Sunday, April 15, 2012

March 2012

March 2nd-
^Lorax movie with the kids.
^Light snow year. Kids had to play in the snow before it melted! Grandma Johnson taught the kids how to make a snowball and start rolling it into a snowman.
^35 weeks

Everything seemed normal going into 36 weeks. I started to nest, cleaned out the car, Ed painted a couple rooms in the house, we thought we had another month to prepare the house and do things before baby came. We were wrong.

Mar 7th-
In the afternoon after taking Sarah to preschool my water started leaking. It was either that, or I peed my pants. :) After it happened several times we headed to the hospital to be checked. They confirmed that indeed my water was leaking and also got my test result that I was Group B Strep positive. They checked me and I was at a 3 and 80% thinned. The biggest problem: One day shy of 36 weeks, and zero labor contractions. Meaning induction. They wanted to keep me and get started, but against their will, I opted to go home for one night to see if somehow I could get labor going on my own. I had a set of antibiotics for the GBS and we headed home.
Aunt Melissa was kind enough to take the older kids for a sleepover just in case. I took a bath, tried to walk around and more officially packed a hospital bag. No luck. No contractions.

Mar 8th-
We went to my scheduled midwife appointment knowing that right after we'd be headed to the hospital to start induction. We went to a couple stores, got lunch and then went to the hospital by noon. Since I was GBS positive, I had another hit of antibiotics before we began the induction process.

At 1:30 they started the Pitocin drip at an 8 (goes up to 20). They increased the drip by 2 every 30 minutes. Right after they started it I had some mild contractions every 2 minutes apart but they died down. After a couple hours and watching a movie (Just Married- a favorite) we were still twiddling our thumbs waiting for something to kick in. By 3:30pm I was at a 12 drip and asked for them to get things going. After all, the other 2 labors I've had have been quick. Even though I knew there was some pain ahead- we were both bored and ready. :) They moved the drip up to a 16. Shortly after, probably around 4pm my contractions got much stronger. They stayed consistent and painful, about every 2 minutes apart. Kind of what I was used to, but still hard. When I got very uncomfortable and started to get the shakes, I asked if the hospital would call my midwife, Julie. They checked me and I was at a 6 and 90% thinned. Julie came in around 4:30 and helped talk me through contractions and asked if I wanted to try a new position. I tried leaning over the back of the bed and was up on my knees. Almost instantly things got more intense and painful as I could feel the progression and baby making its way down.

By about 5pm I started pushing. OUCH! Induction and going natural= pain. I kept thinking that my body and the baby were probably thinking, "What the crap!! What on earth are you doing?!! We're not ready?! We have a couple weeks to go at least?! Why are you forcing this?!" For some reason this time pushing felt harder than the other 2 times. I pushed over 10 times. Finally got the head and shoulders out and the rest of the body. At 5:24 a baby GIRL was announced by a proud Ed who got to deliver her. I turned around and laid on the bed while they placed a new, healthy, quiet baby girl in my arms. We were thrilled to have another girl. Icing on the cake. She was 5 lbs 15 oz and 18 inches. Born at 36 weeks. Perfect! Happy to have her early, even if it took us all by surprise.
^First pic of Madison
^Proud Daddy

Because I was GBS positive, to be safe they wanted to give Madison antibiotics. I wasn't too thrilled about the plan, but I guess it was good to be precautionary since she's a preemie. Just so sad to poke and prod my tiny little baby that just joined the world. I wanted nothing more than to hold her every instant!! Luckily instead of keeping her 48 hrs like they wanted to, they gave her the antibiotic and let her spend the night with me. :) I feel so protective of her. Somehow craving baby time with her more than I remember with the other two.
^Sarah and Kai meet Madison for the first time.
^Sarah really wanted it to be a girl
^Instantly the best big sis. Cute kisses.
^Cute kisses from Kai too
^ Sleeping on mom. I didn't sleep much the first night. So worth it though! Sad little hand...
Mar 9th-
^ Wakey wakey.
^First family picture of 5!!

