Sunday, February 5, 2012

January 2012

January 2- started with family pics with wonderful Julia! When she didn't come out to CA for her typical trip in October we were sad, but happy when we realized our trips would overlap in UT over the holidays. Worth the wait. Check out Julia's blog for more photo's from our session and all her other great work! We'll shoot for a send out of Valentine's Cards this year. ;)

During our session I brought a bag full of new clothes as options for the shoot, jewelry and my makeup bag. I set it down nearby and in the 15 minutes we turned the corner for a location change- it was stolen!! So lame!! :(

Jan 3- We started house hunting the weekend we moved to Utah. That first weekend we made an offer on a house in Sandy, but decided against pursuing it. We decided not only house, but location was just as important. So we looked in Draper. There were a couple houses in Draper we liked, but they only had 3 bedrooms upstairs and we decided that 4 bedrooms was a priority. We also went from looking at older starter homes- to deciding that we have moved enough!! (7 times in 7 years) and we wanted something long term. It was worth working harder to get something we could stay in for a while. After a quick thought about building and deciding not to... we were brought to South Jordan. There were multiple homes that fit the criteria, but this one stood out...
A couple shots...

We made an offer on this house on January 9th and it was accepted the 10th!! The process moved quick and we closed on the house and got our keys January 24th!!! We finally own a beautiful home that we plan on staying in for a while! So far we love everything about it and will post more pictures once we've moved in a bit more.

Jan 7- We finally got some good snow to play in!

Even though the kids haven't had much experience with snow, the jumped right in and loved it!

Jan 10- We have made multiple playdates over the past month with people trying to keep busy and keep out of my dad's basement. :) It's been great seeing everyone. One day we went to the Herriman Rec center with Jenn to swim. The kids were terrified at first, but totally warmed up by the end.

Jan 16- We went with Aunt Nicole one day and with Aunt Debbie one day to the Discovery Museum.

Jan 18- We took the kids back to swim another day with daddy!

^He's able to do a little more with them, and well, he's a big kid himself. :)

Jan 21- Ed surprised me the weekend before my birthday (since the next week would be busy with moving and such) by taking me into Salt Lake to stay at the Grand Hotel. We had couples massages, went to dinner at Flemming's Steakhouse (I LOVE steak!!!), and then we went and saw a movie. Of course the night we were out on the town it was all snowy. I love birthday week!! :)

Jan 22- Thought I should document how ugly the varicose veins I have this pregnancy are. Sick!! :(

^In the lobby of the Grand before we headed to get the kids (thanks gma and gpa Harman) and go to church. :)

Jan 26- My 30th Birthday we celebrated by prepping the house and going to yet another steakhouse that evening. (Christopher's) Delicious as always!! (thanks gma Johnson)

^30 years old! 30 weeks pregnant pic! And the start of a 30 year mortgage! A house isn't such a bad gift at all!

Jan 27- As part of birthday week I went out with some friends to dinner at Cheesecake Factory to help me celebrate!
^Thanks lovely friends! Talitha (preg-boy), Jenn (preg-boy), Me (preg-?), Alisha (preg-girl), Jennie, Heather (preg-boy) and Shandra.

Jan 30- As another bday celebration Mom took Cami and I out for lunch. Can you see why I love bday week?! All the people I love and lots of food. :)

Jan 31- Auzi approves of the new house. :) She stands by the fire all the time hoping we'll turn it on so she can snuggle up on the hot tile.

January was a big month for us! Thanks to everyone who helped us, played with us, fed us and watched our kids during our transition! I think it's going to be a great year!


Mary said...

Yay! So exciting that you bought a house! It looks beautiful. And I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday, too!

Jen said...

I should have documented my varicose veins too. You're in good company!

LOVE your new house. Glad that you finally have a place to call your own. :)

Michelle Glauser said...

You always looks so great. And congrats on the house.