Tuesday, March 8, 2011

February 2011

2/1- For my birthday(1/26), Ed and I used up rain check certificate for the Old Thyme Inn Bed & Breakfast in Half Moon Bay. Kristen is always so sweet to sleep over with our kids! The room we upgraded to was MUCH nicer than the first time we attempted to stay. It was on the top level and had it's own entrance so we weren't forced to mingle with others. :) We went to dinner at Pasta Moon and then headed back to our room and watched the Count of Monte Cristo. The room was nice and cozy with a nice jacuzzi tub and a fireplace. Great for a one night stay. Half Moon Bay is pretty deserted. :)
^The room came with a great breakfast too.
^The rain shower with skylight

2/3- Picture comparisons. It's fun to see the different stages and common things my kids do.
^Kai at almost 19 months
^Sarah at 17 months

2/11- PROM 2011- "Nothings Gonna Stop Us Now"

For Prom 2011 we started out with 8 couples at Fleming's Steakhouse for dinner all dressed in their fancies. Yum! Then we headed to our place for dessert, games and dancing. The men had to fill out a short questionnaire on their wife. After the questionnaire, as part of the invite we asked couples to bring a prerecorded copy of themselves doing a lip sync. Only 4 couples participated, but it was SO great! I love watching people put themselves out there for my enjoyment. :) Everyone did awesome too!! I expect 100% on videos next year. We'll have to make it the ticket in. :) Of course we took lots of pictures!! And then danced the night away! Complete with strobe light, fog machine and Christmas lights to garnish the room. Thanks for coming and having fun with us everyone! We love people that like to party like us! Music video of everyone from prom- next post.
^Chocolate dipped strawberries never disappoint!

The Dukes won the prize by lip syncing to "Hey Homies" by the Aquabats. Hilarious!
The Bankheads
The Maginots
The Bonds
The Simmons
Boys(Men) will be boys!
The Laytons lip synced with Balwins to "Baby" by Justin Beiber
Ladies will be ladies. :)
The Aufdermauers
Fine looking group! (Can you tell we took the pictures after we used the fog machine?)
Ed and I lip synced to "Elephant Medley" on Moulin Rouge.
We know how to party!
The Baldwins lip synced with Laytons to "Baby" by Justin Beiber
This is how the men felt about us making them dance! ;) So good to your wives!

2/12- Starting Vday weekend out right! Thanks Ed!
kids playin'
2/14- Valentines with friends
We got together with some friends and exchanged Valentines. :)
Molly, Graham and Liam
Maren and Leah
Rachel, Ty and Cam
Kristen, Sydney, Austin and Emerey
Thanks Mary and Livia for hosting us on the rainy day!

2/16-20- Grandpa Harman and Aunt Melissa visit!
Our only picture with Grandpa at the park! We forgot to take pictures! :(
No pics of Meliss, and Daddy had to work all weekend. :(
and it rained!! :( Still fun to have visitors though. :)
^Sarah loves playing in the rain with her umbrella and rain boots. This however, is not rain. It's Ed turning on the sprinklers to lay some sod and Sarah playing in the water. :)


Chelle said...

Seriously, you guys are always doing the coolest things! Your life looks like one non-stop big party.

Kari said...

Sweet Valentine's party! Great ideas! haha i was laughing at the lip sync idea! You guys look great.