Sunday, December 19, 2010

November 2010

nov 3- This doesn't happen as frequently anymore, but when it does it's pretty cute! Love the stink bug pose while she is puzzling.
nov 4- When it's 80 degrees in November you go to the pool!
nov 8- Auzi is such a good sport. She is honestly the most kid friendly pet I've ever seen. She is the neighborhood mascot. Multiple people/kids walk by our house almost every day just to pet her and she loves it!
Such a pretty kitty.
nov 8- Celebrating mid-thirty with this hottie tottie.

nov 12- Children are always watching and wanting to repeat. Also when you find children quiet for too long you know they are either asleep or into mischief. Sarah found Kai's hair product during one such quiet period and this was the product when I found them. She may have her mother's talent. :) Kai seems pretty happy with it.
He looks like a rockstar!
She did a pretty good job.
nov 13- Family bike ride minus Mommy.
nov 14- For practice Thanksgiving at Kaylynn's I made this turkey appetizer.

nov 15- Kai is pretty much climbing into anything and everything these days.
nov 17- Ed worked his whole birthday weekend and birthday so a couple days later we made sure to get away for a night. Kristen was so kind to watch our kids and allow us this freedom. We went to Half Moon Bay at first, but then had a change of plan... (another story) ...and ended up in San Fran instead. :) We went to a nice dinner, a movie, did some shopping and stayed in a hotel. I love getting away with my honey.
nov 20- Some things never get old. I think it's so cute to see the kids sitting in their chairs watching a show together. nov 23- The picture doesn't really do it justice, but the leaves in CA are breathtakingly beautiful!! I love driving down the neighborhood streets and seeing the fallen leaves everywhere.
nov 25- Thanksgiving Day! We spent it with the Katzs and then later the Laytons and McPhies came for dessert. Grateful we have friends to celebrate holidays with. They are great family fill in's. They really feel like family.

^Me & Kristen
^The gals
^Some of the kids
Our family minus Sarah. :(
The fabulous host
^ The cute cookie table settings. :)

nov 26- The day after Thanksgiving we decided to take the kids to Disneyland for the first time. The drive went well and apparently both of our kids like to sleep with blankets over their faces. Sarah found a way to keep the sun out of her face to fall asleep. :)
Kai and his usually pleasant self.
nov 27- D Day! HAVE to get the typical picture in front of the Mickey flowers!
We started the day out at California adventure. We took the kids on the Mickey ferris wheel and Sarah rode on the big swings. The kids met Mickey...
...and Pluto
Sarah loved the Bugs Land in California Adventure! Drivin' bumper cars with Daddy!
We went to Ariel's Grotto for lunch and met all the princesses for a small fee. :) Sarah is loving princesses these days!
We have pictures of them all, but Cinderella seems to be her favorite these days.

Kai took an extra long nap while we took Sarah on some of the rides he couldn't go on.

Dumbo and the Merry-go-round were Sarah's favorites. She was scared of most of the other rides. Too dark. And I suppose Splash Mountain was a little fast for her. ;) She was pretty brave though.
Any time Sarah didn't want to go on a ride she would tell us she had to go to the bathroom. Trickery! I learned her scheme after we got out of one line and she suddenly didn't need to go anymore. :)
We had front row at the night parade. We ate pizza dinner as we watched. Then went on a few more rides. The kids liked the tea cups.
As always Disneyland was magical! The kids liked it. The weather was pretty good. The crowds could have been fewer (70k I think?) but all in all it was a great family trip.
When we got out of our last ride- Small World- it was pouring rain! It stopped just enough that we decided to watch the fireworks at the castle but it was pouring just after the show started. We stayed anyway and got soaked!!! Memories. :)
We had tickets to the Color show in California Adventure, but opted out because of the pouring rain and lack of umbrellas. The kids were good sports as we ran through the rain back to our hotel.
Showing our soakingness
But nothing a nice warm bath couldn't take care of.
I sure love singled out time with my family!
I DON'T love the bad planning of traveling home the Sunday after Thanksgiving!!! What was meant to be a 6 hour drive...turned into 9.5 hours!! Yikes!

Nov 29- The frost we had one morning after I got home from running. Probably the closest/coldest we'll get to snow. :)

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Rach said...

Okay, that turkey appetizer is amazing! I have stared at it for like ten minutes! You always bring such great stuff to parties!
We had so much fun with everyone for Thanksgiving dessert as well. Love having good friends!