Tuesday, September 20, 2011

London- Day 4- May 16th

Day 4 started at St Paul's Cathedral. We walked up a gagillion steps and took some pics on top.

Red busses everywhere!

Next we headed off to Buckingham Palace for the changing of the guard and the Queens Gallery.

For such a giant crowd you would thing this exchange would be pretty darn cool.
We waited forever! It rained a little...
And unfortunately it was a "short change" as they call it.

Not that cool of a production for the crowds of people and long wait, but it gave us some time to take meaningless shots of each other. :)

We heard Harrod's shopping center was worth seeing, so we had a look-see. It was quite extravagant!

My kind of place! TONS of candy, but I didn't buy any. Ed got some chocolate and Ryan, some turkish delight.

After Harrods we had lunch at EAT - a local place. I loved seeing Bircher Muesli at lots of places in Europe.

Ed and I shared a pot pie and sandwich.

After lunch we went to see Westminster Abbey.
^ This picture shows some London Landmarks, The Eye, Big Beg, Westminster Abbey, and of course a red phone booth and red double-decker bus. :)

The Abbey is such a neat building!

^Info about the Royal Wedding. ;)

This London trip was go, go, go! We walked close to our dinner spot to Grosvenor Square and took a quick, much needed, and glorious nap on the grass in the sunshine until it was time for dinner.

Then when it was time we went to the Maze Grill, a suggestion from a friend and one of Gordon Ramsey's restaurants.
It was very delicious. Our waiter gave us all sorts of info about Gordon and took us to meat the kitchen staff.
It was a fun experience and apparently we just missed Gordon himself, who was having dinner there that night.

We rushed off and ran to the Queen's Theater to see Les Mis. We barely made it in time! Just in time to see that someone else was sitting in our seats as the lights dimmed and they were not able to correct the mistake in time. We ended up having to sit on the side. I was so ticked!!! Finally mid-show, at intermission we were able to have our real seats!!
The show was amazing and a perfect ending to our stay in London.

Farewell London! We thought you were great!
Our hotel was ite!

Now off to Paris, France...

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mj said...

look at you miss bloggy bloggerton! two in a row. can't wait for the rest. it's fun to relive it all again. :) i seriously got so somber yesterday eating my sugus.