Monday, April 18, 2011

March 2011

3/4-The month started out right with the typical seasonal cookie festivities. :)
3/17-Apparently these cookies symbolize one of the only exciting days in our March- Saint Patricks day! :)
Those tricky Leprechauns turned most everything we ate green!
^Our oatmeal and milk...
^an attempt at rainbow waffles...
..with yummy clouds
Those leprechauns left their little footprints in our house and also some little prizes.
Sarah was totally convinced. It's fun to start doing these things since she is starting to understand.
In the evening we were invited to a party with all green food! Thank you Baldwins!
Sarah and Auz
^Typical bedtime scene
3/25-^ Shower for Whitney! So fun to celebrate the nearing arrival of baby girl!
^Party planners minus Lindsay Y. :(
3/29- Daddy did it!!

^Ed has been telling me since we had kids that he was going to get them a motorized car. (Something he always wanted and never got- like most kids I'm sure) I've been hesitant because of the price, but when one of his work friends was selling one for a great deal- Ed jumped on it and surprised the kids. They love it of course!

Oh and we had our first swim of the year at the end of the month! Left us hungry for some more!

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Chelle said...

Lindsey you seriously have mad baking skills! I can't believe all the cute, creative things you do! It looks sooo good. I love how festive you are too. Looks like an awesome St. Patty's Day!