Monday, January 10, 2011

December 2010

Dec 4- Our first harvest from our late start fall garden. So rewarding! Not sure why it feels so cool. :)
^2 romaine heads, peas and a cucumber!
^Sarah and Kai scarfed these down.
12/8- Sarah's first dentist visit
^Dr. Chiu was very good at making sure Sarah was comfortable before he proceeded to give her her exam. She wouldn't let him lay the chair down, but he made it through the exam. As of now she has a slight overbite, but straight teeth and no cavities.
^She also did very well for her teeth cleaning to get all the "sugar bugs" and floss her teeth.

^Later I made Christmas neighbor goodies! Mom's best caramel popcorn balls ever!!
^Just because she's cute.
^A visit from her best friends, Sydney and Austin. Kids love sitting in cars!
^Sarah was SO excited about Santa! At our ward party there was a clarinet quartet and a flutist so of course Sarah asked for a clarinet and flute for Christmas. :) She IS pretty musical. Have you ever heard this girl sing? I hope she has a musical future.
^Famous sugar cookies!
^In the evening we went to Vasona Lake Park for the Christmas light display and drove through the park. The previous year we had hot chocolate after we took a train ride around the park to view the lights and rode on the merry-go-round, but were sad to find out this is only done on the weekends. :( Bummer! So after the lights we got frozen yogurt, my fave, with Kristen, Maren and the kids. They were super wiggly and didn't enjoy the lights as much as we'd hoped.
^I love holiday family time.
^Sarah is loving her preschool. They had a mini program and potluck. She learned a couple Christmas songs that were adorable.
12/18- Trip to UT.
^Our ride was going well for the first while. There was some weather, but we made it through. A few hours after Reno Kai must have got car sick because he suddenly started throwing up. Luckily we were somewhat prepared and got most of it before it made too much of a mess. We knew he wasn't really sick since right after we got him cleaned up he was smiling again. He's so happy-go-lucky! He threw up twice on the trip, but otherwise the kids did great!
12/20- Ed and I had a couple friend get togethers.
^The Hardy's had us for dinner along with friends we were in the same singles ward with.
Me, Rachel, Jen, Kari and Marnie
^Then we met with some friends from high school and played some games. Always fun to see familiar faces and see friends families grow and change.
Me, Jenn, Talitha, Jennie and Stephanie.
(No husband/kid pics :( We'll need to change that in the future!)

12/22- We split up the other nights between families. With the Harman's we spent the first night (Saturday) at Gma and Gpa's. Sunday we went to a fireside to see Stew and Nicole sing, and then Wednesday we went out to Stew and Nicole's for pizza and games.
^Sarah and Felicity decorated a gingerbread house and frosted sugar cookies.
^We watched football and played Wii.
^We went with my family to see Tangled during the day. We loved it!!!
12/24- Ed took the kids up the canyon with Stewart and Josh. Luckily they lent us some winter clothes! :)
^Sarah all bundled. She loved the snow. Any time we went outside she wanted to walk in it.
^The pack
^Yes, here's a close up. Kai is that little bundle you see in the sled. :)
^I love the idea of daddy/kid adventures in nature! Thanks babe, I know the kids loved it!
^In the evening the whole Harman family met for a nice dinner and the annual Rice Almond (sp?). I had the almond for the first time! We all got to chat with Randy (in China), and then we opened gifts with Mormor and Grandpa.
Mormor and Grandpa and the great grandkids.
^The kids in their new jammies and holding their new Christmas ornaments. ;)
12/25- Christmas Day!
^The kids opened their gifts at Grandpa and Grandmas.

^For lunch and the rest of the evening we headed out to Landon and Debbie's. Kai loved this little horse.
^After a nice dinner, we played bells, listened to the favorite song Cd's we made one another, opened gifts and did white elephant's.
^The kids loved their new gifts!
^Johnson crew
12/26- Back to CA. Grandma Johnson drove back with us. (15.5 hr drive!)
We made our usual stops. One in Elko, NV at the McD's playplace. Then again in Reno at Boomtown/Denny's and the kids rode a merry-go-round.
In Sacramento, Sarah got car sick and totally threw up!! :( Car sick kids... Thumbs down.
^We found Kai snoozing like this before we woke him to go to Happy Hollow. Cute little bug!
^Kai loved the rides!
^Sarah is a little more reluctant, but still liked it. ;)
^It was a little chilly and tiring (since we forgot a stroller), but the kids enjoyed their first experience at Happy Hollow. So happy to have my mom's help for a week! :)


Kristen said...

What a fun trip! You guys sure did a lot of things. I love your hair in all the pictures. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Wowee what a are awesome! Your kids will be so glad you did all this for them :)