Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April 2012

 April 1-
Auzi always tries to sneak in and sleep with Sarah at night 
April 4th- Sarah has been asking for a haircut since last year, but Ed has been hesitant. I think Sarah mostly wanted it cut so we wouldn't have to comb through tangles anymore. We finally convinced dad it would be cute. We are all pleased with the result.
Back view-Before the cut
Back view- After the cut
Front view-Before
Front view- After. So much better!! Cute little bob.
Hangin with dad
Madison's due date 
Hard to believe we've already enjoyed her for one month!

April 5th- More sleepy baby pics
 April 6th-
I think she is so beautiful! So peaceful. 
Ed served his mission in the Cape Town, South Africa Mission. We attended a mission reunion for him with the people from his years serving there. Fun to meet people I have heard about, and fun for Ed to see them all again- 15 years later. 
April 7th- Ed is quite handy and has all sorts of ideas about how he wants the house to look. He has been itching to have his own house for years and always talked about his excitement to do projects around the house. I don't think he's had a break since we've moved in. The list is long of things we'd like to do. One thing he has loved the look of is wall framing. He researched how to do it all, got the stuff and did it. It's going to look great!
 Some before pictures

April 8th- EASTER
We were lucky that our great friend Julia was in Utah soon after Madison was born. She took some great photos of Madison and our family. More family pics here. Much love Julia! Thanks!!

Family of 5!

The kids in their Easter get up.
Precious baby!
 April 10th-
 I had forgotten how beautiful Utah is in the Spring. I couldn't resist taking some pictures of some flowers in our yard.
I also wanted to take a picture of the view I get to look at from my bedroom every day. Utah is just beautiful! Love those mountain views!
April 12/13th- Probably an overload of sleeping Madison photos, but I tell ya, we just can't get enough!

 April 14/15th- More Madison pics! I need to make sure to get more pics of the older kids. Love them too! They just don't hold as still. :)
Sleepy Smiles. Can't wait 'til we get to see more of these wakeful smileys.

April 16th-
More yard pics.
Sarah learns how to ride a bike without training wheels! Yay Sarah!
April 22nd- Madison finally gets to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Bjorn!
Mormor holding Madison
April 24th- Finally some pics of Sarah and Kai! :)

April 27th-
Kai fell asleep outside his bedroom door. He thinks there are bees in his bedroom. Too much Pooh bear. :)
 April 30th- Not only are there house projects, but yard projects as well. Never a dull moment with all the newness in our lives.
We planted some trees as a family. New beginnings. :)


Lindsay D said...

I LOVE Sarah's haircut! So cute! Your kids are adorable.

The Wiser Side said...

Love the haircut! Love the sleeping baby! Love the framing-beautiful! Your baby is darling!