So fun to see some familiar faces--I didn't know you guys know Jared Kirk! He's one of jared's friends from Hollister and he lived in our same apt complex when we were dating. Cool kid. You guys always do such fun things. And Turin had the same costume as Kai--so cute!

Molly said...

We had so much fun at your party. Thanks for inviting us! What a fun Halloween you guys had! So much stuff going on! Hard to believe that was a month and a half ago already!

Unknown said...

Hard to believe that was a month and a half ago already!
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