Monday, October 24, 2011

Paris, France- Day 3-May 19th

Day 3 in Paris we split with Layton's and headed to Versailles for the day. We heard it was a favorite and didn't want to miss out. So we took a train about an hour to Versailles.

It was indeed unique and beautiful. Gold everywhere.

What was more neat was how busy and ornate the decor was inside.
So much to look at!
Hadn't seen anything like it.

Floors were cool.

Super neat.
The beautiful miles of gardens...
Yummy food...
...and the best company in a beautiful place on a beautiful day. :)

After our train ride home we went strait to Sainte Chapelle. Much smaller than I expected, lots of security,

...but very beautiful stained glass inside.

^ And neat floors. ;)
After Sainte Chapelle we had a gelato stop:
And then took the metro to Sacre Coeur. We got off one stop early and walked through some sketchy town, but the building was majestic and beautiful!

I even found some cute shoes for 10 euros on our way out of town.
Then for dinner we met up with Laytons at a place across from our hotel.

Once again food was delicious.

Also right next to our hotel we spotted a laundromat.
So that night, we did some much needed laundry.
To the best of our ability. Not knowing a lick of french we managed, but a load of laundry took over an hour...
and we learned later when the lights went out, that shortly after the machines would stop working. ;) My laundry got about half dry. Laytons hung theirs up to dry in the hotel due to the misunderstanding. :) Good times!

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