Monday, October 3, 2011

Paris, France- Day 2-May 18th

It was so nice waking up every day and eating fresh pastries for breakfast!

^Nice way to park when your car is half the size of a regular car I suppose?
Our first stop was to the musee d'orsey. It was our favorite museum for sure!
We left and took the Metro
to the arc de triomphe. It was very majestic.

Then we walked down champs elysses, bought lunch on the way and ate it in a park.

Then we proceeded on...
I think most pictures are better with people in them- however, Ed is better at photographing so sorry you see me more often. :)
to the musee du louvre.
So much to see!

^Some cool fireplace with an H- for Harman of course! :)
^The upside down triangle- not actually in the louvre, but in the mall next door. That was different than I expected.
On our way out we needed to use the restroom only to find out that it costs money to use restrooms in Paris. There are a number of free restrooms, but also a large number you pay to use. Intersting...
Fancy shmancy restrooms though.
I had to take some pictures to show the luxury of these paid restrooms.

^We all thought it was a little ridiculous and planned our restroom stops a little better. ;)000
^Exit sign in we learned.
More metro pics.

Next stop: Hotel Des Invalides and Napoleons Tomb.

I loved this building!
Then off to dinner at Le Bosquet- a restaurant we found on our walk to the Eiffel Tower. It was good, but I would have always rather gone somewhere that didn't have english on the menu. It made me feel like it was more authentic.

^The Layton's were definitely more daring in their selections. No snails for me thanks! :)

The creme brulet was delicious! Surprise!
^The Eiffel Tower was surely very cool!

As we went up each section we took more and more pictures. A lot of them look the same. :) And when we had time to spare...
...Maren and I got creative and made some pretty ugly pics. :) One of my favorite things to do...

^Ryan joined in...
And after one more normal picture...
^Ed joined in too. :)

^Much better!

We were at the top at sunset. Pretty neat!
Crepes to end the night before some night pics.

As neat as I thought it would be.
^It sparkles like magic for about 10 minutes every hour or something?

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mj said...

my favorite day by far. how can you start with the musee d'orsay and end with the eiffel tower {with lots of yummy food and crazy pictures in between} and have it not turn out fantastic!?

i secretly love that you are posting these months later because it's so fun to remember!