^Even if they all look the same and they are always sleeping-it seems there is a constant need to take pictures of new babies.

^My midwife, Julie
^ One of my favorite pictures. The kids came to say hi again day#2.
^I can tell Sarah is going to be a great help. :) My precious girls.

Madison had some issues with low blood sugar, so during every feeding (which is a lot as a newborn) they had to prick her heel. It was hard not to feel angry and watch as my days-old baby was poked so many times a day. Torturous. Also, her IV came out and they wanted to put another in. After trying in her other hand and her HEAD- WHAT!!?- We opted out of one of the last doses of antibiotic. She had a shot instead of through the IV. Watching that was the most awful thing ever. I sobbed along with her and felt horrible for putting her through that. Rough Day. But we decided on her name- Madison Rose Harman. Love the sound of it!

Mar 10th- Finally passed the bilirubin test and blood sugar tests!!!
^Saturday evening we finally got to leave the hospital! I more wanted to take her home to get her away from all the poking. :) Look how tiny she looks in her car seat.
^ Going home!
Mar 11th-
^After we left the hospital we had to go in daily for bili tests, which meant more poking. :( I was trying to give Madison a little sun to reduce her bili numbers. Unfortunately, they were still too high and we had a bili bed delivered at 1am!
Mar 12th-
^Madison spent all her time, except when feeding, in the bili-bed/blanket. Torturous when you just want to snuggle your baby every second. :)
^Special delivery! Rebecca and SO MANY other friends, family, and neighbors were so sweet to shower us and baby Madison with gifts. Thank you to everyone for being so supportive while we adjusted to our new life with 3. Clothes, Dinners, Treats, Kid-watching, and visits were greatly appreciated!
Mar 15th-
^Such a beautiful babe! We are loving her!
Mar 17th-
^Sleepy time with dad. I love that they'll sleep in almost any position.
Mar 19th-
^I let the kids color in Sarah's room thinking they were over coloring on anything but paper, but then realized that Kai has never learned this lesson. When Sarah came down and told me Kai colored on the carpet, this is what I found. Big fat orange crayon. Lovely.
Mar 21st-
^After any of us have a baby, my girlfriends get together and visit and have dinner together. Such a great idea. So good to see everyone together and a nice way to break back in socially. :)
Mar 22nd-
^Sleepy twitches and smiles are my favorite. Madison above.
^Sarah in the same position with dad. Don't they look similar?
Mar 23rd-
^Oh look, she's sleeping again... :)
Mar 25th- More pics to show similarity to Sarah...
^Sarah at the same stage. I think they look a lot alike.
^Since Ed had to sell his non-practical-for-UT car when we left CA, Ed's parents were kind enough to let us borrow their Honda when we moved here so Ed could look for a car. Ed finally picked out his new ride. All who know him, know he loves cars! She's a beauty! And look how beautiful UT is in the background!
Mar 26-
^More gifts from sweet friends. So many surprise packages for the welcoming of baby Madison. So thoughtful.
Mar 27th-
^Sarah and Kai have been troopers. They are so good with Madison and they have probably been the deprived ones during this whole process. They have watched more TV than normal and some days we don't even to make it getting dressed, but in the business and adjusting I think they have become better friends. Even if they tease and fight in the process, their play time and imaginations are getting better.
Mar 31st-

^Happy spring! Love making cookies and decorating them.


Molly said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Thank you for all the pictures! I miss you!

Kristen said...

I'm SOOO glad you posted this. I needed a baby Madison pic fix badly. She is so adorable! I love seeing big brother and sister with her. Such a beautiful family, miss you guys!

Hannah said...

Oh she is so pretty and you look great too! I feel the same way about the third...I want to spend all my time holding and loving her because I know this stage will go so fast! We need to get together one of these days.

Valerie said...

Congratulations Linds, she is just beautiful! You look amazing and it sounds like things are going great :)