Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 2011

Dec 3- Ed sells his baby. With the upcoming move to Utah, Ed knew his convertible BMW M3 would not be practical for the weather. It was fun while it lasted!

Dec 10- Cleaning day! 2 days til move!
^Sexy cleaning/moving clothes yes? Yikes!! My favorite Elena who helped me clean my house for 2 years! Best thing I've ever done! Don't want to forget her. She was so sweet to us and our kids!

Dec 11- With almost everything packed - plates made of foil had to do.

Dec 11- Farewell Friends! Kim was nice enough to host a big potluck with most all of our close friends in attendance. Friends we will never forget that have been like family! 5 years together. Love you all!
^Aufdermauers (minus a few)
^Shafers- also moving this month to Washington
^ So happy to have had you all as part of our lives! We hope to see you all again!

DEC 13- (Sorry no pics) Move to Utah!!!! 16 hours in the car!!! Living at my dad's until we find a house. HUGE adjustment! Bitter-sweet! Warm, yet cold welcome to Utah. Good to be home in time for Christmas. Stressful. Have we doubted our decision, absolutely! But it's worth it to know what will be best for our future. It can only get better. Lot's of changes ahead. We are hopeful. :) Looking forward to making new friendships and having closer relationships with our families!

Dec 20- Friend Party
We got together at Talitha's, had a soup potluck, played Christmas Pictionary, and caught up. Fun to move right back to welcoming friends! I'm excited to resume these relationships. ;) Missed all those who could not make it!
Stephanie, Shandra, Jennie, Mindi, Talitha, Me, Alisha, Jenn (Lisa came later)

Dec 24- Christmas Eve with Johnsons
^After a full day of hanging out from brunch on- we were all pretty tired!! :) Oh, and I had bronchitis. :( We love our family though! Should have taken more pics!
Sarah's ornament 2011
Kai's ornament 2011
Ed's ornament 2011
Sarah's new jammies 2011
Kai's new jammies 2011
Ed's new jammies 2011
Yay ornaments!
Yay Jammies!
Forgot to get pics of mom's. :) Whoops!

Dec 25- Christmas!!
^Kai's loot!
^Sarah's loot!

The kids were super excited about Santa this year! They made some lists, left some cookies, and are starting to get it! Mom and Dad got a TV and Washer and Dryer this year. :) Merry Christmas!

Dec 30- Katz's visit UT
Kristen and the kids stopped in quick for some hair doing, nail doing and play time. We've been lucky to see them so much since we've both moved!

Dec 31- New Year's Eve

^Neil and Jodi invited us out to their house for homemade pizza and games with a small group of friends. Great time! Happy New Year!!! 2012 is going to be huge for change!!! Can't wait!

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